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I have not experienced anything lately where I live. We did a house protection right after the major incident happened few months back. If you've read my first two stories you'll get an idea. I still experience night terrors and weird dreams.

The story I am sharing today is one of the uncles of my fiance. We look after him and pay visits to his house regularly. Let's call his uncle "S". Last week we went to see him with some groceries that he wanted. While talking with him the topic "Ghosts" came up. "S" is 56 years old and single. He had fruitful teen years. He worked at the Colombo harbor and retired few years back. He said he never wanted to get married. He is a very spiritual person. (He says he is) He used to meditate a lot, worship Hindu gods, smoke weed, travel places etc. In our words he liked to "Chill". He is a veterinarian and has a vast knowledge of the teachings of Buddha. After he retired he lived in a temple learning and meditating. Now he lives in an annex. He doesn't smoke weed anymore (he "says").

My talkative fiance couldn't keep his mouth shut and bragged about how I saw shadows at our place. Then uncle S said he had some interesting stories to share with us. There were two goosbumpy stories that I would like to share with you and I would like to know your thoughts.

First, when uncle was in his thirties he lived with my fiances mother and her family when he was working at the harbor. They lived in Ambuldeniya village in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. The house was huge with big bed rooms and store rooms. The house was very old and was in the family for many generations. House was built during late 1880's for an "arachchi", what the hell is an arachchi eh? Let me explain;

The post was in existence before the Colonial Rule of Sri Lanka. After the coastal areas were taken over by the Colonial Rulers Portuguese, Dutch and finally the British, they retained the post in their administration system. During the British administration Official and titular appointments were made (both in up Country and Low Country) by the Government agent of the district. Appointments were non-transferable and usually hereditary, made to locals, usually from wealthy influential families loyal the British Crown. This was an influential post, the holder had much control over the people of the area and had limited police powers since he was responsible to keep the peace, carry out revenue collection and assist in judicial functions. This became part of the Native Department of the British Government of Ceylon. Clear?:)

Back to the story; In these houses the bathroom, toilet was built out side the house usually few yards away from the the house close to the well. Most of the parts of the house was renovated except the toilets, storerooms and the huge kitchen. The family graveyards are also in the property away from the main house.

One day late night S said it was around 1100PM or so he wanted to use the toilet to use the grown ups potty. They had squat toilets. I am not going to explain how people do their thing in there please google "Squat toilets" you'll know. So when he finished his thingy he walked out from the toilet and thought to have a smoke. As he's about to light the cigarette he said he saw a huge person walking towards the well wearing a blue - ish sarong. He couldn't recognize the person and he took few steps forward to get a closer look.

It was pretty dark but he could see the figure clear enough thanks to the moon light. He said that there was a fallen coconut tree next to the well and the figure already passed the tree. As S was closing up he only could see the sarong nothing else, few more steps and the figure took a U tern and rushed towards S. Then only S could see that the figure didn't had a head or legs. It walked / floated "through" the coconut tree and the well. S turned and bolted towards the house never looked back.

The old house kitchen roof was very low and he almost knocked his head on the top of the door. He said that he witnessed "Mahasona" and survived. What the hell is "Mahasona" right? Lol

Mahasona, is a demon (Yaka) in Sinhalese folklore, who is said to haunt afterlife. The name Mahasona means "the greatest demon" or "demon of the cemetery" in the Sinhala language. Some call it a God. It is the most feared demon in Sri Lanka. He was a giant decapitated by another giant named Gotaimbara. He is believed to kill people by crushing their shoulders, head and also by afflicting illnesses.

Https:// You might find this yaka interesting. Do you guys have a demon similar to this one? Please let me know. Thanks:)

The next is when S used to live in an annex in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, The land lord lived next door, he said that one day after tiring day at work he came to his place and meditated for 3 straight hours and around midnight he went to bed. Please note that uncle meditated whenever he can and his room was always filled with smoke from the hundreds of incense. While he was on the bed he felt electricity running through his body. He felt frozen and very uncomfortable. He sat on the bed thinking he's having a heart attack and worried. The cold sensation soon left but the hair of his body was standing. He felt a cold mild wind brushing against his feet and he quickly grabbed his feet and leaned on the wall. He closed his eyes and started to call upon all the gods he knew, terrified.

After few minutes the electricity left his body and he opened his eyes. To his surprise he saw an old lady standing in the middle of the room smiling at him and with in two three second she vanished. Again S could feel his body freezing and electricity. He quickly recited the Buddhist ghatha "Ithipiso Bhagawa" and the feeling went away. Now he can see the old lady sitting on the floor looking at S blankly and vanished again and he could feel the cold starting from his legs and coming up on his body, again he recited the ghatha, this happened two three rounds and finally he had enough of it terrified ran out side the room.

S went to the landlord's house and banged on the door. Since it was very late the owner opened the door surprised to see S sweating and pale. He was invited in side and given water, S explained what happened to the landlord. With disappointment in his face he pointed a picture on the wall with a flower garland on it. It was the old lady. That's the Landlords great grandmother. He inherited the house and it was too big for them to live so decided to break a wall and separate the house in to two. Ever since the renovation had been done the spirit has been bothering them and they've done a house protection and the activity had stopped. They believed that the spirit went to light and they could live in peace.

When S explained what he experienced the landlord in disappointment promised to do a protection to the part S lived but S didn't stay there for a long time. Because of his meditating habit he said he became a magnet to the dead. He could feel and sense them all around and it bothered him a lot. Even now the annex he lives he said he meditate and when he is on the bed he could feel someone sitting on his back and poking him.

S's explanation is this; When meditating (the correct way) the soul leaves the body and the body is left unprotected. Then a spirit could easily process the empty vessel. But S witnessed the spirits after he finished meditating. When he was fully conscious. Does meditating attract spirits? What are the good and bad effects of meditating? Sri Lankans believe that if we are too religious (according to Buddhism), if we play Buddhist chants loud all the time and if we light incense too much the spirits gather around that house to get blessing and to pass on to the next life, to re birth in a good life. I don't know heads or toes of it. I wish if someone could explain me this. I am not a very religious person. I am an atheist. I respect all the religions and the beliefs. We are free to believe what we want and we all have our own opinions on certain things. I have an open mind for anything. I'd like to learn. Can you help me to understand how the spirit world operates around the living?

I hope you enjoyed my story and I know I always write long stories... Excuse my English as it is not my first language. Please share your thoughts. Much love and stay safe!

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Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-27)
Family grave yard!, not grave yards eh sorry again! I write stories minutes before I get off from work. SORRY!
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-27)
Please note that there's a typo. It should be "He is a vegetarian". (second paragraph)

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