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Attacked By A Poltergeist


It was March 18, 2016 2:15 a.m. I could not forget this date and time if I tried. It was a normal night until I attempted to read the tarot cards. As I centered myself and channeled energy from all around me I was suddenly filled with dread like I have never felt. It started in the base of my neck and seem to flood in to me completely.

Ignoring it I reached for the cards and was actually shocked by them. Thinking I was just too upset to read them I turned to music but it did not make me feel like I usually did. It was a very short time later there was a whisper in my ear telling me "You know what this is."

I instantly grabbed my athame and channeled all the energy I could shoving down the blade to the floor as I did to my left rose up the darkest figure I have ever seen in my life. It actually blocked the mirror behind it stopping the reflection from the lamp at the other end of the hall. Absolute terror filled me I have had run-ins with spirits before but not like this. If felt like pure evil.

I did the first think that came to mind as it bolted so fast you could barely follow it to the back of the house. I lit the white sage, I live in a trailer so I cleansed the front rooms and started down the hall I had to get to my 13 year old in the next room. As soon as I opened the door he jumped to his feet and began to panic. He could actual feel the evil from this thing.

Giving him the athame as I continued casting the spell we worked our way back there was still no reflection in the mirror. Having this thing cornered we continued trying to fight it. My son placed his hand upon my shoulder pushing me all the energy he could to help.

Never in my entire life have I seen something black twist and contort like it did I could not forget this if I had to and I wish I could. I looked back at the sudden surge of energy to find my Grandfather whom I have never met standing behind my son with his hand upon his shoulder as well. I could see him plain as day yet through him at the same time.

Turning back and completing the spell it twisted with its mouth open in a silent scream, I am so glad I could not hear it, and sank in the floor.

I cleansed the house three times over the next few days and was scared to death to try to channel again.

Does anyone know what this thing was? I truly pray that no one has to face anything like this I cannot explain the depth of pure evil that came off of this thing. I have since moved out of that house.

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aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-11)
I woke up this one morning Aislin to something literally pulling me out of my body shaking me from side to side, as my wife was in the next room vacuuming about 7am in broad daylight...I'm not kidding you when I state this, but I actually bursted out laughing thinking to myslef WTF is going on here... Suddenly it stopped shaking me with all of it's power vanishing quicker than a bridal dress on a wedding night as it left me a little amused. I'd then closed my eyes to hearing this demonic voice scream out "your ours" or something like that (2nd attempt)...I must admit, that one did unnerve me a little but no, I didn't run out my home or lose my appetite or place crosses in my room, I just ignored it and gave it no power over me...

In hindsight now, I do believe back then I had over loaded my subconscious via YGS reading too many accounts like yours (and that is by no means trying to dismiss your story in anyway) I do believe what you state happened the way it did, anyway here's my explanation. We are all consciousness conductors living in an psychical illusion that basically manifest itself on our thoughts (AS ONE FAMOUS PHYSICIST ONE SAID, THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, THERE IS NO MATTER) it's all about shaping energy... Generally, the mass of the human population decide what is real and what is not with the rest of us either nuts or psychic hypochondriacs of which is a little unfair but it is what it is... We can, if the environment is right for that opening conjure up Freddy Krueger and the jets just through our thoughts alone, sometimes there are malicious entities sweating on a moment to help create that experience from hell, however the more I read about these stories the pattern that prevails the most to me? The person always escaping the clutches of hell and living to tell their story of which I translate into... The victim is the one that really owns the power of experience over them as we are at any given time always at the centre of our own universe sucking up the good with the bad and the ugly... We are the ones who are in charge of what we experience, how you perceive that experience is the key to getting over it... These accounts are horrifying I know, but for mine they can make you stronger if you look at them from a different angle by realising fear is an emotion our higher self challenges you to learn from.

Regards Daz
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-08)
Oh and I forgot that I had a question - as the entity made no noise and did not move anything, what leads you to classify it as a poltergeist?
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-08)
Maybe it is the trailer... We had a year or so ago a regular wave of experiences all reported from trailers. The discussion then seemed to conclude that perhaps it was something to do with their inherent lack of grounding. I assume here that you have practiced the tarot in your residence before - perhaps then the build up of energy created by those readings created an opening for this entity to both be attracted to and pass through. Perhaps, in future it might be better to practice in a grounded structure? And hopefully if my theory is anywhere near correct, the entity released that energy when it passed through meaning that it would have to build up again before another such event.
Jitow (362 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-06)
Hello Aislin,

Glad you are OK. My question would be, since it is fairly common knowledge that reading tarot cards and any other like rituals, used to access the spiritual realm, open up doors to the spiritual world with no real control over what types of spirits come through, as evidenced in your story. May I ask your purpose for, as you said, "attempted to read tarot cards"?
Jubeele (25 stories) (885 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-05)
Hi Aislin, I'm curious about the whisper: "You know what this is". Have you had any previous encounters that might be connected? You spoke of spellcasting, channelling energy and have an athame. It'll be interesting for those of us who are't familiar with such things to know more about the practices you observe and what sort of experience you have.

Did you ever find out more about the house? Maybe something might have caused a portal to open there in the past and let in an evil influence. Unsure about this - I'm no expert. 😕 Was that the only time you felt something "off" there? Glad that you cleansed the place. Hopefully, you're now safe and at peace in your current home.

Haven - what an terrifying scare. I also wonder if you ever went back to that reader or got another tarot reading elsewhere. 🤔
Aislin1541 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-10-03)
That sounds horrifying I am glad you got out of there safely. Have you ever gone for a reading after that? Is it possible for spirits, good or evil to enter through the cards? As far as I was taught it's not possible but I have learned one thing over the years anything is possible. Thank you Haven for sharing your experience with me.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-01)
Hi, Aislin -

Once, many years ago, I went with my sister and a friend to get a tarot reading. When we got to the readers house we were asked to come and wait in the living room as she was currently doing a reading. We were sitting, watching television when suddenly the lights go off and the frames that were hanging on the walls began to shake. At first I thought earthquake but then I saw the readers husband run in the room where the reading was taking place, he was holding a cross and something else we didn't clearly see. We then could hear praying, crying and a lady's voice saying "I command you to leave!". Then some really loud screams and screeching. Next thing I know, I'm being pulled by my sister, she literally dragged me out of the house, we got in the car and never turned back.

Don't know if this is related to what happened to you or not but your story reminded me of my experience.

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