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Unrecognized Footsteps And Shadows


This happened before the occurrence of "Doppelganger of my Sister' long before the typhoon destroyed our house. We were renting a small apartment beside the health care center, and we were situated on the second floor of the building. The building was made of pure wood and is considerably older. We lived in the apartment for a few months already and we can say that there is really something with the house. As you may know, we were living in a rural place, so we were pretty surrounded by tall coconut trees, palm trees and rice fields. There are also a few houses except in the 'barrio'. The 'barrio' is somewhat a small village.

Once, when we were on the ground floor, we've heard the creaking indicating that there's someone on the second floor. But of course, we all know that there's no one since we locked the door. We've ignored it though, and my father as a religious person just informed us to just pray as nothing could beat the power of prayer.

Here comes the time, when Tina, my younger sibling went outside and it was 7 pm or so and we just finished eating our dinner. After dinner, we made it as our routine to do our homework at the landlady's shed. Now Tina, she's a bit stubborn and doesn't want to study, she got scolded by our father and went outside, crying. We just let her be and continued what we're doing. Not long after, she entered the room looking petrified and couldn't speak. I asked her what happened while giving her a glass of water. After a minute of relaxing herself, she told us the reason why she looked that way. She recounted that while she was weeping, she suddenly felt goosebumps, it's like someone was staring at her for a long time. So, she looked ahead and wiped her tears, then what shocked her, is the shadow beside the mango tree. It was a lady's shadow, she couldn't fathom the lady's appearance as she can only see the shadow, then just a blink of an eye it disappeared and was replaced by something odd that she doesn't know how to describe it. Good thing, it didn't do her any harm. Her confession left us scared and alert and I warned her not to venture far away from us especially if it's after dark.

I don't know if it's an advantage or not, but I have this weird feeling whenever there's something bad that is about to happen and I usually wake up at 3am without any reason why. My eyes just suddenly open even when I'm sound asleep, probably my body clock. One night, while we were sound asleep, my being was suddenly alerted but I haven't opened my eyes yet. The sound of the crickets and frogs dominated in the midst of the night's silence. Then out of nowhere, I heard a light footsteps approaching our door. Then I tried to move, yet to my surprise, I couldn't even lift a finger nor open my eyes. It's like something or someone is holding me. I prayed mentally while the beating of my heart is so loud. I kept on calling the name of Jesus. Then, the footsteps retracted and I don't where it went. When I couldn't hear the footsteps anymore, I was able to move and get my flashlight beside me. My heart is still beating loudly and I am sweating cold.

After that I wasn't able to sleep anymore and waited until morning came. My sisters notice my lack of sleep and just answered them it's because of insomnia as I'm also an insomniac. However, what shocked me most is Tina asked me if I heard the footsteps too and I answered yes. We didn't tell our parents that, afraid that they'll think of us telling them nonsense stories. The good thing is that we moved out of that apartment which was also destroyed by the typhoon later on.

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