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I am now living in Canada but my paranormal experiences were from Marikina, Philippines. I lived alone in a duplex bungalow house after my father died in 2009. My uncle used to reside in the other house but moved out in 2011.

The paranormal events occurred around 2012 or 2013 before I migrated to Canada. I could not exactly remember which occurred first since I did not record the exact date and time. But up to this date, I can still remember them all since it happened to me. In all of the events below, I am all alone in the house.

First, I was watching basketball game in TV around 4pm. It was a collegiate basketball and that was during the weekend. I am sitting in a couch comfortably while watching the game. Behind the couch is wooden wall that separates the living room and bedroom and on the right of the couch is my refrigerator. All of sudden, there was a sharp knock behind me as if it was coming from behind the fridge. If I am not mistaken, it was 2 knocks as if someone had knock from the door. At first I was stunned but I just ignored it since I am indulged in viewing the basketball game.

Second, I was fond of aquariums at that time. I've got two 5 gallons, two 10 gallons and one 15 gallon aquariums. Since I am all alone in the house after my father died, I decided to use only the 15 gallon aquarium. The rest of aquariums were all empty and I stored them in the comfort room in other house (where no one is residing). One day, around 6:30pm, I went to the other house to get something.

It was also dusk at that time so normally I would open the lights. When I was about to switch on the light near the comfort room, I heard that one of the aquariums made a sound as if it was tapped. The first thing went into my mind was that there might be a mouse that went in the comfort room. So I prepared my slipper to hit a mouse in case I find one. But surprisingly, there was nothing inside the room except the aquariums. Also, all the doors and windows of the house had screen and closed so no animal could possibly enter the house. I cannot make a mistake that it came from an aquarium because of its distinct sound. After that, I hurried to close the bathroom, leave that house and went back to the adjacent house where I am staying.

Third, I have an extra linoleum rolled up which was used to cover some areas of house flooring. It was long standing at the opposite corner of the bedroom where I am sleeping. In fact, if you would touch it at that time, you could touch some dust on it. I never had animals living with me (except fishes in the aquarium) and surely, there was no mouse inside my room. One night while I was sleeping, I was suddenly woke up by the sound of something fell to the ground. I knew from the sound that it was the linoleum but I did not rise from the bed. On the following morning, I checked which fell on the ground and I didn't made a mistake. However, the strange about it is that it fell as if it was pushed from the top. Normally it would just slide down if something moved it. This is why the sound when it fell was loud enough to wake me up.

Lastly the most memorable to me, I had an iron pump which I used it to inflate my basketball and bike. It was standing between the table and the wall inside my bedroom. It was slightly leaning on the wall so it won't fall or slide down. One night, I was in deep sleep but suddenly I was slightly awaken for no reason. It was around 12 midnight. Probably after 5 minutes, when I was about to go back to sleep, the iron pump fell to the ground! I really felt scared but I was able to rose from the bed and open the lights. I saw the iron pump fell to some electrical cords near the table. Like the linoleum, it fell as if it was pushed from the top. The position would be different if it slide down. Again there are no mouse inside my room and even if there is, that heavy pump could NOT be easily taken down from the top part.

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Donald_Trumpet (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-08)
Who lives there now? You could ask if unexplained things have happen to them.
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-18)
Hi ravenswood.
Thank you for replying.
It sounds like this really did scare you and seems as though it cannot be explained.

I am hoping that you left these type of experiences behind in Marikina and are no longer bothered by things like this!
ravenswood (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-18)
Hi RSAChick,

For me, it was paranormal event because I cannot explain why things suddenly moved and heard sound (like knocking on the wall). At those times, there were no seismic activity as I can easily felt if there was.

I don't think my father would do those things just to scare me. I always pray for his soul ever since he passed away.

I felt "something" try to scare out of me. I was just brave enough to face those events. Someone told me that it is a work of a malevolent ghost (perhaps demonic).

As a person, I am not easily scared for I think there is a rational explanation. If something falls, I just think it was caused by strong wind or was placed in unbalanced position. Those I revealed here, I cannot find an explanation because I felt something odd in that house. As I've mentioned, linoleum and iron pump fell in the middle of the night which really scared me.

For your last question, no I didn't become sick or had anything bad happened to me afterwards.

Thanks for reading.
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-18)
Hi ravenswood, what makes you think these events are paranormal?
The Philippines has frequent seismic activity. I think it would be quite possible for something leaning against a wall to fall over during an earth tremor.
Or for a wooden structure or the tanks to move during such a seismic event causing the knocking or tapping sound.

If paranormal, do you think something or someone was trying to get your attention? Your father perhaps?

How did you feel around the time of these events? Did you feel threatened, afraid, startled, or annoyed?

Lastly, can you recall anything happening after these events? Did you become sick, have a fever? Or was it an omen for anything bad that happened?

A side note: perhaps a slipper is not your best weapon against rodents! 😆

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