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The Secret Of The Basement


I was 14 years old, when my father got posted in a small town near Pune and overnight we left out home and city to join him. We shifted on the first floor of a lovely cottage named "Gulab" meaning Rose.

The cottage was owned by equally loving family, who welcomed us wholeheartedly in the cottage. I started living in the cottage with my parents and younger brother. My father was required to stay at his work place and visited us only on weekends, so mostly it was me, my mother and my younger brother residing in the cottage. The owners had two daughters and a son, elder daughter Sunita, younger one Anita and son Anish. Anita and me instantly became friends as we were of same age. Anita's father was in government job and posted in remote village and rarely visited them. Her mother was a teacher and often visited her husband with her son on weekends and long holidays. Anita's granny used to stay with her.

The entrance to first floor (where we stayed) was at the backside of the cottage and after climbing several steps one would reach at bedroom first and next to it was the living room. I was terrified of these stairs and our bedroom right from day one. Also, the bedroom happened to be the only room which faced the backside of the cottage, and was very dull, gloomy and cold, whereas all other rooms faced the front of the cottage was were very bright and sunny.

I was very uncomfortable while sleeping in the bedroom, which was exceptionally cold at night and even my mother and brother felt the same thing and at times we used to just go and sleep in the living room or balcony. At times my mother used to hear faint knocking like sound on roof above the bedroom, especially at night. However we ignored it and attributed this to our new surroundings.

Anita's elder sister Sunita; used to behave very strangely. Sunita was in junior college and appearing for her 12the board exams. Her room was the only room situated in the basement and was eternally locked. Sunita never allowed anyone to enter her room, not even her granny. Anita tried to take me to her room once or twice but on both the occasions, Sunita scolded at us. We just ignored this as a tantrum from an elder sibling.

One summer evening, Anita's mother requested my mother to look after her daughters for night and sleep at her place as she and granny were required to travel out of town due to death of a relative.

I was super excited about sleepover at Anita's place. I along with my mother and brother went to Anita's place after our dinner and after much debate everyone, decided to sleep in living room. Sunita was behaving rudely with us, she just refused to come out of her room and interact with us and insisted on sleeping in her own room. We ignored her and had gala time chitchatting, singing songs etc. After some time Sunita came out of her room in rush and asked my mother to fetch milk in a big bowl. We all were surprised by such demand at odd hour and my mom refused to comply without an explanation. Sunita was really upset and after heated exchange of words with my mom, just started crying hysterically and explained everything.

Sunita told that, she came to reside in the cottage when she was about 4-5 years old and her room was a nursery with a door opening in the back garden. The first floor was being constructed and family of the building contract i.e his wife and baby boy used to reside in one shed on first floor (which was now our bedroom). Suita used to be home alone, with the maid, most of the time as both her parents were working and granny had not come to reside with them and her siblings were not yet born.

One afternoon, when she came back from school she was told that the baby of the contractor had died (later she came to know that he had crawled down from stairs of first floor, had slipped and fallen down just outside her room and had died on the spot). Sunita could hear his mother crying throughout the night, also there was lot of blood outside her room and she was really scared of all this and never opened the back door of her room again. The baby's mother could not bear the loss and one night committed suicide. After this incident the contractor left the job and things were quite for some time.

Almost every night Sunita, used to hear someone crying near her room, she used to wake up her parents, but they never hear anything and felt that Sunita was too scared due to recent incidences. Sunita started sleeping with her parents in their bedroom, however she continued to hear a woman crying almost every night, but no one else heard it and never believed Sunita.

During this time Anita was born and granny came to stay with them and Sunita started sleeping in her room with granny. One night she just opened her eyes and saw a woman with a child standing at foot of her bed and repeatedly kept on asking for milk. Sunita as too numb to react and just passed out. Sunita became seriously ill and was bedridden for almost a month.

Her parents did not believe in ghosts and spirits and didn't take any of her stories seriously. However granny sensed that, what she was experiencing was really abnormal and called a priest. The priest told that, what Sunita was experiencing were the spirits of the woman and her child, who had died in unnatural manner and asked them to perform a Pooja and keep a bowl full of milk on every full moon's day. Sunita's parents refused to carry out the rituals, but allowed Sunita to keep the bowl full of milk just outside her room on a full moon's day. Sunita started keeping the bowl of milk just outside her room as per instructions and to her surprise the bowl used to get empty within 5 minutes. She used to see the woman and her child occasionally in her room and also hear her crying at times, though the frequency has diminished with times.

The night of the sleepover happened to be full moon night and it was time to offer the bowl of milk. We were numb after hearing all this and allowed Sunita to keep a big bowl of milk at the far corner of her room and thereafter Sunita joined us in the living room. We hardly slept a wink that night and were eagerly waiting for morning.

We all rushed to Sunita's room next morning and were surprised to see the bowl of milk empty and not a single drop spilled. This was really surprising as her room was locked from outside and none of us a had visited the room at night. Sunita pleaded with us not to mention the matter to any one as she feared being ridiculed.

We stayed in the place for few years, however never had any other occasion to confirm Sunita's story. Sunita moved out of the house in a year (went to city for higher studies) and no one else dared to stay in the basement room.

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lady-glow (11 stories) (2373 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-24)
App & Dee - I have just realised that this is Kiyana's third story... And she's never commented on the previous ones. 🙄

I guess it makes no point to ask any more questions.

Dee - thanks for the information. Poor cows.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (630 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-24)

You're very welcome. 😊 I can't help but commiserate with the cows suffering from this. I remember the pain I went through, waiting for my milk to dry up after having my kids (I was unable to breastfeed). The pain was unbearable. 😟

Dee ❤
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-24)
If nothing else, I've learnt something new. Thanks CuriousDee.
CuriousDee (8 stories) (630 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-24)
Ugghhhhh The OP chose not to participate? Ok, then I won't either.

Side note: Lady-glow, cows do suffer from udder engorgement. It can be quite painful for them (much like new mother's). Poor things. 😟
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
Lady-glow, as you pointed out to the OP - all we can do is speculate.

I was also irritated by Sunita's behaviour. I can understand her being scared, but she was downright rude to the guests. I do hope the OP changes her mind. I'd love to know more about this encounter. All this speculation is exasperating!
lady-glow (11 stories) (2373 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
Aporetic - I wonder if cows suffer from udder engorgement. Just imagine IF the family got a cow and the poor thing only gets milked once a month.
What makes my mind muse about the way the ghosts would get their milk... Would they drink it directly from the cow's swollen boob?

Also, I got really upset at spoiled and bratty Sunita - why did she demand for help pouring the milk into a bowl? It seems that she was old enough as to do it by herself. Who acts this way towards their guests? 😠

Kiyana - I'm not making fun of your story. I hope you understand that there are some points that need clarification and you are the only one who can explain them in order to prevent the reader's speculation. 🤔
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
Oops my apologies, I've confused the name changing in this narrative with another. But that then makes me wonder - if the OP was instructed to not share this encounter for fear of ridicule - why were the names not changed? Naughty OP.
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)

I shouldn't laugh - it's mean, but...I'm close to ROTFLMAO. I did not consider the ridicule (since all names were changed) nor the milk dilemma. If the OP lives in a region in India where cows are considered sacred - does that make the spirit a bad one? Demanding so much milk!
lady-glow (11 stories) (2373 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
Aporetic - I think I know the reason why Kiyana doesn't want to take part in the discussion:

"Sunita pleaded with us not to mention the matter to any one as she feared being ridiculed."

I'm guessing that Kiyana was expecting to be ridiculed from the moment she was typing her submission...? 🤔

I wonder if the family in this story decided to get a cow to keep the milk thirsty spirits happy.🐮🍶
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
When the OP chooses that they will not participate in the discussion, my sleeping sceptic comes out of hibernation, demanding milk. Grrrrrr What a waste of ones time reading something that's up in the air.
Sleeping-with-steve (7 stories) (361 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
Hello Kiyana,

Oh my goodness! What a sad and terrible tragedy. That poor baby. That mother was obviously devastated to take her own life. I can't imagine what she went through.

The fact that she is still around carrying her baby asking for milk goes to show what a good mother she was. She's still taking care of that little baby.

It was kind to leave milk at the door. What will be even better is to tell her to go to the light so that her and her little one can rest in peace. I was told to do that when I firt posted an experience on YGS. It's working for me.

Thank you for sharing this sad post.

😢 😳 😢
lady-glow (11 stories) (2373 posts)
10 months ago (2018-09-23)
I have some questions about your experience but it's very discouraging to know that you have decided not to participate in the discussion. 🙄

In case you choose to answer, I would like to know why performing the pooja wasn't enough to send the spirits to the next plane?
Also, what happened after Sunita left the house? Do you know if the spirits got restless asking for their milk every full moon night and/or if the family kept performing the ritual?

And, I find the following sentences contradictory and confusing:

"allowed Sunita to keep the bowl full of milk just outside her room on a full moon's day."

"were surprised to see the bowl of milk empty and not a single drop spilled. This was really surprising as her room was locked from outside"

So, was the bowl outside or inside Sunita's room?🤔

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