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So roommate A and I entered our dorm room around 9:15 PM right, the lights were off, the room was cold, you know, how it usually is. Except something was different. There was a faint whirring near roommate A's bed. Upon walking over, we realized the fan was on and my mind immediately went to roommate A. She was the last one in the room, but when I asked her she told me she did not turn on the fan or go near it. (Plug in fan btw) I don't know if she's lying, but let's just assume she didn't turn it on. The door to the bathroom we share with suite mates was locked and the cleaning was done yesterday, so no one could have come in our rooms. Plus, everyone was downstairs partying anyways. After we checked the doors and closets in case anyone snuck in, there was a weird tug at the door and we both booked it out into the hall.

Roommate A later confessed to me she had heard knocking at the doors sometimes, and before this incident, she told me she has a ghost that follows her around. But, she doesn't think this was her ghost's doing because her ghost has never turned on a fan. There is a rumor that our hall and the hall above ours is haunted, and my friend was just telling me today how weird stuff happened in her dorm on the fourth floor too (books falling over, doors closing suddenly). I should also mention we were talking about paranormal stuff two nights ago (could we have invited some negative energy in the dorm?) and last night my shaving cream can began foaming randomly as if the top was broken. I don't know if this has anything to do with what just happened, but it's worth noting I think. Honestly, I'm not really scared because I don't feel any negative presences or have chills but who knows. We're also keeping this from Roommate B because she gets spooked easily:

Anyways, any insight would be amazing! This is @bearscary signing off...

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Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-10)
I hate to go here, but I'd most likely believe one of you left the fan on.

Unless this particular experience has repeated itself, not all odd things are paranormal...

That said it's not a bad idea to keep a journal.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-08)
Your Uni has a cleaning service in the dorms? Wow, that's something - I wish my apt had that!

Anyway, maybe you and your friends should keep journals of your experiences both so you can all compare notes and look for patterns. Maybe make a small club of it.

I don't think simply talking about the paranormal on one occasion would have necessarily resulted in paranormal activity - you are probably ok there. Though I wouldn't recommend getting fancy and trying to communicate with a Ouija board - too much potential for bad mojo.

Could be that what a lot of you in the dorm are experiencing are just cases of "the spooks" as college is the first time for most of you living away from your parents. Life is just starting to get "real" and it can cause a great deal of latent (and blatant) anxiety.

Also, given the likely average age of residents in the building, you aren't necessarily out of the age range with the potential for stirring up your own poltergeist activity. Basically all the nervous excess energy build up from all of those young people can inadvertently manifest in occurrences that happen to mimic hauntings.

Best bet is to keep lines of communication open amongst as many of your fellow residents as possible. Keep a journal of occurrences yourself and encourage your fellow residents to do so as well. And do a bit of research on the area both before and since the construction of the dorm and university to see if anything turns up that may have caused a haunting. You may also want to research a few cleaning methods - bad vibes can build up in a space where there is a great deal of stress and sometimes a good cleansing can help clear the air.

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