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1st story; It's about 11. 00 AM, I am rinsing breakfast dishes and loading dishwasher. Dishwasher is left of the sink and next to Island that separates kitchen and living room. Both rooms are vaulted with good lighting. I started to put something in dishwasher and looked up into living room to see a short skinny stick figure almost in the middle of the living room. I feel it came up the stairs (that are in the corner of the room) from the daylight basement, and he is heading to the opposite corner to the hallway back to the master bedroom mirrors. From kitchen, hallway view is blocked by small stand-alone pantry.

This see through stick figure is walking like it has not a care in the world, arms are swaying, legs are moving. Its head is a see through black skull, very pronounced eye sockets and eye holes, even though it's walking crossways to me its head is looking right at me. Its arms and legs are the size of the old broom handles with hay looking bristles - they still sell them today. It's walking away from me and about to go past the pantry, still looking at me and I point at it and yell I CAN SEE YOU and just laughed out loud, kind of thanking it for the show. Never saw this one again. How many times was this one strolling through my home?

2nd story We moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. I found a manufacturing job at health food company. I ended up as a press operator and enjoyed the job. I worked Noon to 10. 30 pm. Every shift I had to go into packaging area. I write down batch number and go find it. Packaging is right next to press area with plastic strip door bug curtain at entrance.

This particular night, I was walking through plastic door I get about 3 steps in while reading the batch number to go find when I see something off to my right at the long work table there for production and sealing. I thought I was throwing a shadow from hallway light behind me. There was only 1 light in this room, but I kept going, focused on my job at hand. I look up again to see I am about to walk into someone and I immediately stop. It's still moving and stops in front of me and I am now looking down on top of its head, a very black solid form and then it's gone. I find my batch number, get it to my area, and go find the night lead to ask about this spirit.

I found the female night lead and her 2nd in command sitting together in the lunch room. I asked them about this spirit. Their faces lit up and big smiles and said, he used to work there, and he is still working, just on the other side.

The next day, word got around about the my crossing paths with the visitor, and many workers then shared with me some of their own sightings of spirits at this property. If I had not looked up, I would have missed this crossing.

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CantunSEEit (11 stories) (5 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-03)
TravisCannabis-My bad I wrote black skull. Thought that would pretty much explain it's color. 😜
TravisCannabis (35 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-03)
Cantun. There's no need to get defensive man I asked because u didn't say nothing about stick guy's bones been black. I wasn't there, u could have explained it better. 😉 😁
Macknorton (5 stories) (615 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-02)
Hmmmm...seems to me like you had a "brush" with death CantunSEEit 🤔
CantunSEEit (11 stories) (5 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-01)
TravisCannibus-WOW you were not there. You have no idea. Every bone was BLACK. Good luck out there. HA HA HA.
TravisCannabis (35 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-01)
Makes no sense to me dude. How could you see its bones if it was all black? 🤔
CantunSEEit (11 stories) (5 posts)
2 months ago (2021-03-01)
MrsRamsay-It was see through black. It's arms and legs were the size of old style broom handle, about the size of a toilet paper roll. Which made its feet look really long. Could see all bones in hands and feet. Really creepy. That image is Burnt into my brain.
Rajine (14 stories) (158 posts)
2 months ago (2021-02-27)
The skull apparition is creepy crazy I wonder what that could be?
MrsRamsay (8 stories) (178 posts)
2 months ago (2021-02-10)
A stick figure with a black skull looking at you while sauntering through the vaulted family room. The body language must've not been a threat, though the description of it is interesting. Was it flesh looking, or wood looking (you compared it to a broom)? Was the body black as well?

That's totally compelling. And I love your reaction!

Have you always seen things, or is this new for you? Any idea why now? If you have an intuitive theory, I would go with that.
meinmein (6 stories) (9 posts)
2 months ago (2021-02-06)
I love how you talked to the spirit XD. Your second story is terrifying for me if I am the one to see it. Thanks for sharing.

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