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This is my third story. I promised to share how my grand mother communicate with me through dreams and with that being said I will share the story how my grand mother was sent away to the light. If you've read my previous story (Loku Mama) I explained what kind of a person she was and how she passed. She passed away few years back in August.

In my story I mentioned that Loku Mama loved animals and conducted a children's programme for the less fortunate children in her village (Keppetipola - UVA province, Sri Lanka) She conducted the programme in the estate that her father owned. She gave food and clothes to the Children and she absolutely loved and adored the children and the programme. Every Saturday morning there were more than 70 Children aged from 5-19 learning, singing and playing.

Me and Loku Mama was close, She called me Mimi. When she passed I was shattered. I stopped visiting the estate for months because I couldn't control my emotions. There will be no Loku Mama to welcome me with hugs and kisses, No more walks and chit chats. No one to spoil us. That's very sad. She was born as an Anglican but during her last years she followed Buddha's teachings.

We Sri Lankans offer an alms giving for the diseased. This take place after 7 days of the burial / cremation and the second after 03 months and finally after a year. So when Loku mama passed I stopped visiting the estate for a long time. I didn't participate to the alms giving either. At that time I was following a diploma in Colombo and was boarded in Dehiwala, Hill Street, Sri Lanka.

One night as I recall around 2.00 AM I was fast asleep after a tiring day at the institute. I remember it was raining and I had a light dinner because I was too tired. Around 2.00AM I heard a kitten meowing outside my room. (The typical boarding in SL is a room with an attached bathroom. There is no kitchen or a living/dining area). I love animals! Specially dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, horses and piglets! So I was awaken by the loud meow of a kitten. I knew it was a kitten because I heard the tiny "eeeeeuuw eeeeuww". As an animal lover knowing how bad is the weather outside I rushed to the door and moments before opening the door the meow stopped I opened the door anyways. To my surprise there was no kitten. When I open the door there's a small pathway which connects to the Hill Street. I stepped out and walked up to the road to see whether there is a soaking wet kitten. Couldn't find a living soul and I honestly could not wait out for 2-3 minutes because it was pouring and cold. I came back shut the door and went to bed. About me; I need complete darkness to fall asleep.

So as soon as I switched off the light I heard the eeeuuww eeeuuww again, this time inside the room. As much as I love the fur balls hearing the kitten inside the room sent a chill in my back. I just lifted my head and looked around and to see there was a tiny kitten sitting on the lower left corner of the bed right next to my feet. Now I was in complete darkness and I see a black kitten on my bed with me. My first thought was when I opened the door the poor thing might have snuck inside while I walked the opposite direction looking for it. I was grateful to know that the kitten was safe. It must be cold and hungry. So I sat on the bed and switched on the side lamp to see the fur ball and to carry it and pet it and give it some warm milk. So I switched on the light and pooooof! No kitten to be found. I looked under the bed under the sheets in the bathroom in my cupboard. Not a trace. I was thinking to my self "Was I imagining things? Since I wanted to help the dear kitten so badly my mind must have played a trick on me. And it was past 2.00AM I must have dreamt it real quick coz I was too sleepy. So I shrugged it off and went to bed. No eeeuwws eeuwws anymore.

In my dreams I saw Loku Mama, smiling at me and knitting wool coats. She was seated on a huge chair next to a fire place. The room she was in looked comfy and warm with a mild light. It looked like a wooden cottage. Then the shocking part, have you seen the Harry Potter movie? And there's an animated character called "Doby"? Loku Mama started to dress her coats to 100 of Dobby look like creatures. They were in a line and Loku mama would dress one by one and pat their head. It was so weird. Why creatures? This happened one week prior to her 03 months alms giving.

Next day I called my mom and told her what I saw. She's an Anglican and she asked me to sprinkle salt around my bed and in front of the door before going to bed and I did. That day in the night I heard the kitten again outside and I didn't move a muscle, After eeeuwwing for few minutes I heard it started to purr real loud. I didn't feel threatened. I mean who would feel threatened by a small kitten? But I am scared of disappearing things. It ain't my deal lol.

That night I saw Loku Mama in the same cottage handing not bread or cup cakes it looked like a big pulp of flour to a lot of Dobbys. I had enough. I knew she was trying to tell me something. My best guess was her children's programme. She gave food and clothes to those native children. I woke up called my mom and asked whether anyone at the estate is continuing Loku Mamas programme. She said No.

Side Note: Loku Mama lived with my step grand father and their two children. My mothers half brother and half sister and with their families.

I told My mom that Loku Mama wants those children to be fed and clothed. I asked my mom to call my step grandfather (Loku Dada) and to arrange those kids to be present at her alms giving. She said she will make a call to Loku Dada and explain what I had seen and he will definitely arrange it. As I told you I didn't participate to Loku Mama's alms giving. Instead I brought few clothes + sweets (I only could afford for a small amount, I was not employed at that time) and visited the deaf and blind school in Rathmalana, Sri Lanka and handed what I brought to 4 children on my selection. I did it on the 03rd August on Loku Mama's alms giving.

There was no strange dreams of her or eeeeuuwwass for months. In December I was back at home (Kandy). I was asleep and heard a kitten euuuwwwing. I was not scared like the first time coz I knew right away that Loku Mama's trying to send a message. Please note that I still have not gone to the estate. In my dreams Loku Mama was pointing her finger at her dandelion field and said "Mimi, it belongs to you!" I could smell her oils and perfumes in my dreams, warmth of her smile.

In the morning I told my mother what I had seen, I am not a big fan of gardening Loku Mama knew it, so I had no clue why she pointed the flowers. As soon as I explained I saw a tear rolling down on my moms cheek. I asked why, she hugged and told me that she's glad that loku mama is communicating with me and that the other day Loku dada have cleared the dandelion field to put up a green hut for "Bell peppers" While digging he have found some books that was buried by Loku Mama during the JVP riot in 1986/1987. Loku Mama knows how much I love to read and she wanted me to have her books. I asked my mom to grow dandelions around her grave.

Then the dreams stopped and again in 01st APril (Loku Mamas Birthday) I heard the kitten and this day It came on to my bed puuured and I felt it coiled up next to my feet, In my dreams I saw Loku Mama writing her diary and going through old photographs of her and ours, (She had big bag of photos which was not arranged in albums) The photos was scattered all over the place. Next morning I called Loku Dada and asked whether I can have the pictures to be arranged. I said I will make scrap books. He agreed. Like that Loku Mama contacted me through my dreams, Some dreams made no sense. In my dreams I can smell her perfume.

In my first story I mentioned that I moved to Colombo and met a guy and became friends with him and finally he's the guy I'm going to marry (YeeeY) Before I moved in with him I used to live separately in a boarding close to his house. I occasionally get Loku mamas messages and was okay with it (Note that I visited the estate but I have not participated at any of her alms givings) and when the time passed the dreams stopped.

I started working as a secretary at MTD Walkers group I had to travel from Pannipitiya to Colpity 5 days a week, 34km up and down. After few months I was too tired and physically drained. I was tired and sleepy, agitated, Lost my appetite, My calves and shoulders started to hurt so bad, headaches. So my boyfriend took me to doctors, I was prescribed with pain killers, vitamins. I never recovered. I was so grumpy! I couldn't concentrate and I resigned from work. My boyfriend and my family was worried about me because normally I am a very friendly, outgoing, chatty, funny person. By this time I could kill someone with my bare hands because I was in pain.

My boyfriend was fed up putting up with my grumpy butt and dragged me to the "dewalae", it's a place where most of the sri lankans go to get rid of bad spirits, to get gods (Hindu gods) help to achieve things, For exorcisms, to cure illnesses which cannot be cured by science. The head priest "Maniyo" is a middle aged lady (she's the one who cleansed our house in kottawa in my first story). She examined me and asked me few questions.

Maniyo: Is there an old lady who passed away recently that you loved?

Me: Yes, (Grumpy)

Maniyo: Is that lady a Buddhist?

Me: No

Maniyo: Did she love you?

Me: I couldn't control my emotions and started to wheep and said yes

Maniyo: Was she gone suddenly?

Me: yes

Maniyo: You couldn't say good bye?

Me: No (Crying)

Maniyo: Is that your grand mother?

Me: Yes

Maniyo: did you know she has been around you since the day she passed?

Me: No (I literary looked around hoping I would see her)

Then the MManiyo explained my boy friend because I was not in a position to listen to what she says.

According to her Loku Mama never left my side she had been protecting me and communicating with me for almost 2 years. She traveled with me everywhere. Since I didn't joined the alms giving she also stayed back with me. The purpose of the alms giving is to send the spirit / soul to the light. Normally the soul would stay in their homes. In this case Loku Mama was with me away from her home. Maniyo explained every night Loku Mama would sit next to me and rub my head, shoulders and calves because I was too tired from work (Explains the pains I had). She loved me a lot, I loved her even more. She just couldn't leave me.

Maniyo said she's staying with good intentions, to love and protect me, but without her knowing all the good things that is on my way get blocked because of her presence and she doesn't know that. I will not succeed in life if I didn't send her away to the light. Tho she loves me she's a spirit and hanging with the dead is negative. Sadly I had to agree to do a ritual to send her away to the light. Soon after the ritual I felt light, I felt like a thick mist lift off from me. I felt empty. I hope she found the light and now she's at a good place looking at me. I still see kittens but I don't see Loku Mama in my dreams. After years this year I'll be participating at her alms giving. I feed the less fortunate (Beggers) on her birthday and on Christmas. I feed stray animals twice a week. I try to honor her memory doing what she loved doing. I miss her a lot! Real love never dies! RIP Loku Mama, I love you <3

P.S I know it's too long. Thank you for reading:) STAY SAFE!

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Jelly91 (4 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-05)
Aww I love this story. It is sad that she want to protect you but doesn't know that spirit and human cannot be together. It will drain our energy real fast. She would be peace now knowing that she got a very good and kind grandchild.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)
Pinka - I believe that that is exactly what she instilled in you and you will live the rest of your life doing what you described and yes, she is proud of you. Very few of us have millions to throw around but when you help a stranger even in the very smallest way, the pleasure and upliftment of giving is yours because in doing so you have helped a fellow being.

Regards, Melda
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)

I agree, she taught me well, To love and to help. Most of all she showed me how to be happy by making someone else happy. She always told me you don't have to donate a million to a charity to feel good you just have to throw a biscuit at a stray dog, help someone to cross the road, be mild, speak the truth, greet with a smile, those are the things that gives a purpose to our lives. I hope she's proud of me for trying my best to follow her path:)

Love - Pinka
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-18)
Pinka - Letting go of her is the best thing you could have done. She too has to continue her spiritual journey and I think she was holding back to bring solace to you and to ensure that you always remember what she taught you, that is, always to remember the less fortunate.

You are in the process of fulfilling your spiritual journey on earth and when the time is right you will reconnect with her in the next realm. This is what I believe.

Regards, Melda
Pinka (5 stories) (25 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-18)

Hiii:) Thank you. No matter where we are, where they are the memoirs will always stay, the love will always be there, We might not see them psychically but they will always live in our mind and heart. I know she's there somewhere watching me and I hope that I make her proud and smile ❤
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-18)
I really loved your story and what the priest told you is very profound. Letting go of the past is never easy but just because you let go doesn't mean you have to stop loving ❤ I think Loku Mama would be very proud of you.

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