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The 3rd Floor Boarding House Ii


This is a continuation of my story "The 3rd floor boarding house". I was not able to include it since it was already a long story.

Anyway, as mentioned, there were 5 rooms in the 3rd floor, one of the room was mine which was located near the stairs.

This happened after the landlord had the 3rd floor baptized. We thought that "uncle" will be gone but we were wrong.

I had a boyfriend that time (let's call him Bryan). It was his rest day and he slept over at my room while I was at work. He slept over because he told me that he will continue to watch the movie that was uploaded on my laptop.

My gay friends used to call my room as a "nursery" because aside from it had so many stickers/designs of Winnie the Pooh, it also had a lot of pillows which had a Winnie the Pooh pillow cases too. My curtains was Pooh, my bed sheet, blanket, name it!. Also, it had a built-in wood closet that was located near the foot of the bed. The wood that was used was clearly an expensive wood and was painted with baby pink. It doesn't have any torn or any sharp edges.

So I went home around 5:15 am, he left the door unlocked so I went in and slept beside him. He woke up around 10am maybe and I woke up too. He told me that his right knee hurts, something that's prickly. When he lifted his pants up until his knee, we saw three scratches, approximately 3 inches in length. There were still fresh, very little blood so I am sure that the scratches were just new. It was like a scratch from a pointed nails, or a scratch when you hit a very sharp edges. He don't know how he got it since he wore long pants and there were no any pointy objects on my bed too. We checked his pants, maybe there was a sharp thing that was attached on his clothes,none. We checked my foam bed but it was clear. We thought that he bumped the closet while asleep but it was so impossible. To reach the closet while laid down, you need to extend your foot so you'll touch the door of the closet and the scratches were located at his knee so it was so impossible that it was the closet. We checked the pillows, none.

We had a "nanay" (old woman) friend at the neighbor. She told us that it was not just a usual scratch, it was a scratch from "someone" that we cannot see. "It" don't want someone or anyone to stay in my room. Nanay told us that "it" thought that "it" owns me. WHAT?!

I was afraid then, I don't want to believe but the usual scratch lasted for like 3-4 days right?, but the scratch on his knee lasted like 2 weeks. We were so puzzled, so I talked to "it" at my room. I told "it" if "it" was responsible for the scratches, then stop doing it. I was like crazy talking alone but I was so serious that time.

We just forgot what happened days, weeks passed. But "it" reminded us again that "it" exist. This is the very worst experience I ever had.

It was night. It was Al's, Ace's and my rest day. Bryan's rest day too so he decided to sleep over again while we all 4 watched a movie. The movie ended pass 11pm so we decided to call it a night. Bryan turned the lights OFF and I know I am still awake since I just closed my eyes. I am sharing this story but it still give me goosebumps up until now.

I heard someone mentioned my name, it felt that it was really near my ears, "Athena,!@#%%&& (&#^%!^$#^&!%#&*$$. "It" mentioned my name then language that I don't understand then followed by a laugh, it was very very creepy voice, thick male voice, and sound that there's an echo. Up until now, I can still remember "it" voice. After the voice, my head felt so hot and I really felt both hands trying to pull my head to the window (I have 2 windows inside my room, one at the side and one at the head part of the bed). It was like dragging my head while hearing other language. I want to shout but I can't, I like to move but I can't. I can open my eyes and see that Bryan was still playing his phone but I can't move, I can just moved my eyeballs. He cannot see me too since the only light was his phone.

I closed my eyes, I prayed and telling "it" to be gone. I was able to move a finger and was able to move my right elbow then immediately sat down. I felt that the voice was still in my ear so I cried hugging my pillow. Brian got up and asked what happened, he turned the lights ON, I was still crying. I told him that someone called me, murmured and pulled my head. He closed the window and we went outside the room. Al and Ace went out too because they heard me cry. I shared everything and they freaked out too. That time I was 100% sure that I was not dreaming since they were all still awake and it was just seconds when I closed my eyes and that happened.

Al said that "uncle" is still inside the 3rd floor, "it" didn't leave. That night, we slept with the lights ON, windows closed. Al and Ace closed their windows too and left the lights ON.

We shared the experience to Nanay again, and she told us that before the 3rd floor was built, there was a big tree in there so maybe, "it" is the one who is disturbing us.

We lasted there for almost 9 months and we looked for another apartment. We did not experience anything in our new apartment, thanks God. But the experience on the 3rd floor is really unforgettable.

Please, if you have questions, just asked, maybe I forgot to add it here. Thanks for reading.

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Athena_Star (3 stories) (17 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-26)
Hi Amor, yes, similar to that. It's just that, we haven't feel stinky smell when "it" want to be felt. Or "it" just don't want to share it's smell =)

Thanks for sharing =)
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-26)

Thanks a lot for answering my question. It makes sense now. I think I had heard something like this before.

I wonder if the new tenants are experiencing anything? Glad you got out of there in time before things began escalating.

Take care. 😊
Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-26)
Sounds consistent to a certain mythical being I heard about. Similar to kapre, agtas or really dark creatures of trees (not to be confused with indigenous peoples, these ones are not of this world) are very territorial and speak different language, according to accounts. When they walk, they create thudding sounds as if coconuts are falling from a tree. According to stories, when you cut down their home tree, they would remain in the area and haunt it, unless cleansed or some ritual or pact has been performed.

Some report pungent smell that signals they are around. Some say they leave trails of earth or soil as evidence they were there (e.g., dirt on a table when it's not plausible to find it there).

Thanks for your stories. Take care.
Athena_Star (3 stories) (17 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-26)
Hi Haven, thanks for the question.

"Are you referring to a ghost tree?"
Not a ghost tree but literally a tree.
Here in the Philippines, it is our beliefs that when there is a big and old tree, we should respect the tree (by not cutting it down or trim it) because there are "someone" that's not like us humans who are residing in the tree.
So as per nanay, before the owner's house was built, there was a big tree and they cut it down.

Have a great day.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-25)
Hello Athena,

Could be that uncle was jealous of your boyfriend.

Can you please clarify what you mean with... She told us that before the 3rd floor was built, there was a big tree in there so maybe, "it" is the one who is disturbing us." Are you referring to a ghost tree? I've never heard of this before.
Aporetic (5 stories) (125 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-23)
Greetings, Athena_Star

I'm somewhat confused by certain sections of your narrative. It might be a language issue that merely needs some clarification.

"It was like dragging my head while hearing other language."
Was 'it' physically pulling your head toward the window, or did it just feel that way to you?

"I was able to move a finger and was able to move my right elbow then immediately sat down."
When did you get up? You must have been lying down since - "I know I am still awake since I just closed my eyes." - unless you sleep standing up?

"Bryan was still playing his phone but I can't move, I can just moved my eyeballs. He cannot see me too since the only light was his phone."
You must have moved at some point, since you "...immediately sat down."

"I felt that the voice was still in my ear so I cried hugging my pillow. Brian got up and asked what happened, he turned the lights ON, I was still crying."
Was Bryan not on the bed with you? That might explain him not being aware of your movements.
One thing that comes to mind is what I've read about in comments on other stories - hypnagogia. A state of transition between being awake and falling asleep, during which hypnagogic hallucinations can occur in the form of lucid thought, lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis - all of which you experienced.

And perhaps that nanay wanted to scare you and Bryan because she did not approve of a boyfriend sleeping over. Ankol too.

As for the scratches? I've often hurt myself and become aware of it hours later when it starts stinging and I have NO idea where or how it happened. However, if there's a paranormal element to it, I'm pleased you got away from it, eventually.

Vinayak16 (1 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-23)
Hi Athena

Was the IT and the UNCLE two different entities? If yes then, had the UNCLE not shown any of his signs during these times or those days. Or if they were the same, was It the UNCLE who didn't hurt at first but then you peple did something that had him do all this to you?

Well I know that Nanny told about IT and UNCLE but giving a close look to your story, maybe it could be possible that they both were the same entities.

Btw, happy that you are safe and away from that haunted apartment now. Amen

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