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Midnight Snack: Attacked By An Aswang


It was summer of 2013, I was 17 years old at that time when I decided to visit my older sister Lauren in her boyfriend's house where she lives together with his family, she was pregnant at that time and I decided to bring her some fruits and planned to stay there for a few days if they would allow. When I arrived at their humble home her future parents in law welcomed me. They also offered me to stay for a few days. The two old folks are nice to me I call them uncle Teddy and aunt Sella. They work in the farm every day together with my sister's boyfriend Dan. My sister just stays in the house with Juliet, her future sister in law which is also nice to us.

While eating some snacks, Lauren told me about a strange huge black bird that was seen flying around their house a few nights ago, they believed it was a Tik Tik, a bird that is used by an Aswang to spy for pregnant women. Lauren is so scared that the stories about Aswangs could be real.

There were times during the night that they could hear the sound of a bird "wak...wak...wak" and the flapping of its huge wings. They can also hear footsteps in the roof of the house. All that she does is pray and ask for protection, Dan is also ready to protect her with a machete, jar of salt and garlic kept in their room. My first and second night at their house was peaceful and silent, no signs of Tik Tik or Aswang.

On the third night, I was sleeping in bed when I woke up by screams of Lauren and Juliet, I checked the time on my phone and it's around 12:00 o'clock. I can hear the strong blows of wind outside and a sound of flapping wings, I prayed for protection before I headed to my sisters room.

Everybody is already awake, Lauren, Juliet and aunt Sella stick together inside the room praying, Dan was guarding them, uncle Teddy was outside the room and shouting to the demon bird to leave. We are all at the second floor.

Suddenly the huge bird starts banging the window in Lauren's room, good thing it has metal grills.

Dan opened the window and the huge black bird was revealed in front of us, we are all shocked with its red eyes! I quickly grabbed the jar of salt and throw some to it, "stay away from us demon! Leave!" I shouted. It got angry and irritated so it flew around the house maybe looking for an opening.

As the huge black bird was circling around the old house, we suddenly heard footsteps running in the roof, "it is here! The Aswang!" said uncle Teddy.

"Put salt and garlic on every window!" he ordered. Then uncle Teddy run downstairs and outside to surround the house with salt while carrying his machete. After a few minutes we heard uncle Teddy shout for help, I quickly ran to him while leaving the ladies with Dan.

When I got out, I was shocked to see uncle Teddy losing a fight against a creature I have never seen before, a man with a black skin, his eyes are red in color, with fangs in his upper and lower front teeth, he was all naked but got some facial hairs. Uncle Teddy was badly beaten. I noticed that the Aswang was also wounded by uncle's machete. With all my strength I charged towards the Aswang and stab his left shoulder using a kitchen knife. He quickly grab me by the neck and throw me away. His strength is like equal to three adult males. He released an angry loud cry before running towards the fields and the huge black bird followed him.

I helped the old man to stand up, he was wounded by the man's pointed nails. We did not sleep that night and waited until the sun rises. Dan immediately told the neighbors what had happened, some even heard the shouting but choose to stay inside their homes and ignore it.

People say that the Aswang will swallow the black bird because it lives inside his stomach then the Aswang will return to his normal human form but at night when he release the black bird to hunt for prey the man will change to his Aswang/demon form.

I stayed with my sister for another two weeks just to make sure that the Aswang won't come back, luckily it did not return anymore. After three months Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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Nelson_but_not_Mandela (12 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-03)
Now I'm afraid to go to sleep. Eating a live bird with all its feathers must be gross, it would make me puke. 😲
kuwentoPH (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-26)
Hi ColdSoul,

I was inspired by your story and shared a summary of it in my channel.
Thank you for sharing!
Ann4shadow (1 stories) (36 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-03)

I just read this account last out of the three stories you shared with us. I must say they seem foreign and unbelievable and yet so do aliens, mythology, angels, science fiction, ghosts, demons and thousands of other things big and small! That has never stopped me from reading everything about them that I can!

I've never been to the Philippines but I have had a friend from there and he was a very interesting, nice person. We never discussed any of those things... Because they would have been conversations I would not forget!

I hope you keep contributing stories Coldsoul I enjoy your accounts.
Be Well,
Ann 😊
ColdSoul (3 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-26)
Rex T - the following day as soon as the sun rises my sister's husband Dan discussed the incident to the neighbors around us and to the workers in the field, here in the Philippines it is a general belief that Aswangs do not commonly attack their neighbors, instead during the night they will go to a farther village to hunt for food. Aswangs do not take pity, they usually flee when they encounter people during their hunt. This one is obviously hungry and craving for the baby inside Lauren, maybe he was injured enough that's why he decided to finally run away. In the morning Dan and uncle Teddy together with other men followed the path that the Aswang took as it flees, they found drops of blood in the grass and at the end of the trail is the knife that I used. They never traced where the Aswang headed.

Lady Glow - in Philippine folklore "Aswang" is an umbrella term or a general term to beings like ghouls, manananggals, vampires, witches, and shapeshifters that hunts for people or cadavers during the night, there are many types of Aswangs depending on the region where it came from so don't expect that its characteristics and abilities will always be consistent, you can read other articles about it because Wikipedia can't always give you the best answers. Unfortunately uncle Teddy died of a heart attack in 2015 so taking photos of his scars are impossible. My sister's in-laws did not put salt around the house several days before because they did not expect that it would be that agressive, Aswangs and Tik Tik's do not usually go inside the house. Commonly Aswangs attack by the roof looking for a hole as a way for their long proboscis-like tongue to be inserted in the woman's navel/bellybutton and eat the baby inside a pregnant woman while she's sleeping. Nobody in the neighbors bears the wound from the machete and knife and we think that the Aswang came from a far place as a common belief to us. And tapeworms do not fly like a bird:)

Thanks for your comments!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
Not meaning any offense but, after reading several stories in this forum about aswangs, tic-tics and wak-waks, it seems to me that none of them is consistent about what these beings are. On top of that, Wikipedia says that all of them are the same, going by a different name in different regions.


It's the first time I read about a tic tic living inside a person... I guess it is possible, considering how big some tapeworms can grow inside some people's intestines. 😲

Do you know if any of the neighbor ladies has been attacked by the aswang before or after your encounter took place?
Would it be possible to take pictures of uncle Teddy's scars and share them with us?

If the tic tic had been roaming around the place for several nights before, how come your sister's in-laws didn't put salt on windows and around the house as a preventive measure? Is it necessary to take such precautions only when an attack is taking place or is it possible to do it during the day and before the bird comes looking for a prey?
Do you suspect any of the neighbours to be the aswang? If so, would s/he bear the machete and knife wounds from the previous night on their human body?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for sharing.
Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
Welcome ColdSoul.

A memorable start to some great postings.

Your Title lured me into reading your account and looking up Aswang on Wikipedia.

What a horrid being (particularly at night). I am amazed that Uncle Teddy and you survived the battle. When a loved one is mortally threatened it is amazing what we can do.

I'm glad that there has been no return visits. Did you ever consider that discussing the incident with other people in the day time, that one of these people may have been the Aswang and took pity on your family?

All the best, Rex-T.

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