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Great Auntie June...soon, I Must Tell Them


My Gramma was born youngest of 3 sisters in Maine 1914. She'd tell me stories of the 'influenza' and wagons of bodies taken away (she was very young like 4 or 5)...her mother, my great Gram Hattie, being very ill, running feverish out into the snow... An older sister being so ill that her hair fell out. It grew in rather wavy when they got better. Must have had a angel over them.

WW1 was in full swing. Great Gramp, had Alzheimer's, though they called it 'forgetfulness of old age', then, though he wasn't more than 50 ish. He did could not join the military.

Years later, after several miscarriages, Gram and Gramp had my mom. 5.5.50. Gramp had been in the Navy in WW2 and they'd moved from Maine to California, with other relatives. Including my Great Auntie June and Uncle Duke, (Actually June is great cousin, but auntie is what I called her. Gram's older sis, and hubby had June in 1923, and my gram being about 9 thought that she was to be a big sister, not young aunt!) All the same, Gramma and June grew up in Maine both working jobs when of age- gram at nine worked wooling mill and shoe shop after school, and June when older worked jobs as well- depression times were hard. Food a treasure. For gram, a new little niece (though gram thought of her as sister) a blessing.

They carried a close sisterness all the way until gram passed in 2001.

Gram was like a mom for me, I was born 1970. Mom and my dad divorced when I was 2 ish, Gramma and Grampa were there for me and my mom, we lived with them for a bit. Gram was a huge part of my life. She had a most open hearted personality- that didn't want to see anyone have to suffer of hunger or lack of shelter. She and Gramp became quite religious in their golden years.

And of course June! She and her hubby came to Cali in WW2 times as well, and June joined the Marines, Duke- the Army. War over, everyone moved to different cities or towns in CA. Gram and Gramp like N. Cali for its countrysides, apple orchards and mountains. June and other family liked being closer to SF, June worked PanAm (airlines) , Duke ran a hardware supply store.

So- my point of all the explanation. I was close with Gram growing up a troubled tough childhood of my own. Step dad- not good. Gram and Gramp... Safe loving and a respite from stuff I endured growing up shy, abused and a nervous mess. Always happy to travel and stay at Gram's. And then of course sometimes when June would visit from the Bay area (SF) , to see Gram, I loved hearing them talk of when they were growing up, and also amazed of how they survived some stuff that tough financial times would inflict upon souls.

Last Year, about March, I dreamed of June. June, her late husband Duke (rip 2005), Gramma (rip 2001), all in Gram's living room. I seem to be observing, not really actively talking with them.

June walked from living room, into Gram's kitchen. I followed. She sat at the kitchen table, put her hands, palms down on the table and she spoke. "very soon very soon. I need to begin letting everyone know. It won't be long.".

That was it! I woke up and wondered what the heck? Let's see, Gram is passed. Duke is passed. June is 90+ but always busy and not passed. I seemed to be watching. Is June going to die? What was that with her palms on Gram's modest kitchen table?

For reals in March, I called June to check on her. We live hours away, so, phone was quickest. She did say " awe hun, I am tired. Just, oh so tired. I miss 'Dukee' (her husband). I miss Auntie Flo (my gram)." I tried to lift her spirits, but she just said she loved us all so much, she loved her life, but was tired now.


My husband called her too, a few days later- and an ambulance was at her little home! She had fainted. A care worker had called 911. I spoke with June as soon as I could when she was awake at Hospital. She fessed up that she was beyond stage 4 breast cancer and it was in her lungs, throat, stomach. Oof.

She passed a week before my bday last year, 2016, April. So the month before, had that dream of Gram's kitchen been a little fyi? What's also weird is as we worried for June, we had no idea my husband had a huge brain tumor that would make its appearance at Christmas time 2016. He certainly had it when June was so ill. We had no idea.

I am not scared of death dreams. I have them a lot. Of myself usually. I just say- "well Divine (God), if something is to be, or fyi to change outcome, then thanks for the fyi." I don't like death dreams, but of Junes, it was more a riddle than death. Though Gram and Duke were (are) dead. And June too now.

But one thing also- when I dream of a loved one who has passed on, I feel like its a chance to see them again. Goodness, Gramp passed when I was 8; so when I dream of him- its like a movie. Him moving, talking, smiling. Sounds perhaps odd to think of it like that, but I do find a bit of peace when a dream happens... Even of my father in law. Mr Mississippi! He was the jokester. I always tell my husband if I dream of his papa. I say any detail I recall of voice, clothing, smiles- anything. Its like a little hug from the Eternal, and though rare, I dream of the dead- usually not scary, I feel thankful to see, those who I love, again:) June now in peace too.

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ShySgaile (2 stories) (11 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-18)
Thank YOU ALL for your thoughts/comments! I'll get each one as quiet moments appear:)

Thank you Jan for your thoughtful reply! I tend to post when its like 2am our time, as house is quiet and I can finish a thought~

Dreams are interesting to me; I dream randonmly as all of us do- but do tend to dream (particularly of gram rip '01,a lot. As in at least twice a wk?) of past folks often. Its not like Iam thinking of those past on, all day! Life is full... 2 kids in college... Husb health surprise this yr... But its not been this year only. Pretty much for a few decades. They have a 'different' feel than normal dreams. They are usually short, and feel neutral. (For me anyhow)

Of this particular one, I took note it was in grams home (which I dream of often as well), and uncle Duke being in there too- with Gram, but June still alive at the time, leaving the rm and I followed, but recall what she said. I didn't remember what gram and duke were chatting about.

All the same it did call to my attention I hadn't talked w/June in a while... So prompted my call-and then finding out how ill she was actually. And that when she passed it was so close to my own birthday~ but hard for me as she was the last of relatives in Cali that were from Maine, that new England accent...'Pac the caa'r deahh' (park the car dear) losing gram all over again: (

Wow, so sorry your husb went through that! Yes, health stuff sure is a shake up. Moment at a time! Surgery at a time...MRI, radiation, physical therapy... At a time. Sure have been meeting many strong souls along the way- some going through more than we (though my husb does tip the scale a bit... Tons of things all suddenly), but wow - has been a chance to connect with folks, who otherwise don't feel open enough to talk of their experiences. When appropriate, mention 'brain tumor, paralysed for months,seizures, ruptured intestine, blood clot etc', and people open up. A chance to vent and give a hug, to those who have had, or are on a journey themselves~ hope this finds your husb well and yourself too:)

(Hmm...stovepipe hat... Maybe Abe L. Stopped in for a visit in dream time ~ I do believe no Soul is 'better than' another. Maybe since Abe suffered a lot with different health/mood issues, he dropped by to share a pep talk w/your husb!) xo
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-17)
I put a lot of faith in some dreams. Sure some are nothing more than your mind offing stress and wandering through the buts and pieces it collected during the day but others are completely different. When you wake up from *those* special dreams you know they were different though it is difficult to articulate just how. In many cultures hallucinogenic substances are ingested to open the mind to the spirit world - might not a dream state organically achieve the same effect? When asleep, you are cut off from the regular distracting stimuli of waking life and your mind is set free to roam - seems to me a logical time when contact with the other side might be enabled. My grandparents have visited me in dreams - though not often - always with a purpose, though and I have always been so thankful for the visits.

Thank for sharing your account and the fascinating story of your family!
msforgetmenott (17 stories) (316 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-16)
Hello, ShySgaile

You have a unique writing style, the way your words flow. I feel like I am sitting in the other rocking chair, near you, listening as your memories are shared.

My Mother was a toddler, when my Grandfather died from the same influenza. Sadly, it changed families along the eastern seaboard and beyond.

I also have family in the northern hills of California, so beautiful.

When speaking of dreams, although I am not sure I would call them death dreams, most of us have experienced similar. How much of such a dream is your sleeping mind, fabricating, and how much is paranormal? How can we know for sure?

Not long ago I had a dream, of a wonderful family and friends party. There was much laughter and joy and it lasted for a long time, it seemed so real. Strangely, many of those people had never known each other in life, I had known them at different times, all as friends, family or even co-workers. What ever that dream was, I enjoyed it and have thought about it often.

Much of life can be hard, do these dreams ease our losses. In 2009 my husband drank two large glasses of soy milk, he enjoyed it, as it hit the spot, handy in the refrigerator for iced coffee. Five minutes later his throat and tongue swelled as he was unknowingly seriously allergic to soy. For eleven days he was on total life support, a medically induced coma, those were hard days. Somehow the good Doctors were able to bring him back, very confused for a very long time after.

While on life support he dreamed continuously, and still speaks of the strange conversations he had with long passed friends and family. One man spoke with him, wearing black and a stovepipe hat, what the h...? My question remains, are the dreams fabricated by our always thinking minds, or are they visits?

I feel badly that your Husband is so ill, my kindest thoughts to you both. Perhaps you can ease tension on these pages, we are overall, a kind and understanding group of people.

PBnJilly (18 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-16)
I feel the exact same way about dreams of those who have passed. It's a blessing in a way to have a chance to not only see them again, as they were, but also to interact with them. Funny thing I've noticed about my dreams of those who've passed... Their lips never move when speaking to me. I hear what they're saying in my head, but their mouth never moves. I've talked to my mom about this and she has experienced the same thing. It's odd in a way. But still a beautiful experience to me, all the same.

Not to pry and if you don't want to answer, I completely understand. I was just curious how your husband is? I hope things have improved for him and your family.

Love and light,
PB n Jilly

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