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The Fan That Was Off


This is what happened to me while I was in Bahrain for two weeks waiting to come out to my ship, in January 08. While I was there I was in a Temporary Holding Unit were they give you a bunch of busy work. One of the days I was there we were taking the Tape Off the walls in one of the barracks rooms. On my way up to the Room I had found out of a shooting that took place in that room the month before and two girls had died. Not thinking about what had happened in this room, I did what I was told.

I went up there starting taking all the tape off since they had just painted the room. It was during the day so I had the blinds open and the lights off. I had gotten to the tape that was around the ceiling fan, I remind you the fan was off. Now I had gotten about half way done with this base of the fan when it had started to spin around slowly. Freaked out I pull my hand out from between the fan blades and climbed down the ladder I was on. I checked the switch for the fan and it was off. I called in a couple people who were working on the bathroom and they didn't touch the switch. So I had climbed back up the ladder and to listen to the fan, no mechanical parts of the fan were on. With the fan moving slowing and me needing to finish up my job I stopped the fan but as soon as I removed my hand from the fan it started to slowly move again.

To this day I believe that I was in the presence of one of the girls who had died. I would love to go back to that room when I go back Bahrain and this time try and do some testing to see if I can get anything.

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sean_paul (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-20)
Well I live in bahrain for past 27 years I was born in juffair I would really like to share that my story but no one in this world would trust on my words once I had an incident from that day my life is totally changed I can see them talk to them because I'm a black magician as people describe me master of black magicians anyways if anytime it occurs again don't get scared try to hold and talk to them because they hurt you when you make them feel so don't scream nor shout calm down and talk make them feel your not scared they won't do anything until you step for something wrong and always keep cross (SIGN OF CHRIST) with you where ever you live.


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