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One Crazy Night


Greetings. The story I'm about to tell happens 20 years ago. I was in college. It was my second year there. I still reside in dorm houses while my other friends have left and rent their own house near the faculties. They put me in with peoples from other course. So I became close with them in a short time. The dorm is situated near an old village. So if we ever wanted to go to town or somewhere, we have to walk about 5km using an old back alley village route to get to the nearest bus station.

One night we all decided to go out shopping for some food supplies. Our dorm room have a total of 8 guys including me. So we all chipped in and after we get changed we headed out. We didn't want to use any public transport to save money. So we have to walk about 10km to get to the mall. We took the old back alley village route.

It was 8pm. It's a one and half hour walk through the route. We finished shoping around 11pm. It was already dark when we headed back to the dorm. I noticed that one of my friend (let's call him A), he was late behind us. Maybe he was tired from all the walking. We reached a wide field before we enter the back alley. I felt bad about 'A' so I asked the others to wait for him. When 'A' was finally with us I asked him if he's okay, but he just kept quiet and didn't even look at us. So we continue walking back.

After we arived at the dorm room, it was over 1am. We were all tired. Suddenly my other friend, B, came rushing to my side of the room. He said 'A' was acting very strange. We rushed to their side of room and shocked to see that 'A' was sitting on the top corner of the bed beside the wall. We all had the double decker steel bed like in the army. He had the blanket wrapped around him and he was shaking. The room was very dim but I can still his eyes were very red.

We asked him, "what are you doing sitting like that? Are you trying to scare us?" He did not answer. He just kept sitting holding his knee up, all wrapped up in blanket and started to rocking back and forward very slowly. Some of my friends got scared already and ran back to the other side to hide. We try to hold him to bring him down afraid that he might do something stupid like jump and grab the ceiling fan as it was really close to him. He became so strong suddenly. It was like trying to move a big boulder. So we failed. He was smiling and was laughing at us.

By that time I knew what had happened. He was possesed. We try again talking to him and try to persuade him to come down but still no answer. Then I asked one of my friend to get a bowl of water and asked the other to start praying. We asked god to bless the water to heal our friend. After half hour of praying I asked 'B' because he was the biggest of us all, to get up there with 'A' and hold him down if he try anything. I asked 'C' to take the water and wipe it on 'A'. Me and other guys was standby on the floor if he jumps. When C got near him, he started to agitated a bit. He was angry. I can't remember what he said at that time. But it sounded not local.

By God's aid, it was not hard to get to him. 'C' wiped the water to his face, then work it down to his neck, arms and legs. 'A' has calmed down a bit. 'B' was scared the most 'cause he was the one holding him down. 'A' has come back to himself a bit and asked us what happened. I took some of the water in glass and prayed a bit and have him drink it. We told him what had happened to him. After a while, he remembered something.

On our way back at the point when we reach the wide field, he was late behind us. At that moment he had come across a black wild dog. He saw the dog had a very scary face with red glowing eyes. He heard the dog said, " Go away! You are trespassing!" That was the last thing he remembered. We told him that when we looked back at him, we didn't see any dog near him. I guessed that when we wait for him, that thing had already got to him and we unknowingly brought it along with him back home.

'A' said that during what happened on the bed he sort of like in and out from his mind. He can see us but can't talk with us. He thought he was just dreaming. He also heard that dog still talking to him like making fun of him.

Luckily we noticed early what happened, or it will be more difficult to help him. What a busy night it was. I looked at the clock and it was already over 6am. We didn't get any sleep that night. And we already need to get ready for classes.'A' thanks us for helping him, and that was it. Nothing bad happen since then.

Thanks for reading.

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BART43 (5 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-21)
Hi Jubeelee.
Its really a long trip that night. The back alley was realy kind a long one too. And maybe I shouldn't have said a shortcut right? Haha... After the village we have to go past 2 small town to get to the big shopping mall. Some of my friends were walking realy fast. I managed to follow them though. I used to walk 5km to school for 2 years before college. And before that, 3 years of walking and changing busses to a diferent school. Maybe it has become too normal for me. No we still use that road regularly but not at night anymore. But the girls dorms were very near the village. And sometimes we have news of girls gets hysteria cases over there.
Not realy, my parents just thought me what to do on emergency cases like that. We all had to improvise ourself. But luckily I shared the room with peoples that practices religion. So they did not panicked easily and we manage to handle the situation.
Sadly I lived with them only for a semester. After that some of them have drop out or moved out.
I don't know what happened to A now. Sadly I have trouble remembering peoples name. I'm sorry to say I don't remember his name actually. We lost contact that year after he drop out of college.
BART43 (5 stories) (21 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-21)
Thanks lady-glow.
Yes we were back then. I think we were all 19 when it happened and walking for a few km was normal to us.
I remembered that my friend A was like our little brother back then. He get bullied sometimes. Sometimes he gets spooked easily.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-20)
Hi Bart, in my pre-university years (i.e. High School) in Singapore, the PE teachers would make us do a 2.5km run over varied terrain. This was to mainly help the boys get ready for National Service once they left school. I was a lot fitter then and it took me about an hour, running-and-walking.

That 2 x 5km back alley "shortcut" still means a long 10km trip. I'd be winded, dehydrated and very tired. But not too tired to wash my feet though (to cleanse and break the trail for any following spirits). It's fortunate that 'A' had friends who knew what to do. Did you learn the cleansing ritual from your family?

Interesting how these "black dogs" get around. Did you have to change your route after that? How is 'A' now - do you still keep in touch with him and your other friends after college?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-12-20)
WOW!... That sure was a long night, and you guys were in excellent shape... 20 km is almost half a marathon!
No wonder 'A' didn't run as soon as the black dog began talking to him.

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