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I Think I Saw My Father's Doppelgänger


My name is Deasia, I'm 15 but I was 14 when this happened in January or February of 2023. I know I wasn't hallucinating or having delusions, I was sitting on the couch it was around 10 or 11 pm. All my family members have gone to sleep and I'm always the last one to fall asleep in the house. I remember I was watching a true crime YouTube video as I am into true crime. I was also texting my friends and my boyfriend at the time. And then I saw my father walking down the hall.

I was thinking to myself. "Why is my father up? He falls asleep early as he wakes up for work at 4 am." I was calling my father's name and he wasn't answering at all, and I thought that's weird my father always answers me. I then saw him walk into the kitchen. I then got up to ask him why he was up, but when I walked into the kitchen he was gone. I was like what the actual F**K, I don't remember my father walking out of the kitchen at ALL. I was even questioning my sanity, but I then walked down the hall to see if my father was actually awake but he wasn't he was in a deep sleep. And things even got weirder and I was like nope I AM not sleeping tonight. I then told one of my friends about the situation that just happened. She tried to say it was a Skinwalker. But I said wouldn't they eat me? I stayed up until my father woke up for work. I told him the story and he believed but my siblings and my mother didn't since they don't believe in ghosts. Hopefully, I don't see that being or thing I thought was my father ever again...

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wartenweg (1 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-05-01)
Thanks for sharing your story! It sounds like you had quite an eerie experience. It's fascinating how our encounters with the supernatural can leave a lasting impact on us. Have you had any other paranormal encounters since then?
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-16)
Hi Theyluvdea,

Had the exact same thoughts as Rajine and Giffy about astral projecting. There are quite a few accounts on here about similar weird moments. Interestingly they all seem to involve loved ones perhaps you could see your father because of the familial closeness. Pretty terrifying for sure, but not actually anything to be afraid of. But ah yeah, still scary!

Thanks for sharing.
Giffy (3 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-15)
Hello, Thanks for the interesting story. I agree with Rajine: my thought was that your father was unconsciously projecting his spirit. It seems not uncommon for people to have these glimpses of someone they are close to when that person is asleep, or on their way home to them. The event seemed harmless, if strange.
Rajine (14 stories) (798 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-15)
Hello and welcome to YGS

I've had a few experiences where I've questioned my own sanity over the years, and it can be very unnerving.

Here's a outrageous thought, what if instead of a doppelganger or skinwalker, what if perhaps it was your dad subconsciously astral projecting? But that's just my speculation, I think I've read somewhere that people do it unintentionally while asleep, like something out of the Insidious movies 🤦🏻

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