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I haven't experienced anything worth noting for a long time and though I've always been curious about supernatural things, I'm not one to wish for it to happen. The most recent, I guess, was last February when overnight, a pair of footprints appeared right on the ceiling of the hotel room I was staying in. It could be anything, really, and the hotel was old so.

Oh, also last month, I was working really late preparing for an event the next day. It was 02:00 a.m., I was alone in the office. I started singing a song from the movie Yentl when suddenly the restroom door slammed shut. There wasn't a draft or anything, but still it could be anything. Only one AC was working and it was on the other side of the room. I don't consider it really out of ordinary, though some folks might really get scared.

What I wish to share is the most unexplainable. And mom has loads. I'm very careful of sharing second hand accounts but my mom really has recurring and curious stories.

When she was in high school, she would stay alone at home and study. Like me, her favourite time was dusk. She would sit in their room facing a veranda. This was on the second floor of their house in the province.

One time she said she felt something watching her. When she looked out into the sky (the veranda was at least 12 feet across) something caught her eye. Peeking through the veranda railings to the left were a pair of dark eyes. She looked closer and there was a snout. When she tried to figure out what it was, it moved a bit and she noticed there were paws clinging to the flooring between the railings.

She thought it was a dog, but when she remembered she's on the second floor, she bolted right up and the thing left as a dog would. Only that it would have been a really gigantic dog. She went downstairs to call her siblings but it disappeared when they looked out the window.

In our family, we don't chalk things up to something more normal, or express disbelief when one experience weird things. Worse, kids would try to scare each other and if you're not a sport, you'd really cry. Of course that is if the older ones don't catch the bullies first. Older folks would really warn everyone not to make fun of such things.

Anyway so my mom would share stories that are really hard to explain. I told you one story about how (my mom thinks) I was born with a scar. One night, when she was pregnant (she was then carrying my big brother; my dad verified this story; they were already living in the city and this was mid 80s), she heard something scratching on her bedroom door. She woke my dad up and she said something really sinister was trying to get in. Well my dad had been gifted by older people with a blessed belt. My father was a writer and he received gifts from communities. One of them is this belt for his travels, which was probably doused with holy water.

Anyway so my dad didn't have a gun. And my mom insisted it was some sort of animal trying to get in. He took the belt and opened up the door to a really big cat, about the size of a beagle. He lashed at it with a belt (I almost felt bad about it) but the most shocking thing was when it was hit, it screeched and flew right out, all the way through the front door. There was a hallway, then the living room, and then the front door. It really did fly close to the ceiling on the way out. Outside the front door, there were garden chairs where my uncles and aunts were then sitting sharing stories when they were surprised by what looked like a black thing screeching, zooming past. It went out into the night. One of my uncles lived with us and their cousins were living next door so they were hanging out in the front porch. Needless to say, the house was a bit shaken and I could imagine them all staying up, talking about what the heck just happened.

Whatever it was, it sure was weird. There are other stories about strange beasts that looked like ordinary ones until observed closely. It was common then, before the sprawling urbanization changed the landscape and probably whatever is living in it with us human beings.

Thank you for reading.

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Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-31)
Hi Jubeele,

Thank you for reading. 💚

I did take a photo. My friend who shared the room with me was so freaked out. We stayed there two nights but it only appeared the next morning. Let me rummage through my files to find the picture.

The cat was ashen gray in colour, my mom said. I did ask if it was some wild cat. But she said provided it was, how could it fly the whole length of the hallway to the front door and out. She said our relatives insisted what they thought they saw was a bird but it went through very fast they couldn't be sure. Funny it also started a rumour in the neighborhood about an old man being it (meaning an aswang). So my parents advised not to discuss it further because they didn't want the incident to be a case for slander.

There are species of wildcats but in another island with mountanous terrains and rainforest. They were living in the city in Metro Manila when it happened.

Dad didn't just got a belt but also a handkerchief that is also blessed. They are supposed to keep the bearer safe. They were blessed by holy rituals. My dad was a devout Catholic. When I asked if it was blessed in Church, he didn't respond though, but he said he buried them somewhere. Meaning he left them. I don't know why. Too bad I didn't ask further. He was really a quiet man but we were lucky of stories he shared.

I liked the stories you shared. I'm glad to know you were also taught to respect peoples' paranormal experiences. Inexplicable things may be eventually explained. Or may be not. But they are really unnerving when they happen.

I hope I answered your questions. Take care. 😊
Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-31)
Amor, I'm rather intrigued by the idea of footprints on the ceiling. Wonder how they ended up there - that must have been some wild party. Did you ask the hotel staff or take a photo? Were the prints of bare feet or shoes and were they muddy, bloody etc? 🤔

That was weird about the large cat scratching at the bedroom door. Are there any species of wild cats in the Philippines? Odd how it got inside the house unnoticed with your aunts and uncles outside. I'd like to hear more about the belt your father used - that sounds interesting. I'm glad he was there to protect your mother and no one in the family was harmed.

My family has their share of strange experiences too. We were taught as children never to make up stories or poke fun at such happenings. It could result in attracting the wrong kind of attention. 😨

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