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Hospital Room Encounter


This is my sister experience. Being a nurse for 10 years, she encounter many nightmares and odd situations. However the story I'm going to tell now is really creepy.

My sister was on night shift. I don't want to mention the hospital name, it's a specialist hospital in Butterworth.

During her night shift, she was given 3rd floor together with her colleagues. So 3 of them were on duty that night.

2 days earlier my sister fell sick and high fever. Since it's on call for her she still go to work.

According to her only few doctors available, unless there is emergency my sister and her team need to call up doctor. She worked on 3rd floor,it's a ladies floor. But my sister was too sick and high fever, after took medication she went to one empty room to have a nap, whereby her colleagues will cover her. Some more all the patients given medication, dinner and everyone sleep well.

In that particular room, my sister was sleeping without blanket, she wear her cardigan only. When she almost in deep sleep, she heard someone open the door and walk towards her. But my sister was blur and and unable to recognized the person. He was wearing black pant and doctor uniform with stethoscope around his neck. He walked slowly, however my sister is very brave and she having fever and laying down in hospital. So if there is someone wearing doctor uniform it make sense right?

She just looked at him, and read his name 'Dr.Kelferd', she try to recall any doctor with the name, but seems she can't remember but she shrugged it off because it's big hospital and there might be Dr. Kelferd in different department.

So, the doctor checked her pulse and heart beat. She felt cold and his face very bright and smile to her. The smile is very pure and it's kind of make my sister happy and keep on look at him. After that he told my sister that she is okay and need more rest. Before he left he touched my sister head calmly and said Take Care... My sister still look at him and she mention her heartbeat raising and coldness increasing, but still she don't even think that person as a ghost because again his face and nature is so calm.

He walked out from the room, after that my sister slept and about an hour she went to counter to sit with her colleagues and asked who sent Dr. Kelferd to check on her. Her colleagues looked at my sister in disbelief look. One of her friend said, there is no doctor came to Level 3 since they start work and all the patient in good condition. Then my sister start to have goosebumps and shivering.

The next day, my sister went to hospital dean (she close to my sister) and asked about Dr.Kelferd. According to her she worked in that hospital for 15 years and no one with name Dr. Kelferd ever worked there, since she is the one monitor nurse shift and doctor in charge.

Then who is Dr.Kelferd? Why he still there and didn't harm my sister?

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Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2017-07-01)
ccd_87 - Thanks for sharing your sister's experience. I just love these hospital encounters.

Dr Kelferd might have worked at that hospital before the dean started there, or perhaps he used to do check-ups on certain of his patients at the hospital at times during his life and was never actually employed there.

Did your sister feel any better after her encounter with the doctor?

Regards, Melda

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