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"mom's Fright Night."


This story I'm about to tell actually happened to my mom and my two older brothers. I don't know much about the details as I wasn't born yet at the time. It happened in the 70's. My oldest brother was 3 or 4 maybe and the second oldest was still a baby. Dad was not around much as he was in the army back then. So its up to mom to take care of the whole family by herself. Sometimes they would go back to our hometown village to meet with my grandparents when they were still alive. They lived in a village located deep in the depth of Melaka.

My grandparents house was situated deep in the woods. There were neighbours but was for few kilometers apart. And there were many huge tall trees in between making it hard to see other neighbours houses. The house was a wood shack like the ones you see besides a lake deep in the wood or mountains. My grandparents house was located near the end of the woods. In front of it you could see a wide green padi field and the legendary Ledang mountain behind it. It was majestic, breathtaking and a bit scary especially at night. You could see nothing. Total pitch black.

One day my mom and brothers took a one hour bus ride from a nearby small town, got down at the local small police station, walk passed a grave site, half hour walk into the woods and finally arrived. Now, the story took place after few days after mom stays.

One night, around midnight after she put down my brothers to sleep. She can feel that there something in the air like some bad thing's going to happen. My whole family got this thing about a sixth sense kind of thing. She could not get to sleep because of the bad feeling. That night was kind of windy. She can hear the cold breeze running through the trees. Hearing the wind blowing through like a howl and small branches fall on the rooftops makes her more worried. Around 2 a.m, suddenly it all stops. It was very quiet outside for a few moments. Suddenly my mom hears a heavy breathing sound like from a beast come from outside of the house. She could hear it coming closer to the house through the wood wall. The thing is getting closer. Suddenly it's starting to growls and roars. Its almost the same as roar of a tiger. Now that's a bit strange cause there has never been a tiger seen in this part of region. It has been populated by human for generations.

My brothers got woken up by the roar. They were scared to death and my oldest brother quickly grab hold of mom for safety. The growl and roaring continues for a long time. After that it stops. After a few moment, the growling and roaring happened again, this time it starts to clawing and hitting the wall of the house. It continues for a much longer time. Now the strange and scary thing is the clawing, scratching and hitting sound was coming from various sides of the house at the same time. One time the sound came from the lower level of the wall, and other were like on the upper level and on the roof. It looks like the clawing was done by a beast that was as big as the house. My mom got more scared, she start to hold my brothers tight and cover themselves inside the blanket. The roaring and clawing got more and more loud as if it was angry with something or someone in the house.

My grandparents woke up and rushed to my moms room. My grandpa tell grandma to look after mom and he went by himself and said that he will take care of it. My mom didn't know what my grandad did, not then, or now. It remains a mystery for her.

The roars and clawing got more vicious.

After a while the whole thing got calm down. The growls were fading away like the beast has walking away from the house. My granddad came back and said its all okay now, nothing to worry about. After that, everyone finally calmed down. My brothers went to sleep and my mom finally got to sleep as so tired from the ordeal.

The next day everyone could not speak a thing that happened that night. They went outside to look, but there were no signs of clawing or anything that can proves something hit the house. It was very scary as my mom felt the house shake when the thing hits the house from outside. Grandad told mom to just forget what had happened and never worry again. As he was right, that was the only time it happened. Never again.

After that, Mom heard stories from other villagers, that there used to be an odd man that lived at the end of the woods. Some had said that he used to practiced black art magic that involved some sort of tiger spirit. They said he can control the beast to use as a protection. One day he was found dead and the villagers were scared, if the story about his tiger spirit buddy were true and it got loose and will terrorize the the whole village. Luckily none of that happened. What happened that night might be a bit true to that story I guess.

Mom also heard that once there were some hunters found a tiger cub in the woods, one of the hunters took it back with him. Old people used to say that if you did that kind of thing, the mommy tiger will come looking for its cub and it will hunt you down and not rest until she got back her cub. Maybe there is a true in that story too.

Sorry for the long one. This is my first. More will be coming next. Happy reading and thanks.

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Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-04)
Now you've got me really curious, Bart. I have more questions! Please share more about your family and your experiences. 😊
BART43 (5 stories) (21 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-04)
Thanks for the thought Jubeelee.

No, they never did asked any help from anyone after what happened. My family just knew what to do in this kind of situation. As this was not the only strange things happen to us. My mom is also gifted with ability to handle this kind of things. I also had some fair share of strange scary stuff happen to myself. I will share some of the stories later on.

Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-01)
Hi Bart43, what a frightening experience for your mother and brothers. If they had eliminated all known causes and there were no physical signs of a wild animal, then something strange could have happened that night. 😨

Did your family ever consult a bomoh or priest to bless the house? Did they feel it necessary to make suitable prayers or offerings so as to appease any spirits?

I remember my Grandma warning us all to be respectful of the jungle spirit, Hantu Hutan whenever we played in her overgrown "jungle" garden. Hantu Hutan is the earth spirit who protects the jungle and it is believed that anyone who ventures into the jungle, whether to hunt animals, gather fruits or cut down trees, must seek permission or make an offering. The spirit is said to have the ability to change into an animal, plant, tree, insects or human. Another one is the Hantu Belian, a tiger spirit who can also turn into a crow, or enter humans to cause trouble.

Reading your account brings me back to youth camp in Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands in Pahang, West Malaysia. The jungle sounds at night, the frogs, insects and other strange bird calls. The humid, heavy air weighing everything down...Spooky.

We made friends with the local tribe of Orang Asli (aborigines) and the boys played sepak takraw with them (ball game like volleyball, played with a woven bamboo cane using only the feet). We taught them how to play carom and when we said goodbye, we gave them our carom board.

Thanks for a fascinating account. Welcome to YGS.

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