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Update On My Hauntings


I've now experienced sleep paralysis more...

I have also communicated with one of the spirits I saw during one of those states. He is the large, black mannequin. He is pitch black, with only white eyes showing. He's tall. Tall enough to reach the doorframe of my closet, where he usually stays. He has always been around, but now he deliberately stays in my sight.

I have not heard from the "little boy" in a long time. The other creatures I've seen in my paralysis still seem so vivid in my head. The white figure with the Galaxy like face, and the old hag. Both of whom frightened and harmed me. My girlfriend has seen me experience this, and it's scared her. I'm posting again tonight, as I've gotten a new major dream. I didn't see what was holding me down but the weight on my wrists allowed no movement. It was a strange state between reality, the setting wasn't my home... But I was in my bed and I could feel and see my cat next to me, hear her meowing and feel her brushing against me. She was there when I woke up, and looked shaken up. I heard whispering. It was all around me in this dream it was loud and threatening. "Get out of this house." "Get out of this house." Over and over layered over incoherent whispering. I don't live in a house, nor seen anything close to the one in my dream. An old Victorian styled manor. Am I maybe picking up spirits in other locations? I was able to get up, only after frantically looking around and catching a glimpse of my mannequin friend, Manson. He stood and I think he helped me. He never harms, and I'm not scared of him.

I ran out of my room. My mother believes me, but my father is still sceptical. They've been experiencing things as well as activity has increased. Footsteps in rooms that are empty, bangs and shaking cabinets. Things still move or go missing... And now the bathroom tub turns on by itself. It's happened many times and my mother and girlfriend have heard/seen it. One example was, my girlfriend and I were cooking and my mom was at the table... We heard water running and the tub faucet was turned on. No one was in the bathroom or near it. Its strange. My dad has heard footsteps in the kitchen, and even seen shadows. Yet he refuses to fully believe.

My brothers still talk to things too, I worry if my "little boy" has moved in to them? I still know nothing about it, or if it really is a child spirit.

My friend who knows a bit about spirits says Manson might be a demon, but not one who means harm. He's an observer.

Manson has always been here, since I was a child. He has comforted me when I've been scared. He's there when I experience these SP states and nightmares. He feels comforting, like I know him, but I don't. I worry still, what if this "child" is connected to him, or what if it isn't. I don't know what's scarier to think about.

Any advice? Should I seek help? Who would I even go to?

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-10)
So may different phenomena! I count sleep paralysis, a night hag, a shadow being, a poltergeist, and finally a child spirit. There is certainly a lot of activity - both of the type and quantity - occurring in your home. You even mentioned the possibility of a demon. I cannot really begin to know where to start, but as Lealeigh suggests, a good cleansing might be in order.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-08)
Hi Allie...

You communicated with the mannequin, "Manson". What did you guys communicate about? Did he tell you that was his name or is it one that you have given him? You said that he has been with you since childhood but I didn't see him mentioned in your other story - that this is an update of.

You certainly have a crowded apartment, if these guys are not just a product of sleep paralysis. Has anyone ever attempted to do a cleansing of the house? I think you would at least have the support of your mother and girlfriend. If you are convinced that "Manson" is not harmful, then a cleansing will not bother him.

I think it would be helpful to keep a dream journal, if you do not already keep one. It will help you to keep track of troubling patterns with dreams and the things in your environment that trigger them.

- Maria

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