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Am I Just Crazy?


Ever since I was a child I have somehow been connected to paranormal activity. My grandmother, who passed when I was a baby, came to me often in dreams and to comfort me when I was sad. She made me feel safe. This isn't about that however.

Over recent years, I have had a spirit / entity follow me. I've moved about three times over the period and it's come with my family to each place. No one else has experienced it. Which worries me that it's attached to me and only me. My mother and girlfriend believe me, I think. I've only told them about all my experiences. I'm going to explain a few of the more interesting things, such as the times it made contact. Also, something frightening that happened very very recently.

The first time the spirit contacted me, I was lying on my couch and waiting for some guests to leave. I ended up turning around and dozing off, when I heard a voice say "good night Allie." It wasn't the voice of anyone in my family. It sounded like a younger boy. This was before either of my brothers could speak, and has happened many times. I would be told "good night." Or "let's play sometime".

Another experience, was when I was lying in bed. I shared a room with my sister, and had the top bunk. I felt a small child crawl next to me and lie there. I dozed off, thinking it was my brother (which was weird since how young he was?). When I woke up no one was there.

Okay, so the next two were small experiences by my mom. I can't exactly say they're true, since I wasn't there. She seemed so sure of it. One day when we were in school, and the baby asleep, she heard footsteps in my room. Another she told me, is some nights she hears banging on the wall.

My brother's 2nd birthday was yet another experience (he's 7 now). A balloon from his room came bouncing straight over to me. I was on the computer, and no one was around. I put it back into his room and shut the door. I felt uneasy the rest of the night that's for sure.

Yet another I remember, I had my girlfriend sleeping over (before she moved in, this was years ago.), Both of us saw a giant shadow in my closet. The closet has no door, so we saw just a towering black figure. I was scared so she flicked on the light and it was gone. I never saw it again after that.

Small things occured here and there for the next few years. Footsteps, banging on the snack cabinet, banging in furniture, things moving around, feeling of being watched etc.

I honestly, still don't know anything about this "little boy". No name, nothing. I tried to ask before dozing off. I swear one time I heard something... I just don't remember.

Okay, so for the most recent experience. I know we aren't supposed to talk about dreams, but I think it's connected.

I dozed off around 6am-7am for a few minutes after my girlfriend left for work. I was in a dream, and I felt myself be touched. It was strange. It wasn't like sleep paralysis. I dreamed in three different locations. A bathroom, which I felt myself be held down by shower curtains. My bedroom, when I felt my body held down and I couldn't move. And the living room, where I had to drag myself for help. All three times I couldn't scream, I physically felt my vocabulary chords straining. I didn't see a face, or anyone there. If I did I don't remember.

Even after all of this, I still don't know if the boy, shadow figure and now this dream are connected. I don't know why it's attached to me, or what object of mine it is. I never felt scared or threatened by it until now. Though, I doubt it wanted to really hurt me. I didn't have bruises or marks on me.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Or has answers? I'd appreciate it.

Or do you have any suggestions on how to communicate with it? I just want to know its name, and what it wants. If it's Friendly I don't mind it staying.

My "little boy" ghost friend.

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Alliedragoncat (2 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-19)
In response to: AugustaM

I lived in multiple apartments during the years. If its attached to an object I'm nit sure which. I'll have to look and find out
RSAChick (115 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-15)
Hi Allie. I am not so sure these things are connected or related.
Why do you think so?
Always good to trust your own gut feelings, though as you are the one experiencing these things.
I also think it would be better not to try and communicate with this entity/ies. Rather perform cleansings of the home and shield yourself.
Whatever needs to move on or cross over will then hopefully do so!
Alliedragoncat (2 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-15)
We have moved many times, but I can try to do research. All I ever gotten second hand was stuffed animals from yard sales or flea markets. None are actually antique, though I do have a few things that belonged to my grandmother?

Since I've posted this I have experienced a similar dream twice more.

Though, both times had different leadings but the same ending, being held down. The thing seems to change each time, but it hasn't physically hurt me...

You might be right, however. I'll look into trying to find out who he was. I'll keep updates.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-28)
Have you done any research on your house and the land it sits on? That may give you a few leads. And as you mentioned the possibility of object attachments, have you recently acquired any second hand items? I am a touch skeptical of object attachments personally since my entire home has been furnished out of thrift and antique stores and estate sales - I've sourced the vast majority of my wardrobe from the same places- and have yet to experience any disturbances as a result. But anything is possible and its still an avenue to explore.

Perhaps this entity was trying to tell you something of how he met his end with the dream you had. He may simply be looking for someone to help cross him over.

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