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Doopelganger Of My Sister


It happened after the super typhoon Pablo hit our homeland and we were forced to live in a healthcare center. It was exactly 4:30 in the afternoon when I went inside to read some good books by Stephen King. I was actually alone and since the electricity is still in repair, I had to light a candle to light up the room 'cause it's kind of dim.

This health care center has a small room inside for prenatal patients and I went there since that is the only room that has a small table and a small chair perfect for reading. While I was so engrossed reading the book, the chair outside the prenatal room moved a bit. I don't know if it's because of the air or not, so I just ignored it at first and continued reading. After 5 minutes or so, it moved again like someone was pulling it. At that time, I got goosebumps so I blew the candle and went outside. My siblings are still outside, talking with their friends.

Then when it was 6 in the evening and my elder sister went inside, I decided to go with her as I'm afraid. This time, I no longer went inside the prenatal room, instead I sat on the floor outside the prenatal room and continued reading. While I was busy reading, I noticed the shadow of my elder sister passed by and went outside. I took a glance at her when she stayed still at the door, her back was facing at me. Though I can still recognize by the dress and the body.

Then suddenly from the prenatal room, my sister emerged asking me for a face powder. I looked bewildered as I just witnessed her go out just a second ago and I didn't see she returned inside. So, I asked her if she did go out just a while ago. She replied that she didn't, she was in the room all along. I did doubt her and asked her again if she really didn't go out and asked her if she's joking at me. She scowled at me and stated that she literally didn't go outside and if she did I would notice her steps. That time, I was really afraid, because if it's not my sister, then who was that person?

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UnknownPersonality (2 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-03)
Hi Amor,

Yes, she's in the prenatal room all along. I don't know up until now it still gave me goosebumps and couldn't sleep alone.

Thank you as well.
UnknownPersonality (2 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-03)
Hi unknownymous05,

It happened at Caraga region in Mindanao.

Thank you.
UnknownPersonality (2 stories) (3 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-03)
Hi Twilight1011,

I don't know the real history of the place, however we did see some apparition there at times, considering that at the back of the building stood tall mango trees that makes the building kind of scary. And it's a rural area after all.

Thank you for reading.
unknownymous05 (12 stories) (16 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-02)
Hi Unknownpersonality,

Greetings pinoy! Where was exactly this place happened?

Twilight1011 (8 stories) (277 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-02)
I agree with Amor, on thinking how so many people being in this place all of a sudden, had some how disturbed whatever may be residing there. I've read other accounts on here, where people have claimed to see one of their family members, or friends, when it wasn't them. It makes me curious over what the history of the place you're talking about is? Have you ever looked into it, or heard anything about it, that would tell you about its past history? Well thank you for sharing your experience with us, and hope to hear back from you 😊
Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-02)
Spooky indeed. Was your sister inside the prenatal room when her doppelganger came out? May have copied her outright and went out because of the 'intrusion.'

Apparently, if true, the building you were occupying as evacuation space is haunted and some spirits may be bothered by the sudden presence. Well, it's a birthing clinic and all and something may have happened before. I believe in such spirits because my mom saw them when we were kids, copying us several times. Good to know you are all safe.

Thanks for sharing.

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