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Am I Crazy? Sreiously?


This is a collection of a bunch of weird events, that if I explained to someone they would laugh and think that I'm crazy.

1) I think that this is really crazy, I don't really believe that it happened but It must've. I was riding in the car looking out the window and one car that drove by had this driver that wasn't just any old driver. The guy in the drivers seat I swear was John Lennon (from the beatles). I like the beatles but I'm not one of those Beatle maniacs, plus I don't listen to them much anymore. But anyway I swear it was him, but that's impossible he died before I was born. And I don't remember the car he was driving I didn't pay much attention to it I was too shocked at seeing John. Yeah I'm probably crazy.

2) Short & simple. I saw a black book with green lettering on a small table. Two minutes later, I looked at it again and it had silver lettering. No one believed me.

3) This started a long time ago. No particular time. It begun hearing my name called randomly by anyone, at anytime, and anywhere. I could recognize most of the time who it was I heard calling my name, but nobody had actually called my name. It happens all the time my parents are aware of it and so is my sister (but they don't hear it, they just know because I've told them). I have hearing problems, I'm almost deaf in one ear, but I hear my name quite clearly.

4) At my grampa's house in the next town over, he owns camp business with five cabins one on the water. I was going over to fire pit where there was a swing made of rope and a board. And behind the fire pit was a few places of small (really small like 3-8 trees) wooded areas and then a bit farther back up a small slope was the woods. Then off to the right in the corner of where the fire pit was, was where the swing was and behind the swingg was clear of trees, and about 15 ft back of to the side was a small pile of 4 old metal boats that aren't used anymore. And as I was getting close to the swing, in that area I heard to men talking, and I thought it was my dad and my grandpa but no one was there. I couldn't make out the conversation, but for some reason I thought it sounded like fishermen and I'm not sure why even though it was no one that I could see. I ran away from that area and after I heared it for some reason it put a picture in my mind of two fishermen, even though I never saw anyone, and the weird thing I don't understand is that in the picture that's in my head the thing that stands out the most is a red canoe.

5) Also one day while I was in my room I was hearing people talking downstairs. One month for a short amount of time I was hearing my second sister downstairs (2 years old at time), but I knew she wasn't down there because she doesn't live with us and I haven't seen her in while (it's complicated to explain). Anyway back to the day I heard people talking downstairs; it sound like they were just talking to my dad. I don't know what they were saying because I don't eavesdrop on my father (cause I'd get in trouble and it's rude). But no one was really downstairs. And every 5-7 minutes the voice would be some one different. I recognized all the voices (most were neighbors) but none of them visited that day.

6) One day I was doing my homework in the kitchen and the tv was on in the living room so it was hard to concentrate. And I was just about to come up with the answer to the math equation I was working on, when the tv said 15 (it was on some stupid show, don't know what it was called). It answered my math problem. How convenient, if only that happened all the time.

7) This happened often. Usually when I come home from school. I go straight up to my bedroom and I see smoke rising from the floor at the end of my need near the wall. There is nothing burning and there are no fires in my house. I can't smell the smoke but I can definitely see it. It disappears after a few seconds. It always happens in my room with the exception of the one time I saw it in the kitchen, which just so happens to be under most of my room.

8) This happens regularly, probably at least 4 times a week. I see the most random things out of the corner of my eyes and sometimes these things keep appearing right after they disappear and I forget about it. Here are some examples of the things I've seen: A black dog laying down, a flower, a light bulb, a boy in a blue shirt, a spider on the ceiling (has appeared on several different days), and the most recent was a floating black circle/ball. It all disappears when I look. Also one time I kept seeing a medium sized blue flame everywhere I looked, I swatted to put it out but it disappeared. It was like it wasn't there.

So am I crazy? Seriously? (I don't think I am, but I'm not sure what it is)

If you don't think so, then what is the explanation for all this?

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nanniefrances (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-01)
Sam,I don't think your crazy, I wish I had an explaination for the things you have experienced but I can't...I do think when you mentioned seeing a man who looked like John Lennon could be a man that just looked a lot like him... They say that somewhere in this world we all have a twin... But the rest I have no clue... I hope you find answers soon. 😊
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
Thanks, I I didn't expect you to be an expert on all this stuff but everyone's got opinions and suggestions, and that's what really matters to me.
Can't wait until my next story comes out, to me it's the scariest one I've posted so far. (I think it's the next, I'm not 100% positive because I sat down one day or two and wrote I think 4 or 5 of my experiences,) I might take a break from writing my other experiences for a bit, even though they happen often, seriously last night I was holding a piece of paper reading and the corner started going back and forth by itself there was no drafts or anything, but it was so funny I literally laughed.
Thanks. 😁 😁
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
Sam222- I appreciate the kind words. I'm no expert medically or paranormally. So my impression is your NOT crazy. You maybe little this or a little that BUT we ALL are. To me you come across quit sane.
I understand questioning things in ones life. That's just part of getting older. I was raised in a military family and was told how things are. It wasn't until I aged that I started questioning quit a few things. It's just part of life Sam.
Glad you enjoyed my stories. Been kind of lazy lately but will work on some.
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
I'm going to respond to each # comment in order.

1) yeah probably was a look alike, and I ve seen real look alike picture but this one looked so much like him. But it probably was a look alike. I wasn't going to include it in this collection originally but I just needed to let someone know.

2) It was a small room and I remeber the lamp on and the curtains closed and the door was shut. There was no change in light, and the color I saw first was pretty clear that it was that color, and it was solid. So I don't think I was lighting changes. I stood in the same spot the whole time because I was actually in my sisters room talking too her. Got any other suggestions for this one.

3) hmm, yeah, me either.

4) not sure what you mean. If you think my dad and grandfathers voice carried along way, it didn't, I should have put this in the story, they turned out to be inside the office for the camps, it just so happens that's the first place I went to because it's the first room. And there were no distinct weather conditions that day. If I can remember right it was mostly sunny that day.

5) Maybe your answer is right. But I'm not so sure about this situation. This situation in particular only happened once. And I don't know much about left over energy, I've heard about it in several stories but I don't understand how this energy gets left over, why it gets left over and where it comes from. And would my dad have heard it? Because I have heir g problems and I heard it he surely should have.

6) yes. This one probably is a coincidence. Stuff like this can get pretty weird but I put it in this collection just incase. Something like this happened this morning I was showing a funny video to my freind and it was a kid making fun of "Santa" and then across the room someone said something with the word Santa. I say someone to keep identities private.

7) I think I know what you mean by humidity. I sawed it's not that, I've seen stuff like this due to humidity but it's different it doesn't look the same. It really does look like smoke. (I tried to find a picture but could find a good one). It looked like cigarette smoke, a lot of cigarette smoke. And also there's no natural reason it should just disappear after afew seconds every time I see it.

8) It may be that my mind is playing tricks on me but this has never ever happened before. And why did I see the random objects I saw? Each time this happens it's quite clear on what the object is that I'm seeing. And the last part about the fire, here is a little bit of information. Well umm about 20 minutes before I saw the little blue flame everywhere I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing I was playing with fire. I'm obsessed with fire.

And I didn't post this because I thought every event was paranormal, I mean I'm sure every event like these aren't paranormal, I was just posting this because I wanted to make sure that wasn't crazy. You know what I mean. Because I do need to know if there is something wrong with me, I do have a few problems but yeah, I don't know.

If you don't mind could you please respond to this I would really appreciate, I find you an your comments reliable. Even though I've only spoken to you on the web, I think you are a wonderful person. I'd like to see a new storie from you soon.
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
Well, Wish-Not took the words right out of my head and organized them better:P
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-10-31)
Hey Sam222- Well let's tackle these things one at a time.
1. There are a lot of people that look like John Lennon.
2. The lettering on the book could appear different color by the lighting. Could change just by you moving to a different location.
3. Not to sure about this one,
4. Voices carry a loooooong way. I have experienced it first hand. They sounded 100 yards, ended up over 700 yards. Weather conditions effect it a lot.
5. The voices just could be left over energy. Paranormal kind of.
6. Have to chalk this one up as coincidence. You'll have more as you get older.
7. Going to go with humidity on this one.
8. Sometimes the mind and eyes plays tricks on us.

The important thing here Sam is NOT to go to the Paranormal on everything. Just because one does ACTUALLY experience one, does not mean everything thing else is. One must DEBUNK first, then debunk again.

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