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The Purple Flower Brooch


This happened to my brother Joe when I was back in Elementary, probably when I was 7-8 years old. I remember the event vividly in my mind until this day.

I lived with my 3 brothers, 1 other sister, and my parents. The rest of my siblings lived elsewhere with their spouses. Anywho, we lived in a duplex that had a basement that was dark and really creepy. We lived on the first floor, and had neighbors that lived on the second.

It was just another regular sunny day, I was playing outside by myself when I suddenly heard my mom shout out to me. "Hey! Go check out what your brothers are doing downstairs in the basement! They keep yelling for no reason!"

I remember having to drag myself towards the basement because I didn't want to stop playing, and I couldn't really care less as to why my brothers were shouting. Anyways, as I started to get closer to the basement, I could hear the shouting and yelling of my brothers.

"What are you guys doing?!" I remembered shouting as I walked down the wooden steps into the basement. When I was halfway down the steps, I saw my brother Xue standing on his bed (with my brother and his friend cowering behind him. And yes, my brothers slept down in the basement because we didn't have enough rooms for them if you're wondering why we have a bed down there) shooting spurts of flames with his lighter and some sort of gas can.

At that moment, I could tell that something was really wrong. I could feel the ends of my hair on my entire body prick up. My brother Xue shouted at me to go grab my older brother Koua or my mom. I turned my heels around and sprinted out of the basement to go grab my mom since my older brother wasn't home.

Once my mom and I were back downstairs, my mom asked what was going on. My brother Xue told my mom that my other brother, Joe, had seen a woman at the end of the basement staircase. Joe said that he had finished showering and was walking downstairs when he saw a woman who was ALL white, from her skin to her hair and her long white dress. Joe explained to us in detail that the woman was smiling at my brother with her long tongue out. Almost as if she "enjoyed" scaring him.

My family and our religion believes in spirits, so of course, we were convinced. My mom told my brothers and their friend to come upstairs while we discussed about it. A little while later, my brother admitted that he actually took some drugs earlier and said he was a bit high as well. Immediately, I knew that it was probably just a hallucination. However, my brother said that he also remembered the lady having a purple flower brooch on her white dress.

My mom said it was no hallucination because my mom and I went to a relative's funeral just the day before this incident, and she had the purple flower brooch attached to her clothes as well. My mom said that she probably followed us home. SO, to give you guys more of a backstory. In our religion, we can't "nap" at the funeral home while they are performing ceremonies. My mom said that if you nap at the funeral home, there's a likely chance that the spirit of the dead person might follow you home. And of course, I took a small nap at the funeral home. (Although I always thought that it was just a scare tactic of hers when I was little.)

Nothing ever happened after that. Hope you guys enjoyed one of my stories! I have more to come! Comment below!

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Xaria (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
[at] AugustaM - Haha! It was pretty scary when I saw him doing it, thought he was going to burn the house down! But now, looking back at it, it IS a bit funny.

Thanks for reading my story! Appreciate it! Tune in for more stories to come! 😊 ❤
Xaria (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
[at] Lady-glow,

I apologize, I realized after reading your comments that I should have noted my ethnicity!

And I believe that my mother was the only one who was close to the lady and her family. Being little, I'm not sure if my siblings were close or not; but knowing them, we didn't tend to intermingle with our relatives as much. But who knows, maybe she came to say goodbye or pull one last prank before she left. Lol.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
I have thought that too, lady-glow, about 'hallucinations' seen when folks are under the influence of one substance or another. Is it truly all nonsense ginned up by our imaginations or is it or at least some of it something more complex? Just like dreams, some are pure nonsense but some seem to be something more. Perhaps, the substances work to relax the conscious mind and allow the 'third eye' to open a bit much like a dream state can.

Pinka, I like your idea about spirits existing as their culture proscribes. It makes a lot of sense. Our cultures define our existence in so many profound ways in life - to the extent that many of us truly do not know how to exist without it - it stands to reason that death would continue that trend.

I love your brother's response to seeing a spirit, Xaria! He went full on ghost busters! Flame thrower! 😆
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-26)
Xaria - thanks for replying. Had your narrative included any mention of your ethnicity or the name of your religion, I would have checked your ancestral beliefs before posting my previous comment. 😉

I have a couple of questions about your experience:
How closed was the dead woman to your family? You have established that she was a relative but, nevertheless, Joe didn't seem to have recognized her, calling her "a woman that was ALL white... That was smiling with her long tongue out", instead of saying who she was (great-aunt, distant-cousin-so-many-times-removed or something else).
Would it be possible that the the reason why the spirit went to your place was to say good by to your brothers and not because you took a nap? Do you know if a spirit would follow a mother whose baby slept during their wake or funeral? 🤔

Some drugs are used to induce spiritual experiences, perhaps Joe got lucky on seen the spirit when the only thing he was trying to do was to get a high.
Xaria (2 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-26)
Hi Pinka, I am of Hmong descent and you are most likely correct on how my beliefs impacts the how the spirit behaves. And no offense taken, thanks for reading my story!

[at] Lady-glow,
Yes, I had thought that it was probably just a hallucination, but how could he have seen the woman from the funeral home when he had never gone? I had my doubts, but my mom was pretty sure that it was the same deceased woman who had the same purple brooch. And I don't blame you that you've never heard spirits following nappers at the funeral home; it's just part of our religion. You should definitely look it up though!:)

Thanks for reading my story!
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-26)
Hi Xaria,

Interesting story and yes it's the first time I've heard anything like this. I personally believe ghosts/spirits behave differently depending on their beliefs. For an example in Sri Lanka we perform an alms giving so the spirit of the deceased can RIP or re birth at a good place. If we didn't perform the spirit will linger around. So that's the nature of Sri Lankan ghosts.

I don't know what's your nationality is, I guess that your beliefs directly impact the deceased. May be that lady spirit must have been waiting until someone takes a nap so she can follow because that's what she had been taught when she was alive.

We are all human and we have different beliefs so there's a huge chance ghosts/ spirits to react to what they believed when they were alive. Sorry if I offended anyone. It's just what I thought.

I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing. Be safe! Love Pinka
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-25)
The fact that your brother was high during this experience makes it hard to believe if he saw anything at all, besides, it's not like the other boys saw anything at all. 🤔

As for spirits following nappers, this is the first time I heard anything of such nature.

Thanks for sharing.

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