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Mum Says Goodbye


I have been reading the amazing stories on this site for a year now and thought I would like to tell mine. Apologies in advance as I am not a great story teller, but here goes:

My mother passed away at the young age of 39. She would always tell myself and 2 other siblings that she didn't want to live past 40; she passed from diabetes. I am the oldest of the 3 siblings (2 sisters) and we were very close to our mum, knew each other inside and out. The day she passed I will never forget and always think about it, because there were things that happened that I had to think twice about.

My day started at work, we have a automated station made for our store that seems to play the same songs over and over again, songs I didn't really listen to, but after a while knew all the words to because they were constantly playing. It had hit roughly 11am and it was just my boss and me doing the morning shift. He would usually yell out when he knew a song, if we new who sings it (game he thought he was good at) which we never did. This day a song came on that I knew, this was one of my mum's favourite songs which made me think of her straight away and also wow, because I hadn't heard it play since I had started working there (4 months). So I yelled out "who sings this song" (Leather & lace - Stevie Nicks) as I stood there thinking yes finally a song he didn't know, I got a weird warm and fuzzy sensation throughout my whole body. It was a good feeling but something I had never felt before. I stood there for a bit, shook it off and went on with my work.

2 hours later afternoon shift had come on and we were busy as heck, people everywhere (I work in retail) as I served a customer my colleague nudged me and said, "I think you should take this call." With big smile on my face and apologising to the customer that I had to take this, I quickly did. My face dropped when I heard the words from my partners voice - Sorry babe, your mum has passed. She passed between 7-9am.

Fast forward to 12am early morning. I am waiting for my youngest sister with my 2nd youngest to get in so we can see mum at the hospital morgue, she finally came and we stayed until 3am with her body talking, mostly crying. We finally thought we had to go home because we had to get her house ready for the next day. We got to mum's and planned to do a all nighter so we can start early on the house and get it ready for everyone to start coming around and also to get her body back.

Well it didn't go as well as I fell asleep and my younger sisters stayed up and started around 7am getting ready. I remember seeing my mum in my dream sitting next to me on the bed, she was looking down at me and had her hand on my head, all of a sudden she says in her nice voice "you need to get up and help your sisters", in my dream I was so happy and sad at seeing her sitting there that I didn't move, then in a louder and more firm voice she said "GET UP" which actually woke me up, funny thing was it felt like someone had placed their hand on my head for a while, it still felt warm in the very place my mum had her hand on my head in my dream. Everyone was downstairs cleaning, I had woken up on my left side and the warmth on my head was the right side of my head. I have never seen a ghost or had anything happen to me before, which is why I keep thinking back to this sad time in my life... Was this my mum trying to say goodbye? Has anyone experienced something like this? Thanks all

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notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-11)
Hi Ray.

Yes I believe your mother came to say goodbye. I have had a few of these encounters with my beloved passed ones. Usually within three days of their passing. Glad you got a chance to feel her and say goodbye. I believe she is always with you and your siblings as well. There will be more times to come when you will just KNOW, that it is her helping you 😘

lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-09)
This is such a sad and touching story!

Ray1 - I'm sorry for your loss.

39 YO is such a young age to pass away! I wonder if your Mother was subconsciously aware of the time when she would die. There are definitely so many mysterious things in this world.

In my opinion, your Mother came to see you in spiritual form, and was still around during the preparations for her funeral and, like a good mother, she reminded you that it was time to pinch in with the house chores.

More than saying goodbye, she was letting you know that nothing changed with her passing. I wouldn't be surprised if she was there mingling with her family and friends.
Have you talked to your sisters about this experience? Perhaps they, too, had a visitation from your Mom.

Thanks for sharing.

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