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Fans And Freezing Rooms


The back door to our house is really supposed to be the front door. As you walk in our back door (we call this room the "mudroom"), you walk past the washer and dryer, a small wall, the furnace, water softener (which we do not use) and a deep freeze.

When you walk through the door way into the house properly, you are standing in the kitchen. To the right is the living room. To the right of the living room (and against the wall of the "mudroom") is my bedroom, and the master bath. If you go back out into the kitchen, and walk through it you come to the dining room. Walking through the dining room, you get to the family room. Off the family room is my son's room (on the right) and my daughter's room (also on the right) and at the end of the hall is the children's/visitors' bathroom on the left.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep our home equally heated or cooled. Most often my room is either stifling hot (so that the children are warm on their end of the house) or it seems freezing cold (to insure that the children are not hot in the summertime).

That LONG explanation short: My room, in November, is usually a sauna.

The other night, my son and I were sitting on my bed watching his favorite series. We were really only HALF watching it, as the set kept jumping (new set) and we were "visiting" with my Father-In-Law. His communications have come to be remarkably slower than they had been a year ago (He passed on November fourth of last year), and I am "afraid" this means that he is about to leave us for the Land of Many Summers for an extended stay.

My husband, Race, walked in the room and said "Why is it so (bleeping) cold in here?" My son and I just looked at each other and resumed what we were doing. Race then walked into the bathroom, and emerged with a puzzled expression on his face.

Race had just checked both registers, and warm air was belching out as normal.

Race then went to go check on the furnace and the children's section of the house, normal.

Race thought about this for the few hours that it took for bedtime for our five year old to roll around. We ignored him. We were busy watching the telly. Let HIM check things out for a change.

When we retired to our bedroom after putting Little Guy to bed, we flipped on the light (we have a light with the ceiling fan built in. It is OLD. No pull cord for the light, and one for the fan. If the light is turned on, the fan spins).

At first I did not notice the fan was not spinning until I realized that it was getting rather warm in the room. I pointed it out to Race, and he again began investigating. After approximately four hours of the fan not running (the Little Guy goes to bed rather early) my husband declared the motor dead.

Immediately following, the fan began to spin.

Assured that he would not roast in his sleep, my husband just shrugged and got into bed. I followed suit, and nothing else happened the remainder of the night. Until about four in the morning when our Little Guy came bounding in our room, and up on the bed, to start his new day.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-24)
If we did not unscrew the light bulbs, MissHill, that is exactly what it means.
MissHill (6 stories) (67 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-23)
does that mean you can't sleep with the fan on because the light is also on?
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-01)
Ospilin sotirion kai paradison teprnon kai fotos aidiou nefelin irapxousan tin agian Parthenon imnisomen apantes legontes to Here afti.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-02-01)
In the Name of The Great Spirit,
And by the power of His Blood and His Mercy,
We bind all spirits in the air, and the fire and the water,
In the ground and the underground and the nether world,
And we bind any satanic forces of nature.
We bind all curses, hexes, or spells, or any occult activity previously used.
We bind the interaction and interplay of spirits.
And we claim the protection
Of the Great Spirit
Over this house and grounds, and over every person here.
We call upon the ancestors of the land
And the company of angels to surround this place,
Making it both safe and sacred.
And we call out to you, O Great Spirit.
Come now and fill this place, never to leave!
We pray in the name of the Great Spirit, Amen.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-10)
Thank you, ejgavinart.
I think it is rather important to keep in mind that not all experiences are ones that have us running under cover (literally). Sometimes it is just a "walk through".
We experience some interesting things in our home, and MANY of them CAN be accounted for. But SOME of them are just...
Thank you.
ejgavinart (3 stories) (19 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-02)
What a great story! I got heartwarming butterflies! Thanks for sharing 😁
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-12-01)
Oh yes, Chris. It IS a wonderful feeling to KNOW that he is where he is intended to be. It is also VERY encouraging that he comes around when we need "a little extra" support. I do find it rather interesting that he shows himself COMPLETELY to our son, but to my HUSBAND, he is just heard, or sensed.
It is MY opinion that the reason is that he is there FOR our son, and not for his Daddy. And at THIS time, it was greatly appreciated. My son was getting ready to go to a very difficult doctors appointment, and he got the encouragement he needed.
They also "play a game". My Father-in-Law will make SURE no one else witnesses what our son does. It is kind of like hide-and-seek. But I KNOW it is to show the Little Guy how to "catch" things.
I will be overjoyed when my day comes. I hope. 😊 Ah, just to SEE everyone again. What a joyous day that will be.
Thank you Chris.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-27)
Hi Automn and thank you for sharring this story with us. I bet Race sure was cunfused with all this happening. You mentioned that your father in law is going to leave you to the other side. I'm sure he has already been there but just pops by to see how you all are doing. But isn't it a great feeling to know that he is going to amuch better place? You know what there are times when I sometime "forget" about life on the other side but when I get a reminder I'm the happiest guy in the world. To know that maybe someday we will have a CHANCE to be there with the onces we love. Yep it does bring a smile to my face. Thanks again for sharring Automn. I hope to see you soon my friend and take care
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-26)
One more thing- We are still dealing with that "tough doctors appointment". I will try to get back with you soon concerning the e-mails 😉.
This comment is to everyone who has been patiently (or IMpatiently 😆) awaiting a response via their e-mails. I am trying to wiggle in enough room to do everything, and I just discovered something that I THINK I already knew: I am NOT Super Woman!
Thank you all for your patience.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-11-26)
Hi Tammy,
No, He HAS Crossed Over. He comes in and checks on things every now and again, usually in times of crisis (my son had a really tough doctors appointment coming up, and was getting "support"). He IS in Spirit form. His appearance is "angelic" (for lack of a better word).
Race likes to... He is our resident skeptic. He is NOT a non-believer, but he is BIG on making SURE that there can not a snowballs chance in Hades that there CAN be a "reasonable" explanation. An interesting note- He has ONLY been able to experience hearing the exhale (Not breathing, a "smoking" exhale) of his Father in his right ear. He has NEVER (as of yet) SEEN his Father.
I was NOT immediately aware of the "visit". I WAS immediately aware that this almost brand new (it is a few years old, but it is ONLY a few years OLD!) telly was already on the fritz. My first thought was, quite honestly, "Piece of junk. That's what we get for buying wholesale." I was ticked.
I smelled the unmistakable scent of him. That is when I was made aware of his presence. I probably missed about half of the visit, I was not in the right frame of mind.
There is no "unfinished business", that I am aware of (then, I am not all knowing. There is more than likely MUCH that I do not know about this man 😊). I do know that he still supports his Grandson. He and my Little Guy did have an unusually strong bond that occurred almost immediately after birth. It was almost as if our Little Guy thought his Papa was an "extra" Daddy. Why not? Papa lived with us for MANY years, from well before his birth up until he was four.
I sincerely feel that the two of them helped each other when they both knew that the time had come for Papa to move. I remember as a very young child (he still is, but around the age of two or so), he would have an irrational (or so we thought) fear that his Papa would "leave him". I often flash back to that wondering if THAT is the reason for his Papa's visits from the Other Side.
No problem on the questions, Tammy. I enjoy them. That means that my writing this out made you think. If that is all these experiences do, then, awesome. Nothing wrong with that.
Uh, did I miss anything?😊
Thank you.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-26)
Autumn, thank you for another most intriguing account!

I was surprised with a number of things while reading your story. First that it has already been a year that your father-in-law has passed on but not crossed over (?) unless I didn't get that part right. Is it because of "unfinished business" or as many people believe because a soul doesn't immediately transcend to its "permanent" home before a "trial" period.

Then, I was equally surprised that while you and the Little Guy were immediately aware of your father-in-law's visit, Race was not. Is it because he's not as sensitive as you or was he in fact aware of what was happening but instead chose to deal with the problem (heating) at hand?

I remember your story about the Fire Flies and knowing that your little boy is so gifted it makes it "logical" that the Grandfather would be enjoying his visits with him but I also think there is some sort of deeper "purpose" behind these visitations.It's as if the Elder is there to "teach" your Little Man before he makes the ultimate journey.

When was it that you first perceived his presence or rather understood it was HIM without a doubt?

I'm aware I'm asking a lot of questions but the idea that your father-in-law has been visiting your home for so long before he eventually crosses to the Eternal Land has triggered my curiosity.

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