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Early Morning Encounter


This is the narration of my First Encounter that I had after I came to Mumbai. I have been staying in Mumbai ever-since then, and have had 3 more encounters precisely. They would follow in coming posts. Before starting the story, I would like to provide a small background for this story & the character to built up.

I am Aman, born and raised in Delhi. I have always had a firmly strong belief in The Paranormal keeping aside the fact that I was a Science Student. This interest rather fascination grew from my early childhood when I used to watch horror movies of Ramsay Brothers and Aahat TV Serial on Sony TV and Zee Horror Show (am sure you all must have watched these). During my early days I was a big time fattu, it was to an extent that I dint use to go from one room to the other of my own house if the power supply is off. But eventually as I studied more about these things, the fear subsided because now I know what to do and how to react (at-least I feel so).

To begin with after I did my graduation in Physics from Delhi University, and my Post-Graduation in Film & TV Production, I landed in Mumbai. The main reason was my Girlfriend then (ex now), to mend our broken relationship basically. Coming to the point, this story goes back to 2010, date was February 17th (I remember the date perfectly). Winters were on the verge of ending; Mumbai was pleasant with a mild cold breeze. I used to stay with my paternal family, in Malad East, BUA (Aunt) and Daadi (Grandmother). I had then, got my first project working as last Assistant Director on it, hence I was given the responsibilities of taking care of scripts for every day. The day i.e. 17th Feb, we had a 07:00AM Shift and I was supposed to reach Film City in Goregaon East by 6:15-6:30AM.

I woke up at around 5:15AM, before going ahead let me explain you the Geography of the House ~ So this is a typical Row House, in a lane, with other row houses on the left and the right and all these Houses are similar in their structure, that is they all have this open courtyard or verandah in the front. You enter from the main gate of the house, now you'll pass through the front courtyard which is open to the sky. Also Its like while standing in my courtyard I can see the the courtyard of next 6-7 houses because the boundary walls are at a height of waistline only. As you cross it, comes a One Sided Iron Door which has those Iron Mesh/Net and this gate opens outward into the courtyard. And after this is the Solid Wooden Door which open inwards into the house.

So I got up at around 5:15am, went to the Wooden Door and opened it for ventilation and to let the fresh air come in. I let the Iron Door locked only, took a deep breath of cold morning air and was looking at the street, it was dark outside as it was just 5:15 in the morning and also because it was winters. I was actually looking for people on morning walks on street, and to find a rickshaw standing because I had to be on the Shoot at time, can't afford to be late.

As I was looking outside, I heard some metallic sound, it was not even metallic but something like Khunn...khunnn...khunnn. It was coming from the right side. I tried peeping without opening the door but couldn't see anything. I ignored it and went for Morning's Nature Calls. Came back after freshening up, took out my clothes from the almirah, pulled out my backpack; stuffed it with all the scripts as I double checked them. Now since my almirah was in the living room right next to the Door, sub-consciously I was hearing that metallic sound. And this noise/sound had something strange to it. I again ignored it - 'must be some metallic wire/piece oscillating as it was little windy or maybe some cat must be walking above" this explanation came from the scientific approach that I had. I wasn't scared until this point and neither had I any thoughts about anything supernatural.

I went in to take a shower, came back did my morning prayers and as I was getting ready, this sound was still there and I could feel its amplitude little higher this time. This sound had a strange magnetism to it, I went to the Iron Door, again tried peeping from inside but couldn't see anyone/thing. Now this thought started creeping in, and I became little restless and concerned. I felt that something is not right, I couldn't afford to take leave or to be late as well because all the sides and scripts of the day was with me and this was my first project and I couldn't loose it. I had to leave and I didn't feel like waking up my Bua and telling her about this.

This sound/noise was persistently increasing or maybe it was just increasing in my head only. I again tried looking out for something, basically I wanted myself to be proven right on my scientific explanation which I had inferred earlier, but my heart & body was signaling something else. So, I tied up my shoes, strapped my backpack, went in to inform my Bua that I am leaving so that she can come to latch the Door. I was walking ahead, and she was following me, 5-6 steps back. I reached the Door, that sound was still there and it was coming from the right. I made up my mind that whatsoever it is I will face it.

I opened the iron door, it opened swiftly outside, I looked up and prayed inside (prayed to lord Shiva), said bye to my Bua who was on the inside near the door.

And this whole process, I was feeling that time has slowed down, everything was going on a slow pace starting from me opening the iron door. I lifted my right foot and stepped out, and took a 90-degree sharp turn.

So I see, on the 5th courtyard from our courtyard was a lady sitting. She was wearing a Peach colored suit, sitting on the floor with her knees crouched and folded upwards, her hair was covering her face, and both the hands were on her cheeks with elbows lying on her knees. Her both hands/arms had lots of bangles which gave me the justification of the sound coming. I inferred myself that she must be sitting, doing something there and hence the noise/sound was there. I couldn't see her face, but I laughed at myself about me being scared inside. I took a right and passed her by on the street looking at her, took an auto-rickshaw and went for my Shoot. I told everyone about this incidence and my friends and colleagues laughed at me, made fun of me and called me coward, fattu, imaginative etc. Etc...

We wrapped our shoot in the evening around 7PM, I took an auto-rickshaw came back, and walked by the same path looking at the same courtyard and remembering the mornings incidence. Entered home, and straightway went to my Daadi. She was lying on the bed and Bua was in the kitchen preparing dinner. So I called them both and told them about the morning story and how Foolish it was on my part and that my friends laughed at me. It took me a while to realize that both my Bua and My Daadi had blank faces, they dint say anything and neither did they react. When I asked, then my Bua asked me - "Was she in the Fifth courtyard? Was she wearing a peach colored suit, with bangles in her hand?". I replied with a yes for both the questions.

And then my Daadi told me the story that, what I saw in the morning was the spirit of this girl who used to stay in that House. She committed suicide by consuming Poison. Basically she was Muslim in religion and loved a Hindu boy. Due to differences in religion she wasn't supposed to marry her love, and she consumed Poison and died there. Daadi also told me that she has been seen by others also as different hours and she is full of rage and anger and at times have kicked and abused people who have crossed paths with her. Daadi told me that, if that morning I would have stepped out early to check then god knows what would have happened. She also told me that since I do my prayers daily (at least used to do), it was because of that, I didn't stepped out.

My Bua asked me to avoid taking that path for few days, and I followed the advice.

I wasn't scared, neither was I shocked, it was really strange & weird.

Also I never experienced or saw her again and neither do I want to in the future.

God Bless Us All.

Signing Out


P.S. - I had 2 more experiences, one in 2012 and other was in 2013 and this time I was shiat scared. Will be submitting them soon.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-18)
hi Aman, first of all you have narrated this story very well. This sounds very scary thank god you are not harmed.
tigrisvpm (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-25)
is anybody try to do some cleansing ritual? Hers spirit has been restless due to stresses she had got during she was alive. So she tried to harm those who enter to her place

Thanks for sharing
Aman0409 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-25)
Hi Prashantkumar. Thanks, this story happened in Malad East and not in Goregaon. I had another encounter in December 2013, which was in Dahisar, pretty close to Mira Road 😜
Will be writing about it soon and post.
Aman0409 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-25)
Hi Melda
Correct, in the morning I was not aware of the truth and came to know of it only in the evening. And as heard from people around she has been really aggressive, she has kicked people sitting or sleeping in her way, has abused them and literally thrown them away (heard, haven't witnessed)
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-24)
Aman0409 - What an interesting experience. It seems that you were not certain whether she was a ghost or not until you were advised of her history by your family members, or am I wrong?

Perhaps she only becomes aggressive when people approach her and try to talk to her.

If she is still around, it would really be great if a religious person (her religion of course) in your community could attempt to cross her over to where she belongs. She must be extremely miserable hanging around on this earth with nowhere to go!

Regards, Melda
prashantkumar (17 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-23)
I'm from Mira Road, Mumbai as well. Nice to hear a story from Goregaon area. It was interesting.

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