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Was It The Rebel Himself Or Am I Just A Crazed Fan?


I'd like to say this is my first time posting any of experiences so I hope you guys accept my story.

Well to start, this started a week before the actual incident occurred. I was reading so much about my hero the James Dean and I was gradually building a fascination on people having seen the icon in many places or some even talking to his roaming spirit that I too wanted to try to talk to him. Mind you, I've always had experiences growing up hence why I'm scared of the dark (Honestly). So I began researching about séances and thought it would be the safest to do so. I still haven't done it yet because I'm still a bit afraid to. I'm going to do it with my brother and some reliable friends, but on Monday (June 15th '09), I decided to test it by myself. I'm not sure if I'm supposed do that by myself (I'm a beginner at the medium stuff) so if you guys have any suggestions, please I would like to learn.

Anyway, it was around 7 or so and I prepared myself a bit. I had an overturned glass cup on the floor, 2 really good drawings I did (I'm an artist), an actual picture of the famous actor. I hesitated at proceeding so instead of sitting on the floor I sat on the edge of my bed with the stuff still on the floor. I just starting saying things to see if he would show up in a sweet way, and asking, "Jimmy, is it okay if we could talk? I just want to talk to you." or something like that. Of course, nothing happened, just silence. But I felt a little cold touch my leg as if to invite me to sit on the floor. I did have the glass on the floor and I was supposed to put one hand on it with no real pressure so that with our combined energy, we would communicate. I was going to ask simple questions. I just stopped and quickly said, "Now is done and leave in peace" three times just in case he did come around and left the room to watch TV.

A couple of hours later, I started feeling "his" presence or what I thought it was and started seeing things. I shrugged it off and my brother joined me to watch TV as well. We were talking and making jokes at what we were watching. That was when I heard a chuckle coming from the kitchen. I asked him if he heard what I heard. He said no and said my head is playing tricks on me. I still haven't watched his films yet so I don't know exactly how James Dean sounds.

Later, I was going to my room to get ready to sleep. When I opened the door, there was what looked like a guy sitting on the floor looking at the drawings then quickly disappeared when I turned on the lights. At the moment, I didn't realize it until I took it in my mind that there was someone there like if he was waiting for me with his legs crossed on the floor. I tried to but couldn't. I kept feeling like someone watching over me, stroking my hair or my shoulder, even lying down next to me. It freaked me out as much as it also felt a bit comforting. But I woke up suddenly to the scent of a cigarette close by but not too strong. I always check the time when I wake up but this time, I looked at the wall behind my door to see the same guy standing there, leaning on the wall with his hands inside his pockets, looking at something, like when you know someone's looking at you and then when you turn to face them, they look away. Just that and the direction he was looking were at my sketchbooks in front of him on my vanity or bureau, whatever you call those. Maybe he wanted to see the drawings again. Dean himself was a fan of the arts so figures. After I blinked a few times, he was gone and I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

The first thing I saw about him was his chest then a bit of his face and the rest, then that's it. He looked about his twenties, good-looking, crew neck navy blue t-shirt tucked into his trouser pants, almost like a casual outfit. His hair was almost slicked up like Dean always has it and a watch on his left hand. I could have sworn there was a cigarette on the right corner of his mouth, but that was the direction his look was facing. The weird thing about him was that he was smiling when I looked at him, almost like a blush, then he disappeared. If I could illustrate you guys a picture on what this guy looked like, I'd be happy to.

The next day, I stopped all my readings and tried to get things to normal. I haven't been able to sleep for days, always sleeping when the sun comes out in the morning because I'm scared that I might see him again. And every time I would sleep before that incident, I would have a dream that this guy would come up to me and actually kiss me. Don't know why. I'm a fan of James Dean, but don't have any fantasies about him. I have read about him that many of his fans or people would have this experience and it was said that he would come to your sleep and have infatuations like this. I don't know what to do. I never thought this would ever happen. I would like some help on what you guys think about this. Is it really the Rebel himself or a crazy imagination, maybe signs that he wants to communicate with me?

It's been 4, 5 days since this happened and still kind of feel his presence around me, a friendly sort of loving presence. It's almost a feeling that I want to expect and as if a crush moment or like he wants me to enjoy and not to be afraid of his company. I keep seeing shadows maybe of him trying to get my attention in a playful way when I'm reading.

At the moment it would scare me but after I think about it, it's sweet sort of speak. I don't know. It's weird to say that. Maybe Dean could need a friend or probably wants someone to talk to, if he might need anything. I'm still trying to find a way to talk to his spirit for some reason I don't know but I'm scared about the result or how to start the séance. Should I perform it by myself or with someone else? When I "tried" it, it was in my room and right now, it's the only place I feel him in. I mean its JAMES DEAN, the famous icon I'm talking about. Of course he was the handsome, wreckless "Lost boy"-charmed original Rebel without a cause of the 1950s. So if this is a way of communication for him, I don't know whether to be scared because it is him in spirit, or be really excited to meet in "person".

I'm just happy at the fact that he sat down in my room, looking over at my drawings of him in a position where he was probably waiting for me to come in and communicate. Maybe my attempted séance did work but only to the point where now he's trying to be friendly and communicate, but I'm afraid to speak to a spirit. I listen to these songs "Lovesick Mistake" especially, "Hello/Good-Bye", "Gotta Figure This Out" all by Erin McCarly if you guys want to check them out that for some reason keep reminding me of Dean. I don't know why or how.

I'm 16 and had my fair share of experiences growing up but not like this. I've even had one experience where I was at my mom's job and whenever I vacuum, I would hear people talking to me, trying to get my attention and scream things at me for me to hear. I was even grabbed on the shoulder and forced to turn around so I would listen to them but that's another story.

This whole thing with Dean now is completely different and is a bit pleasant actually. People thought he was a rude runt and wreckless at one point when he was alive bless his soul, but from what's going on right now, he's quite a friendly charmer. Please help me out here, guys. What should I do? Let me know anything I should know.

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Martin (602 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-03-31)
lady-glow, I have no idea what you're talking about, I think you've had too much to drink 😉
lady-glow (13 stories) (2958 posts)
6 years ago (2017-03-30)
If this story had been published within the last five years, we would had had to use a GIGANTIC BS blanket! 😆

Hey, we all know what will happen day after tomorrow, why don't we comment on old stories calling the clowns with their purple pants and their red noses? 😆 😆
Hayles (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-03-30)
I am years late to this post, but I just wanted to hopefully comfort you or anyone that comes across this thread. It is absolutely possible to have contact or experiences with dead celebrities. It does NOT mean you are crazy or have had contact with a demon. Spirits are attracted to the energy we put out, why wouldn't Mr. Dean want to stop by? Spirits are not so restricted as many seem to think. They can still be in contact with us when crossed over, and can most definitely travel to places they haven't been before physically. If you believe someone is visiting you, if you strongly feel so, trust that gut feeling. ❤! X
DanielaL (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-23)
I am 99% sure it is NOT James Dean. Spirits don't just Travel to you; they have to already have been around the area and they lie... ALOT so I suggest you tell him to leave or ask who he really is on the Ouija board because I can gaurantee you that it is NOT him.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-10)
I think this is a strange story. I think the odds of actually contact THE spirit of James Dean is very slim but who knows I could be wrong. Well at least it doesn't sound really threatening which is a good thing.
gogreenjessi (26 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-26)
i say out with the fear and in with the spirit! Lol
Just shove the fear away and go for it! If the stuff you said is all that he's doing to manafest, then he obviously doen't have enough energy to really harm you in any way. Just go for it! I have done plenty of seances, and I had the same feelings as you! When I just did it though, I was happy in the end. I have in fact succeeded a few times, and made contact.
GOOD LUCK! Hope to have helped!
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-26)
This is indeed an odd story. James Dean has been dead for decades, the odds are that he "crossed over" (went to the light, whatever you want to call it) a LONG time ago.

It is my understanding that once a dead person's ghost crosses over to the other side, they are no longer allowed to interact with people on this side, here on Earth (unless in special circumstances that God allows, such as coming to a loved one who is about to pass on to comfort and aid them).

I think it is unwise to conduct a séance for any reason (especially for a stranger who you have no personal ties to), but if a séance is performed it is my understanding that it only has a chance to work if the person's ghost who is being contacted has not yet crossed over to the other side. I find it personally very doubtful that James Dean's ghost remains on the Earth, but I have no knowledge whether it does or not.

For the reasons stated above, I do not think you are dealing with the ghost of James Dean. I think it is MUCH more likely that you are dealing with an imposter spirit, most likely an evil spirit that is looking for ANY avenue to become a part of your life (and start causing problems for you). It is very unwise for anyone to give an evil spirit an opening or invitation into their life. Evil spirits delight in causing fear, sickness and misery. At the very best, an evil spirit will be selective in what it allows you to enjoy.

Listen to Dengish's warning, it is probably similar to what you are headed for if you allow this to continue. I add my voice to Dengish's and advise you to get rid of this thing while you still can and to also quit thinking about James Dean, that sort of obsession could possibly be used as a vehicle for an evil spirit to come to you.

You are young and alive, go meet a young, alive boy and spend time thinking about him. I know this sounds obvious, but life truly is for the living.
Dengish (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-25)
Oh my god! This is NOT I repeat NOT James Dean! The very same has happened to me and my flatmate. We thought the same as you, at first we were scared but then we became contented with the presence of him. However, it soon came apparent that this was an evil spirit! At first things would begin to smash and break, but then my flatmate woke up one night shouting. I Ran to her room, he had attacked her! GET RID OF THIS SPIRIT BEFORE IT IS TO LATE FOR YOU! Hugs and kisses dengish ❤
ginko (1 stories) (38 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-24)
=) Scary and a little bit funny... Take care and thanks for sharing this story...:D

-Ginko the Traveler
Jasmin314 (13 stories) (210 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-24)
This is probably one of the oddest stories I have read. I really want to say that it is your imagination but I don't want to crush your heart especially if you think it is true. I do wish you the best of luck though and only you know what is going on. If you think its really him then maybe it is. Remember to be careful, some entities are evil and will do things to manipulate you and trick you. ❤ Jasmin

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