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Short Ghost In Our House


This is my first story on this site; therefore, I would like to tell few things about my family and our house. I live in Colombo in Sri Lanka. For the people who does not know about Sri Lanka, it's a small island in Indian Ocean. If you check in a world map, Sri Lanka is right below India.

Our house was built by my parents in my father's land which he got from his mother. This is a one big house from outside but it's a combine of 3 houses. I said it like that because this is a 2 story house. In the upper part it's divided into two parts as 2 houses and the lower part is a one house. We live in one house and other two has been rented out. In my family there are 5: my mother, father, younger sister, me and my grandma (mom's mom).

Let's come to the story. As I said we were living in a house in the upper part. Me and my mom wanted to move to the big house in the lower part so dad decided to move there and rent out the house we were living. So we happily moved to the new house. I got a very big room for myself and I arranged the room as I wanted. So we were happy... But only for few weeks.

My mother said that she's feeling very uncomfortable when she is working in the kitchen (she wakes up early morning since me, sister and dad 3 of us going school, work in the morning), we didn't think much about it.

But one day my sister went out of the house early morning, around 5 a.m and it was dark outside. Me and my mom was in the kitchen and my sister came to kitchen, running... And her face was just like she has seen a ghost. We asked her why? And she said that when she was coming towards house from outside she felt like someone was following her, and she said that there was no one when she looked back. She was scared to death and she had run to the kitchen. Me and my mom knew there was something but we told her that not to think about it, it's her mind playing with her.

Another day (same week), around 12. 30 am I was doing some work in my bedroom and went to the washroom before I go to bed. Our TV room was in front of the washroom I went (we have 2 washrooms) and my dad was watching TV at that time. I went inside the washroom and then open the door to come out and I saw my dad inside the TV room and also I saw someone right side of me. It was so creepy that I saw exactly a human shaped shadow. Its face was long but it was short, like up to my waist (I am 5'6 ft). I didn't see its face or hair or anything I just saw the shape of that thing. I was shocked and looking at it and my dad called me and asked why am I standing there. I looked at my dad and again looked at that thing but it was not there. I told dad 'Nothing', and came to bed and thinking "What the hell I just saw..."

I told mom about this in the morning and my mom asked me not to tell my sister about this because she gets scared easily.

This is just a one little thing when compared to the other paranormal things I have seen and gone through. Will come with another story again. Thanks for reading!

Feel free to comment your ideas.

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Kshaya_SL (4 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-09)
ashar123: Will post the next part of the story very soon, There's another story (not related to my house) I have posted and still pending. That is too interesting, I hope you will read it once it is published. 😊
ashar123 (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-09)
I am excited to read your further story. This story sounds interesting and it would be more freaky to know what happened next.

A nice story! Thanks for sharing. 😊

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