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When I was still living in the Philippines, I went to a private school. I believe that most elders used to scare us little kids about how most of the schools in the Philippines was either, a cemetery or a hospital before it became a school. Basically, it's like telling us that most schools are haunted.

I actually, believed it when the elders told me this, because even when I was still a little kid and when I started going to school, I started seeing things that other people can't see.

Here's the layout of my school in first grade. When you enter the gate, the door is always open and right when you come in, is a big stage. (We pray everyday before we start doing our school work there that's why.)

Well, one day after school, me and my friend were sitting at the steps of the stage because both of our rides didn't come yet. There was no one else but us in the building because most of the teachers were in a room having a meeting. While we were sitting there, nothing to do... We started talking about random things until it got to the point where we started talking about ghosts. Oh yeah, in the back of the school is a catholic church by the way.

All of a sudden something passed by the big door. At first, me and my friends didn't really notice what it was because we were too busy with our conversation. Then all of a sudden, a big wind just hit us. But it was a sunny day. And then when we looked by the door, I saw a man who was dressed like a priest. It was headless, but the mad was holding its own head. I thought I was hallucinating but when I looked at my friend he himself looked really scared. I told him I don't want to talk about ghosts anymore because I'm scared enough already. But he didn't speak a word until ten minutes later.

When he was calmed down, he whispered to me, "did you see anything passed by the door? Something that's not really usual to you?". I was shocked. I told him I saw it too. I was thinking what if someone was pulling pranks on us but I don't really think so.

When you get out of the building through the door, If you look in your right is our cafeteria. Me and my friend were so anxious about what we saw we decided to ask the cafeteria lady. But when we asked her, she just looked startled and jokingly, asked us if me and my friend were insane or on drugs, for us to be talking nonsense. So it was only me and my friend who was there.

Oh yeah, there's more stuff that happened to us at this school, this wasn't the first time that I experienced something like this or my friends.

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kristina_marquez (1 stories) (26 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-03)
cool... Headless priests do appear mostly in Catholic Schools just like my previous school since it's ran by Agustinian Priests but thank God I haven't encountered them. Just heard stories of them though.
Qua (39 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-29)
There was a headless nun in my school before. Not many saw it though.
xxMayLovablexx14366 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-29)
I think your third eye is open because you said you see so many things that other people can't see so maybe your third eye is open!
DeathKnight12 (6 stories) (28 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-21)
I agree with streak and rami3l that the philippines was once conquered or occupied by the spanish, americans and japanese and some of the Filipinos were executed and some of their spirits lies in old schools hospitals old battle grounds churches etc... Even so I am a Filipino living in the philippines and I also encounter this paranormal activities and their histories about some spirits that wanted to be alone or trying to scare or communicate with us and trying to tell us what happened or how they died
God Bless
DeathKnight 😉
Streak (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-30)
True that man, the Philippines was colonized by three different nations over the course of more or less than 400 years. The priest you saw must've been a martyr that was executed by the Spaniards or the Japanese for refusal to renounce their faith or failure to comply with their laws. Rami3l just wanted to point out that it was Guerillas and not Gorillas, you know as to not confuse our foreign friends here. ^_^
rami3l (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-08-11)
Philippines was enslaved by the spaniards & japanese decades ago. War was all over the country, Pilipinos died, some captured, executed while some just committed suicide.
Most of the Gorrillas (Pilipinos who fought against spaniards/japanese) were executed in schools, hospitals, churches.
Spaniards executed gorrillas by firing squads. Japanese executed gorrilas by beheading. Japanese soldiers beheaded anybody that will not bow to them or respect them during the time. So anybody could lose there head. That is why most of the paranormal activities happens in the school, hospitals and churches.
Schools, hospitals and churches were once a prison, and restless spirits lingers in there still trap in both worlds.

Please try to check the Pilippines history first before doubting. I recommend thorough research before commenting.

mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-14)
I was actually wondering the same thing as Ohiowatha. What IS up with all of these school hauntings in the Phillipines and weird stories as well? Most of them sound like legends/myths or something of that nature. ~Shelby
McKnee (4 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-14)
Kat :)

I hope you didn't think I was attacking you. I was just explaining that I would think the same as you if I hadn't seen my own :) And yes it most certainly is odd haha :D

I haven't commented much on this site yet so I'm just trying to meet some friends.

Take care :)

Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-14)
Yeah, what is with ALL these Philipino haunted school stories? How come they were all old hospitals or army bases before they were schools?!?! That is pretty funny.
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-13)
I don't dispute that its possible Kneeley. I just find the concept rather odd. Saying that, paranormal is odd.
McKnee (4 stories) (11 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-13)
Hi Kat :)

I have also seen a headless ghost with my friend (the man on the bench) and if I hadn't seen one myself I don't think I would believe this story either because it does sound so cliche. Who knows why they choose to appear to people, maybe they don't even choose to, but we just happen to see them. But I do know it is possible... Perhaps just really rare. Or maybe they don't want to scare people so avoid appearing all decapiated and stuff.

If you think this story is unbelievable though then you sure won't believe mine haha, and I wouldn't blame you either haha it does indeed sound like something from sleepy hollow... Just a shame there was no Jonny Depp around, I sure wouldn't have been scared then :D

It's nice to meet you :)

Take care,


whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
Hello again Kat. I will not pretend to know all of the answers, because quite frankly (😉 hi FRAWIN) I do not. But if you would like to e-mail me just to get some stuff sorted out before the submission site is reopened, just check out my profile page and double click my e-mail (I seldom check that Myspace account, it was set up with a different purpose). Look forward to seeing more from you.
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
I will post them, the submission page has been disabled until they have been caught up with. Ill try again later.
Ive a few things to talk about to be honest, one of them goes back to the whold headless spirit thing, its about an even that took place when I was 11 - 12 that me and my Gran listened to as it happened.
Its rather strange, wish I could post it now! :O)
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
Oh yeah, post them Kat. In the quest for knowledge we need to find our truths. If that involves enlisting the help of others, so be it. There are a bunch of people on here eager to help. Post, Post, Post.
Sorry, Martin, if I keep telling people that I may be sending LOTS of work your way. 😉
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
I like trying to work out the answers sometimes but I become really frustrated sometimes when there is something bothering me personally E.G, I have posted about the house I live in on here, there are loads of strange goings on in there, one of the main things that happen to all 3 people who live in there is that we all have the stranges of dreams, some are really vivid, some are oughtrite stupid, others terrifying. Dreams can be explained logically by scientists, but I have never had dreams like this until I moved into my flat in that house. I think its the house affecting our sleep, but, how do I prove it. Maybe I should publish some of them, see the response?
It kind of bugs me.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
I agree, Kat. There are too many open ended answers, aren't there? I enjoy trying to figure things out and researching until my brain feels fried, but I think I would be happy if all the unanswered questions in the world were listed and answered on some big sheet of parchment somewhere.
I seem to be in a phase of impatientness right now, though, and at times get frustrated and want to scream out "Why don't You just give me the answer?!" But then my senses come back to me and I KNOW that the reason for that is I am a person who HAS to find the answers for myself. I can not, and most generally DO not, accept others answers with out checking them out to some extent.
Some day all of our questions will have answers. And some day this whole world as we know it will be a place of unity and peace once again, but until that time we struggle through and look for what we can not see, hoping that the Heavens will open up and grant us a moment of pure enlightenment.
Peace go with you.
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
This is why the paranormal interests me so much, no matter how much you discuss, research, think etc... About it, you can never find the answer.
Thanks for talking with me White Buffalo :O)
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
Point well taken, Kat. Thanks for clarifying that.
Who knows why and how ghosts do the things they do? Who knows why these students saw something that sounds like it could be on the set of Sleepy Hallow? We do not have all the answers and different views, thoughts and comments are welcome. Thank you again for your quick response.
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
I agree with the Ghost and Spirit being separate entities White Buffalo, I see spirits being rather personal and Ghosts as being more commercial.
I just don't understand why, if this particular being had been beheaded, after having a head firmly attatched all his life he would appear to 2 kids sitting in a room after school had ended carrying his head in his arms.
Seems a bit odd.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
Actually Kat, those types of GHOSTS have been reported by some. It is my belief that (and this may not be yours, but that is ok. If we did not have differences in actions and thoughts, our world would be rather boring) ghosts and spirits are two separate classes of beings.
I believe that a ghost is someone who has passed on but may not know that yet or is stuck here in our realm for some reason or another and it is a good thing to help them cross over. When THEY appear to us, we see them as they died, or pretty close (I think sometimes the appearance can change so as not to frighten) that is when we see the stretch marks of a rope, a scar on the face from a sort of weapon and so on.
While a Spirit is a being who has already crossed over and is afforded the privilege of visiting with whomever they so please. They can come and go, visiting and helping. I think once you become a spirit you receive your perfect, and whole visible soul. No flaws, missings, or mutilated limbs. I think it is possible to mistake a spirit for an angel at times, as both have the same peaceful air about them. At least at first sight. Then I think if a spirit has a message, they can act urgently if needed.
Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-12)
I don't believe the whole concept of headless spirits, I believe in spirits but when you consider the amount of ways someone can die in terms of decapitation, or being mangled in a car crash or losing limbs and bleeding to death etc...
You don't hear of a legless ghost or a ghost which hops around on one leg because the other one has snapped and is now situated behind its head do you?
I think when someone dies and does have unfinished business, when they do appear the would appear in normal human form. The way they always looked, not the way they looked at the moment of death.
I just don't buy the whole headless ghost thing. Sorry.
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-11)
Hi bbyguhrlx3. That was an interesting story, thanks for sharing. Most likely what you say was a residual. As WB said they were a lot of persecution done to the church and in the name of the church.

whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-11)
Years ago, not even hundreds of years ago, but in our recent past, leaders of the Catholic faith went under a persecution phase. Not just the Catholic church was effected, but for some reason we seem to hear more about this faith than any other.
Many leaders of different faiths have lost their lives as a result of other peoples ignorance and I think perhaps this priest may have been one of those victims.
Thank you.

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