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I am here to share some paranormal experience this is happened to me when I was 16 years old.

After completing my 10th standard on summer vacations I went to my mom's mother's home with my mom. My grandmother's house is in peaceful place.

I played with my uncle whole day and at night I slept with my mother and grandmother. Nearly 12 o'clock I woke up.

Mom saw me and said Seema will you sleep? Told her I can't sleep without my teddy I want my teddy. She said go out and search

I got idea that I can ask to uncle about teddy.

I went out and knocked uncle's door. Uncle opened door and asked me what's wrong with you Seema? Why you here? I told my teddy is missing will you help me. He looked at me angrily and said pagal hai gayi h ka Seema (are you mad? braj language) I said I can't sleep without it please?

He went into room and came with teddy and told you left it here in the evening. I thanked uncle and started to go to Grandmother's room but door is closed from inside so I slept out of home. While sleeping I was looking at the street light which is far away on the road I noticed a women shaped shadow standing under street light.

I was looking carefully it's a women or her shadow, in the next second it moved closer to me. I scared how fast it's moving. Suddenly shadow came very close to me I tried to see face but it's a just black shadow; no hands, no face! I scared very much and lost my conciseness. When I woke up is early morning 5 o'clock.

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seemayadav (1 stories) (26 posts)
3 years ago (2018-07-17)
saamr namaste

Rooms are not under one roof where my mother and grany sleeping that room is 25 feets away from uncles room and uncle room and kitchen is under one roof and 2nd uncles room is upper floor of kitchen on that days now all rooms are under one roof and second thing is that door locked by mother because she thought that I will sleep with uncle and aunty and other reason is that cats can come to room because my 2nd uncle give milk to cats.
Hy malp[arvaasi its took place in mathura uttar pradesh.

Hy melda yes I told to them they not belived

When I was 2 years old my mom's sister comitted suicide in that place my mom said she likes me as her own child so bi thinks that she came to see or tried to talk
DandK (10 stories) (338 posts)
3 years ago (2018-07-02)
Ox1111, would you mind elaborating on your experiences with shadow people? Is all of your information from your personal experience, or have you been taught by others with experiences?
Ox1111 (3 posts)
3 years ago (2018-07-01)
Never talk to or try to get to know these shadow people! If you say anything tell them to leave you alone and to go away, otherwise ignore them. They are harmless physically and tend to watch you when you sleep, oddly you can see and sense them in a dark room. If you Christian and want them gone look directly at them and tell them you see them, loudly tell them " I see you and in the name of Jesus I demand you leave" some times they act like they think your lying and can't see them continue looking at tell them again more boldly I see you you're standing right in front of me leave me alone and go away.
Melda (10 stories) (1362 posts)
3 years ago (2018-06-28)
seemayadav - Did you tell your mother and grandparents about this very scary experience?

I must say I also find it a bit strange that they could all just happily go back to sleep while a child was wandering around the house. Okay 16 isn't that young but it could still have been dangerous.

I'm trying to understand why you slept outside. Is the house built under one roof or do all the rooms lead to an outside area?

Regards, Melda
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
3 years ago (2018-06-27)
A rather meta comment but I have noticed an interesting general difference in stories posted here from the East vs West. In stories from the East, the entity is most often outside the home (in the street [as in this case], on the roof, at the office, in the yard, outside the window etc). In stories from the West, however, you are far more likely to encounter the entity inside the home. Mind you, in neither case do I attempt to argue that is ALWAYS the case (to every rule there are exceptions) but merely that it is quite often the case. From an anthropological perspective, I feel it speaks to some form of cultural difference and I find it fascinating!
Malparvaasi12 (2 stories) (12 posts)
3 years ago (2018-06-26)
Hey seema... I'm from india too... Where are you from and where did this incident took Place?
saamri (1 stories) (11 posts)
3 years ago (2018-06-26)
Seema ji namaste 🙏,
I have one doubt, that when you went to your uncles room to ask him to help you find your teddy, wasn't the room your were sleeping in with your mother and grandmother was left open? But when you returned it was locked from inside? How? Did your mother or granny locked the door? Isnt it strange that they didn't notice that you were not in room? Please clear... 🤔

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