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A couple years ago I had moved out of my parents' house to go to college, but I still came home on the weekends to visit them and would usually stay over night. At the time, my old room was being used for storage so I was sleeping on a lovely little bed made of about 14 blankets on the floor with my head right up against one of the heater vents in the midst of all the boxes they kept in there. I had lived in that house for 16 years prior and had only one unusual thing ever happen to me while I was there, but I just shrugged it off as a lucid dream.

Once I started going back to visit them I noticed my cell phone would rapidly lose battery life over night (go from 70% to 12%). Of course at first my thought was that my phone was going to crap and that I'd need to get a new one, but sure enough I noticed it would ONLY happen when I spent the night there. It didn't happen at my apartment, not once and it only happened at my parent's place and only overnight. It was definitely starting to get weird. Then, one night I was staying over night to a Monday so I knew my parents and my sister would be getting up early and getting ready for school and work the next day. I woke up and it was still dark out so I figured it was still decently early in the morning, but I could hear female voices talking downstairs in our basement, which is all gross with creepy-crawlies and we only go down there to do our laundry, and thought that it was odd that both my mother and my sister would need to be downstairs to do their laundry that early in the morning but just went back to sleep.

Once I awoke for the day I asked my mom why her and my sister were both doing laundry so early and she told me that neither of them were down there. I insisted that I heard two women talking coming from the basement through the heat register by my head, but she assured me no one was in the basement.

Slightly shook from her response I messaged my father, a huge believer in the extraterrestrial and all that. I told him I heard people talking downstairs during the night and that mom had told me no one was down there at all and his immediate response was, "Were they women's voices?" Now slightly more shook I told him yes and all he said back was, "You hear them too?"

Later that evening he and I talked and he told me that sometimes on nights that he stays up later he can hear what sounds like two women talking through the heating vent in his bathroom and that was how he knew to ask if they were female voices, he had been hearing them too.

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funeralmass (1 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-12)
Have you and your dad ever been able to hear what the voices are saying, even if you can decipher a few words to get the gist of the conversation? Do the voices sound stressed or more like a casual conversation in tone? Are they loud enough to be picked up by a hand held tape/digital recorder if you placed the recorder directly on top of the vent? When I hear them next, I would try and listen as closely as possible to see if maybe I can discern what they are saying, or at least parts /random words of the conversation to get an idea of what they are conversing about. I would ask my dad to do the same. Perhaps you could both keep logs of when you hear them, how clearly, and what words you can discern. Y'all could then compare notes, which may prove fruitful. Keep us posted.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-10)
I have the same problem with my phone and only at night at my apartment. I figure it could be because the Wi-Fi reception is the worst in that room and a phone can run its charge down constantly looking for a signal. The same could be true for your phone in a room packed with boxes. Maybe we should both experiment with leaving our phones in airplane mode over night to see if the batteries still run down, try leaving it elsewhere in the house over night, leave it in that room all day etc... I have also had quite a bit of paranormal activity in my apt (given that its nearly 100 years old and overlooks a late 19thC mass grave, its hardly surprising) - so if the nocturnal battery drain can't be explained by the physical then there are plenty of paranormal options;)
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-02)
i wonder what has to do with your phone draining battery? Can you make out what they are saying - are they chants or simply chatting or weird languages we don't know of? Thanks for sharing! ❤
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-02)
Erin - Sorry to hear your room became a black hole after you left the house. I can't wait for one of my children to move out so I can get my own yoga room!

Just curious, you don't mention hearing the ladies chatting in the basement when you're still living at your parent's place. Have you asked your father when he began hearing them?
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-02)
ERINISAWESOME - As MrRiggs says, it often happens that more spiritually sensitive people hear activities that others don't. That the voices seem to come through the heating vents is quite interesting.

I have heard footsteps, rummaging in a closet, the TV on in the lounge, plus other things which those around me have not heard. To crown it all, I have very limited hearing in my right ear.

So yes, it happens and it can be extremely frustrating when people tell you that you are imagining things, simply because they are unable to hear them. I've become accustomed to that. 😊

Regards, Melda
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-01)
That one person hears and another does not is not surprising. My wife does not hear these things and I certainly do. I have heard my deceased dog walking the floors of our house, and our passed-over cat mewing softly. She has heard nothing. She believes nothing paranormal, I know differently.

Many years ago she and I were in her car together. I was driving. Out of the blue I was confronted by a spirit and it got pretty testy. She heard nothing. I was fully engaged with what was happening.

I have no idea how spiritual auditory perception or exclusion works, but I know it exists.

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