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Big Foot And The Gang!


The story I share today is what my brother experienced at his annex in Kaduwela, Sri Lanka. My brother is studying software Engineering at SLIIT, Malabe. Him and four of his friends rented a house in Kaduwela like most of the other students. It's a two storied huge house. The top floor is half way done and there's no grill / rail to be seen because the balcony is half done. The house is located at a open area and there are no other houses close by. The house has a huge garden (it's not a beautiful garden with flower and trimmed grass, the garden looks exactly like a garden of an abandoned asylum) and behind the house there's a marsh land.

Me and my boy friend often give lifts to my brother because he's working as an intern at a software developing company close to where I work. When we go to drop him I never got down from the car because that house always creeps me out. My boy friend went inside only once and said he'd never go inside again. Because, and I quote " They live like pigs, I shall never return to that pit". I can't blame him knowing how lazy my brother is when it comes to the cleaning department lol and to live with four other dudes which I assume are in the same boat (Bleh)! The owner of the house according to my brother is in his mid thirties and he bought the house for a good price few years back. He never took action to finish the ongoing construction. The whole house is fully tiled and only the finishing touches has to be done. His whole purpose to purchase this house to be rented.

My brother and his friends moved to the new place early morning because they had lectures in the afternoon. The land lard provided them 5 beds and that was all he could give. After arranging their stuff all morning (I'm going to go ahead and call my brother "big foot" and him and his friends "the gang") the gang left the house to attend their afternoon lectures. The university is close by so the first few days they walked or hired a Tuk Tuk*. After they left the house on their way they've met an uncle who happened to live on the same road and have asked in a friendly manner where the gang resides, So the gang pointed the house and to their surprise the uncle told them that for the past year three families moved and soon left after 2-3 weeks. The gang shook it off and went their way to the university.

About my brother; He's younger than me and our age gap is 1 year and 4 months. We are best of friends and partners in crime since childhood. He's 5'11 and weigh more than 100kg I guess because he looks like a living pumpkin. I call him big foot out of love! He's one of those guys who is very shy and quiet around relatives and family friends, but explodes historically around only our family and his friends. He listens to metal and has grown his hair and a huge beard as well. He looks tough but he's a very sensitive lovable adorable simply a good human being. A vegetarian, a nerd, minds his own business and very, very, I mean very, protective about me. We talk everyday on the phone and we meet at least twice a week apart from the lift we give him to the creepy house.

Back to the story. The first day at the new house the gang slept in one room because the beds were arranged in one room and they were too tired to move the beds to other rooms. There were 3 bed rooms on the first floor and 2 bedrooms on the second. So the first day they spent on the ground floor, they went to bed past 11.00PM. According to my brother they were chit chatting in the dark with other friends about "Guy Stuff" they could hear a noise up stairs. They thought the sound was caused by rats. Soon they realized it was the light switches going on and off, on and off for few times. They kept the room door and the windows open because they didn't have fans and usually nights are typically warm in Colombo. In front of the bedroom door there was the stairs which leads to the top floor and there was no rail to that either. As soon they heard the switches go crazy they kept quiet and listened. One of the brave guys, NOT my brother, got down from the bed and asked others if the switches are going on and off why can't they see the light flickering? They know the bulbs have been fixed because they already unpacked their stuff in their rooms and only didn't move the beds. The brave one wanted to investigate but remained in the room because the rest of the crew asked him to stop being Sherlock for once and sleep. The noise continued for sometime an my brother doesn't know for how long because he had fallen a sleep soon after.

Next morning they moved their beds and inspected the house for rats and yes there were rats. My brother called me in the morning and told me about the last night incident and he wanted for me to buy him some furniture to his room. At this time he was not working. After I finished work I went to Malabe and met him somewhere close to his university. After little roaming I bought him a fan, table, chair and a small closet and some other things he wanted to groom and some things for the kitchen. My boy friend couldn't meet us but said he will come and pick me from my brother's place and asked me to wait there. As I told you my brother is very protective and he didn't want his friends to see me so he unloaded his things from the vehicle and carried everything one by one by him self. I was inside the vehicle and that's the first time I saw the creepy place and I never wanted to go inside because just seeing it gave me bad vibes. We walked up and down on the lane until my boyfriend picked me.

Next morning my brother called me and I quote "Akki*, stupid rats have made a mess in the kitchen. All the spoons and knives were pulled out from the rack, the milk and sugar was scattered around." He was a little mad and asked whether I could buy him a mouse trap. Being the good big sister hearing what a mess the rats made I bought him 4 traps. All though I couldn't imagine a rat opening a bottle of sugar and milk and scattering it all over?

Next day he said he caught one little rat.

Nothing major for few days except the crazy light switches going on and off. This happens often in empty rooms. If the gang is on the top floor the switches go nuts in the ground floor. If they are in the ground floor the top floor go nuts. When they sleep in the night the kitchen and the living room is out of control.

Days after they knew something else was living with them. They often felt being watched, their things go missing and they find those in odd places. Keys inside the shoes, brushes under the bed, shoes in the closet etc... They didn't feel threatened by the presence. Rather, they were excited to experience something in that manner. He always bragged about how he they live with a ghost and being brave! Lol

After a month or two my brother called out freaking out to his wits. He plead and begged to come and get him. It was a Friday and very late. I can't remember exactly the time but it was past 10.00PM. Me and my boyfriend rushed to his place and my boyfriend left me in the car and went inside. The car was stopped few meters away from the house where I can see the whole house through the windscreen. As soon as my boyfriend disappeared inside I noticed a misty shadow on the unfinished balcony. It was on the balcony and it moved to its right and disappeared. I shrugged it off and told my self it's nothing. I was already freaked out after my brother called. After 5-10 minutes my brother came with one of his friends who was pale like a dead person and shivering like mad. They both got in to the back of the vehicle and my boyfriend appeared behind the house, he has opened the kitchen door to inspect something and was pushed out closing the door behind him. He was not freaked out but was mad to see the way the "Gang lives" Yes, 'dirty pit' what he calls the house! The first time he went inside.

On our way my brother said, around 7 he was studying and the fan was placed few feet away to his left. While he's at it he suddenly felt warm and sweaty. He took his head out from the book that he was reading to look at fan to check why the wind is not blowing. To his surprise the fan is blowing smoothly but the wind is not touching him. He was confused because he couldn't figure out what's happening. There was nothing to block the wind and it was blowing properly few minutes back. He knew something fishy is about to happen and he's not the bravest of them all. He ignored and mumbled "leave me alone" as soon as he mumbled the wind started to touch him again as it suppose to do normally. He said it was like someone stood between him and the fan and block the wind. The big foot was officially freaked out! After few seconds the friend who was next to his room screamed his guts out. Big foot ran out from his room and saw his friend crouched on the floor shivering. Big foot had to slap him to bring his friend back to his senses because he was muttering something out of scared.

Big foot and two other friends used the 3 bed rooms on the ground floor. The friend who screamed has to pass my brother's room if he wants to reach the big hall, either sides of the hall was the kitchen, dining, bathroom and the stair case. He waked out from his room to go to the kitchen/ bathroom, I don't know exactly, and saw a pale woman, her eyes were rolled up and white, her hair was loose. She had an evil smile and her head was tilted to the side, and she was standing right in front of my brothers room! She was staring at him even after he screamed and fell down and reached her crooked hand towards him and faded away when my brother came out looking for him.

Since it was Friday night the rest of the gang had gone out. Big foot and his friend clearly was not in a state to spend the night there alone.

I couldn't see my baby brother scared and worried and in my family I'm known to be the one of the toughest girls, loving, funny and TOUGH! No one can't mess with my big foot! So I called the land lord and I asked in a very polite way "What the $#@& is going on with that house?" Clearly there's ghost! So I asked "who is she?" "Why she's not at peace"? I gave a good piece of my mind to the land lord I'm not going to detail it.

He said, he bought the house for a very low price because it was on sale for a very long time, because of the location it stood no one was interested to purchase it. So he wanted to purchase it and rent it out which he did. He rented the house for new married couples and they would move out as fast as they moved in saying there's a spirit who hates women. They were choked, pushed, slapped, dragged down from beds, locked inside the bathroom, things go missing, then he rented the house for families and the same happened especially to the females. When he came across our dumb "gang" he rented it to them happily because there are no females included. The activity was not strong as it used to be until big foot and his friend was alone in the house. The spirit wanted to freak them out and was very successful *Applaud*

The land lord said he found some information of the house and the first owner of the house built it for his family and his daughter always wanted the house for her self. Instead, in the fathers will he named his elder son to have the house. This daughter was a self obsessed lazy bum who wanted everything to her self. She was a drop out from the school, unmarried, and when the time passed she lost her senses. She was a dictator and the father knew she wouldn't be able to look after herself. So he gave the house to his son and asked to take care of his sister because she has no one. She was angry and eventually that anger led her to hang herself, after the brother started to recondition the house. She hung her self on the top floor. Activity started soon after she passed and the brother's family couldn't live there. So they sold the house and left.

We got to know that the house is famous in Kaduwela because of the suicide that happened years back and the haunting. It is very difficult to find a house in that area for rent. So the gang decided to continue staying there until they finish their studies. This happened almost two years ago and they still live there. My boy friend anyhow took a priest and did a house protection for them and the gang was given a holy lime and a thread to be worn on their wrists. Every month we give them a fresh lime and a new thread. Even though the house is protected they say they still feel watched and hear noises at night.

My boy friend says it's just their imagination, the spirit is long gone because even a spirit can't stay in a dirty pig pit and do their thing at peace. My brother is graduating this September and soon will move out:)

I know it's a very long story! To the peeps who reached the bottom, Thank you for reading and hope you've enjoyed it. Sorry if I made any mistakes. English is not my first language. Bless you all and BE SAFE!

*Tuk Tuk - Small vehicle with 3 wheels only. An easy way of transportation used in South Asian countries.

*Akki - Sinhalese term to address the "Elder Sister.

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Nanuq1031 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2018-05-19)
You're a good big sister, I too am a big sister and I'm glad there's others out there that would do anything for their little brothers! Your story was good; creepy too! I can't imagine living with a jaded unstable spirit who's goal is to scare me daily! No thank you! Now you know the reason you felt uncomfortable with the house, being female, she didn't want you around! Good for your brother to complete his education, good luck to him and the gang! Hopefully the next people to rent the property will have more warning, no one should be subjected to terrors like that without warning. You know? If an evil spirit is living in the home, I'd want to know before living there and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want a warning.
catleyablu (17 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-06)
Pinka, not a disappointment at all, please excuse my wording! <3 I can't wait to read more.
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-05)

I am sorry If I disappointed you and glad if you enjoyed my story anyway. Thank you for your good thoughts. My brother doesn't live in the wild but he's one kind of a big foot hehehe

Regards ❤
catleyablu (17 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-05)
I not going to lie, I was first intrigued because I thought I was going to read a raw story of the real "Big Foot" but it turned out to be a great story nonetheless. Thank you for sharing! I too hope your brother makes it through these last months, he's definitely brave for continuing to stay there:)
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-05)

Thank you buddy! Glad if enjoyed it:)

sushantkar (16 stories) (530 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-02)
Beautifully narrated story with lots of humors... I truly enjoyed "Bigfoot's" experience under your narration. 😁
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience.

CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-01)
Pinka: No worries, I think the majority of those on here have had a paranormal experience. It's nice to be able to share! I have 2 younger brothers myself; you sound quite protective of your brother as I am of mine ❤ I have posted a few stories of our "active" childhood house, which remains so to this day. I'm glad your brother will be out soon, but I'm sure this situation has been a learning experience for him... Good or bad. Hahaha 😊
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-01)

Hi! Thank you for your comment! Glad if you enjoyed my story! It means a lot to me. I thought people would scoff at my stories because they are too long with a lot of details. I don't like leaving anything unsaid! Feel good to know that people read my stories and enjoying reading them.

Thanks again for your good wishes! My brother has grown in to a strong person thanks to the ghost lol Now he has learnt to clean and cook! Hopefully he will be moving out before September because he has found a good opportunity to work. (I got to know about this Yesterday) I really hope he'd get that job because he will soon learn how to manage his expenses and start saving! My big foot is growing up! And growing up FINE:')

Thanks and Be safe out there!
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-01)

Hi! I hope you are keeping well? In Sri Lanka to help a spirit to cross over at least one family member of the deceased should participate. There are other rituals to protect the living. We would have done something to help. Sadly we couldn't find information of her family. To be honest we didn't search a lot about her family. We do have offices to help increase the living condition and to check the safety sadly it doesn't function the way we expect to function. We complained about the rails to the land lard and even after 2 years nothing has been done. If we push him and force him he can easily kick our brothers out and we can't take that risk because it is very hard to find a house in that area. So we decided to watch them closely until they finish their studies. After the house protection my brother said they felt safer. They are all working as interns and they would only spend the night at the house. Haha yes, Not even dead can live with them:D
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-01)
You did an excellent job telling your story! I was fully engrossed. Great job on background and details too. Your poor brother! That sounds like an awful living situation. Kudos to your brother on being braver than he appears and to a brave, loving sister.

Hopefully their time left in the house goes quickly and quietly!
lady-glow (13 stories) (2923 posts)
4 years ago (2018-03-01)
I hope someone can either help the spirit to cross over or, at least, put railings to the stairs and balcony before an inocente tenant gets really hurt.😐

Is there a government office in your country in charge of supervising the safety of rental properties?

Anyway, I'm glad to know that your brother and his friends have learned to share the house with the ghost, hopefully their messy ways scare her out of that place!

Thanks for sharing.

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