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Ghost Scared My Niece!


This incident happened 5 years back when my sister moved along with her family to Chennai from Philadelphia. My sister has two kids (Lilly and Abraham with Lilly being the youngest). My sister was working in Philadeplhia for one of the biggest corporations and she had to take maternity off. After the birth of Lilly, she took 4 months off and then joined work. Soon after, she was given a promotion and asked if she can work from the Office in Chennai, which my sister gladly accepted.

So, with 6 month old Lilly and 3 year old Abraham, she moved to Chennai. Her husband joined her after a couple of months. They were a happy family, at least with what my sister told me. After their move, they had a few discomforts at home and things started to get tough for them. My sister slipped in the car park and broke her hand. Abraham and her husband felt sick very often inside the apartment. Little Lilly was constantly sick while no proper reason was ever found out.

The house as such, was very beautiful. There were 2 big balconies, 2nd floor, nice wind and cool breeze throughout the day. It was a colony with around 50 apartments and my sister was the last one to move into the colony before all the apartments were filled.

Though the discomfort went on for 1.5 years, my sister felt she had to quit her job to take care of Lilly as she started to walk and make small sentences. She felt Lilly needed more attention and thought it was better to take a break from work. That is when she started noticing certain things that shocked me. I am not sure if there is a pattern at which the ghosts usually make people feel their presence. But here it was a pattern. That's what my sister said. First Lilly would be very scared as you could see her hiding. She wouldn't let my sister go away for a minute. And then, Lilly just gets very very cranky. Lilly keeps crying uncontrollably for a few minutes before things fall back in place. My sister constantly found items missing and found them in the closet inside the bedroom. This included her hand mirror, bar soap, perfume etc. She thought Lilly was just playful and keeping things out of her sight.

My sister visited me in Bangalore for a long weekend with her family. She genuinely felt troubled by this and shared this with me, but was also surprised to see Lilly being so happy and not sick. She explained things to me and though I was pretty confident that something is wrong, I did not want to scare her. So, told her that since it is a new place, the family is just taking time to get adjusted. But for some reason, when I went to pray that night, I had goosebumps all over my body. I have never felt like that before. But I just brushed things aside and prayed for the wellbeing of her family and we all went to sleep.

I had some trouble falling asleep that night but when I did, I had a dream. It felt so real. An old lady, was trying to scare Lilly and I was able to see everything but not able to stop it. It was not my house but the apartment was nice and bright.

Suddenly in the middle of the night I woke up sweating and I could hear Lilly cry. I ran to the room and switched on the lights. My sister was there already, comforting Lilly. I did not say anything. Just made sure they are ok, prayed again and went to bed.

When my sister was ready to leave back to Chennai, I knew I had to go there to figure out something. I just had the inner feeling that I need to go there. So, I packed my bag and told my sister that I would come along with them and stay with her for sometime and work from home so I could spend more time with Lilly. My sister gladly accepted. After reaching Chennai, we went home. I was so surprised. It was the same house that I saw in my dream. I was shocked. I walked into the bedroom directly and I immediately knew something was wrong. For some reason, I started looking at every corner of the room. I think I was just very scared too. And I could immediately see Lilly getting very very cranky which made my sister worried as Lilly was happy and energetic a few minutes before.

Lilly speaks to some extent now. One day, I was trying to feed some Macaroni & cheese to Lilly. She was having the food and saying some baby words. My sister was in the room folding the clothes. Suddenly Lilly started to refuse the food. I asked her why doesn't she need the food suddenly. She said "Granny doesn't like me eating". I was like... "What?. Where is Granny here?". She pointed to the closet. My sister was near the closet. So, I told again, "that is not Granny. That is mommy. So mommy will not scold you. Have another spoon of Macaroni".

Lilly goes again, "Granny is here" and she started crying. I was puzzled... So was my sister.

From then, every day, I felt someone watching me. Maybe like I told before, I was scared and I was just imagining things in my mind. And one night, I was sleeping with Lilly just to make sure she was ok and also wanted to understand why she gets cranky. I was on the bed with Lilly and My sister and her husband were lying on the other master bed and Abraham was sleeping in his room.

I had the same dream, but this time, the Old lady was next to me. She was trying to say something with an angry face, but I woke up. And no one was in the room as expected. But the room was very cold. I checked the temperature and it was 28C but was not sure why I felt so cold. I went to the Kitchen and drank some water and suddenly I heard Lilly cry. I ran in and Lilly was pointing towards the closet and crying again. I turned the lights on and asked Lilly who was it. She said, "Granny is here!"

I lost it completely. I ran towards the closet and shouted "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?. LEAVE THE KID ALONE". My sister was completely puzzled. She asked me if there was any trouble. My sisters husband thought there was an intruder and he got an iron rod out. I said, I did that to please Lilly, so that she gets the imaginary friend out of her mind. My sister did not understand, Lilly was soon asleep. After sometime, I went to the living room and tried to meditate. I was just calling out to whoever it was in the bedroom to have a chat with me. No response, but I felt so much negativity around me.

Next morning, I called my sister. I told her what happened the previous night and also at my apartment in Bangalore and told her that she needs to find a new apartment or have this apartment blessed by a professional (just to make sure the old lady does not follow our family). I told her that I feel a strong negative force within here. Not sure if it means bad or good, but that negative energy is bothering Lilly to the extent where, she might get affected. My sister understood the severity of the situation. She called for a professional from the neighborhood and had the house blessed. After 2 years, they moved out of the house and got back to Philadelphia. For the two years they stayed in the house after the blessing, things were better as Lilly was peaceful and a fun loving person again. She was never worried about the Old lady again.

So, I have a few questions here.

Was it really a ghost? Why was there so much negativity in a family that was always happy? I tried to get the history of the apartment but couldn't gather any information.

Can kids really see Ghosts? If yes, Why do the ghosts target kids?

Sorry if my narration was not upto the mark.

Have not been working/speaking in English for quite sometime and that has take a toll on my grammar.

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Nejo (2 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-27)
that scared me so much I'm sitting at the end on my chair 😕 😳 😲
nalchen (9 stories) (58 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
Thanks for your message. Interesting perspective in relation to mentioning Auras. Yes, I just did read about it and makes total sense in this situation. Am glad for my sister too. Back to being a happy family again...:)

Aprajita (3 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-10)
Well I couldn't encounter any English problems it was actually beyond the mark tbh😄. Anyway coming to the story, well yes I agree toddlers and animals are particularly more sensitive than us when it comes to paranormal witnessing. This, probably is due to the "aura". They've have a weaker aura than adults and are therefore an easy target. Even some adults might experience paranormal activities/apparitions more than other people,that's due to differences in auras. You can read bout it. PS I definitely think that was a spirit. Since all the things you've mentioned point towards it. All in all I'm glad they moved out without facing much trouble. It was an intelligent step by you to have the house blessed. Narration was really on point, I could picture everything in detail💯

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