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It all happened along time ago when I was about 8 years of age living in an old house with my family in Staffordshire late 1970's.

I shared a bedroom with one of my oldest brothers and when I was trying to sleep at night I heard strange noises, i.e. - Footsteps and Something in the Loft. I knew there was something not right with the house as though I was being watched all the time but could not see it.

My True Story

When I was in bed one night fast asleep, I awoke to this heaviness on my legs. I did not think much about it because I thought it was my cat, but when I looked there was nothing there and the room was completely black and the heavy weight which was on my legs suddenly went light and I could feel the covers lifting gently as though something was sitting on my bed and just vanishes.

My bedroom was a fare size and my bed was always pushed to the wall after that night when something sat on my legs, anyway I could not sleep thinking the same thing would happen again and I always had my head underneath the covers, that same night trying to sleep I heard strange sounds in the loft, like someone moving a heavy chest just dragging it and it sometimes sounded like a shovelling noise.

My brother came into the room ready to go to bed and he noticed I was still awake. I told him about these strange noises in the loft, so we stayed awake for bit in a pitch black room and all of a sudden we both heard something moving in the loft; the same thing like dragging a heavy chest.

We left it like that and fell asleep and the same thing happened every night, and one night we both heard heavy footsteps walking downstairs and everyone was in bed fast asleep so we both said who's downstairs? So my brother went to investigate but came back into our bedroom and said there's no one down there all the lights are off, so we stayed awake to see if we can hear it again. After about 10 minutes it happened once more as though someone was walking downstairs and then started walking upstairs, stopped outside our room then walked to the other bedrooms then stopped and went quiet. I felt very scared as I was only young. So I told my mum about the strange noises that me and my brother heard and all she said it's the heating system making noises but I knew there was something else in the house, it just did not feel right.

Months went by and we could still hear the same noises every night in the loft and footsteps. After these strange encounters in the house, I could never go to the toilet without someone being at the bottom of the stairs knowing I would be safe.

I just had new wallpaper in my bedroom and when I woke up I found hoof type marks embedded and burnt into my new wallpaper leading from the ceiling down towards my face, now at this time I was very scared, I showed my oldest brother who shares the same bedroom as me to have a look at the wallpaper and even he could see the burnt in hoof prints leading down from the ceiling to where my head would be, we both kept quiet about this did not say a word.

One night I asked my mum if she could stand at the bottom of the stairs while I go to the toilet and I was told that I was old enough now to go up there by myself, but in my own mind I knew something was up there just waiting for me. I plucked up the courage and turned the hall light on and went up slowly to the toilet. I got to the top of the stairs I don't know what made me look, but I was staring at the loft door which was big and was shut tight, then I went into the toilet quickly closed the door and locked it. All of a sudden I heard this scraping sound just outside the door, I said who's out there but no reply then I was shivering with fear. I was in there for about 5 minutes but knew I needed to get out of there and back down stairs with my family, so I unlocked the door and slowly opened it and walked out onto the landing and I noticed the loft door was open but not open wide, I could only see darkness in the loft and I could not move just kept staring at the gap in the loft door. I could not pull myself away from it and the most scariest thing happened; I could see two bright red eyes coming closer to the opening but could not see anything else, only the glowing red eyes because the loft was completely dark. I froze with fear and could not speak or shout. The red glowing eyes were staring at me and I could not move at all, but in my mind I just needed to escape from what was up in the loft, so I crouched down but still in a trance with its eyes and grabbed the top step of the stairs and tried to crawl down to the bottom of the stairs, but felt like it had hold of me and would not let me go. As I grabbed step by step it let go of me and then I was free and ran into the living room were my family was. Still shivering with fear I did not say anything, I just did not want to tell anyone about what just happened to me. So I kept quiet and scared. It still scares me to this day as I am writing this true event that happened to me along time ago as though I can still see those glowing red eyes.

We eventually moved to a more modern house in Staffordshire and not much happened in that house only few occasions I heard in my bedroom like someone scraping their feet walking around but I was not bothered about it. Years went by thinking that everything has stopped haunting me but I was wrong, when we moved again into a Victorian house in Wales 1987 which now I was 16 years of age. A year went by after moving in and things were happening again but this time with a difference!

At this stage I was older and had thick curtains to block out the street light's so I could have a good night sleep after a hard day's work but one night I was wakened by this heaviness at the bottom of my bed on top of my legs and started moving like an animal of some sort and started sniffing, but at this moment I could not move with fear of what this creature wanted and why was it on my bed. I had my head under the covers and stayed still and this creature was moving & sniffing about for few minutes then I moved and kicked it off and it made a loud heavy thump on the floor then I quickly got out of bed and turned my light on but nothing was there in my room. I kept my light on all night and went back to sleep and after that I kept my curtains open to let a little bit of light in.

Weeks went by and I was still petrified of turning my light off and going to sleep thinking will that creature of some sort return again.

One night I was trying to sleep and I heard two voices either side of my bed talking to each other and then went quiet, then the next night same thing happened again like heaviness on my legs but this time something came up slowly towards my face and I had an hot & cold feeling going through my body and when it got up closer to my face it whispered something to me in my ear but did not capture what it said, at this moment I froze, could not move and then I flinched and it slowly went back down towards to the bottom of the bed and the most strangest thing happened I could see a pale blue Orb and it was as big as a small plate and it vanished so quick through my door.

This person spoke to me whilst I was working and introduced himself and said he is a medium. He started talking about my past and everything he was saying was true, then he told me that I have got something following me around. He went on saying that this force that's with me is so strong that it can smash through walls and also said that he could not see it but only a 6 foot dark figure and goes on saying it's the most powerful thing he has ever felt and says that it's not here to hurt anyone but it needs you to take it somewhere, only you know where it wants to go. He also said that this thing thinks you can lead him to this place so this dark figure can take revenge and that's all he said. After that I heard no strange sounds in my bedroom but now again I hear something outside my bedroom door but when I do go to bed I always get this strange feeling that something is watching me.

It is now November 2002, Me, my Son, & my brother were walking round the corner late at night going to the 24hr garage to get some things and as we walked down street there was this very old distressed woman. We asked can we help you, and the woman replied "yes,I'm trying to get into this house but there is no answer" saying she wanted to speak with her daughter. She also asked "have you got 2p for the phone box" and she was crying at the same time as though worried about something. As we approached her to calm her down and help the poor woman, she said don't touch me. We thought that was strange and she was still outside the house waiting for an answer, so we left the old woman and went straight to the garage and got what we needed and as we went back home the woman had vanished so we thought nothing more of that night.

A year after the same month we were walking to the garage about the same time as the year before we saw the old woman again in the same place and still crying and saying the same things we thought that was spooky as though we seen a ghost.

Years went by and one morning my son woke up and said to me that he saw this tall dark figure standing at the side of my bed and he wanted to wake me up and tell me about the strange dark figure at the side of me but fell back to sleep.

Me & my girlfriend booked two nights in a holiday apartment and we chatted and we were having some red wine then watching a film as well and as we got sleepy we turned of the light and the room was pitch black and all of a sudden she says that something is poking her and I thought she was joking after the stories I told her about me and my hauntings but she kept on saying there is something poking me, so we turned on the light and nothing was there and then turned the light off again. Then something strange happened; something was messing about with her mobile and music came on without anyone touching it, she got out of bed and had a look and said that is strange that the song that was playing by itself was called ''Unbreakable'' Spooky. We kept on hearing knocking sounds in the room and as I reached over to cuddle her we heard this loud growl coming from her side of the bed and both of us put our heads underneath the covers saying to each other who is going to turn on the light but I could not move with fear, few minutes went by and we both shot out of bed then turned the light on but there was nothing in the room. There has been reports of Ghostly Activity in that building by others who have stayed there.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-10)
Greetings, J.L.M.
(I hope you don't mind the abbreviation.)

I can't believe I missed this when it was posted! I just read your comment to MG's "Glowing Red Eyes Staring At Me" (story=26765), so I thought I'd pop over and read your narrative.

While it was undoubtedly scary for you at the time, I got a great laugh out of your description, "I had my head under the covers and stayed still... Then I moved and kicked it off and it made a loud heavy thump on the floor." Take *that* mysterious beastie!

Since the medium you met told you "that this thing thinks you can lead him to this place so this dark figure can take revenge," have you tried telling it that you can't take it to where it wants to go? While "dark" spirits may be good, bad, or indifferent, something/someone seeking revenge (even justified retaliation) isn't healthy to have hanging around. Call it "bad karma," "sinister," or anything you like, but the idea of getting caught up in the revenge fantasy of "the most powerful thing [the medium] has ever felt" may not be in your best interest; even the vague description that "it's not here to hurt anyone but it needs you to take it somewhere," is not a reassuring set of parameters for dealing with an unseen presence.

Does this entity still linger outside your room? I strongly recommend being polite about getting it to move on, but having it around your home, especially if you've got a son at home, is not a good idea.

Bastet (2 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-11)
I have to say, I love watching horror movies - I find them amusing and not scary at all! I usually watch them before bed, But after reading your story, my friend, I was sleeping with lights on! Living in a semi haunted house before myself, I can well imagine all what you went thru. Similar as you, I never thought the activity was harmful, but the experience is still terrifying! Thank you for sharing. ❤
jlmellings (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-12)
Hello 👻 thank you for reading my true ghost stories and yes as I was growing up it was scary for me at that time and yes I still hear things in my bedroom and does not bother me any more but I can never close my curtains as things do happen when I do, so I always leave them open to let some light in.

Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
Bloody hell... It's scary as poop.

What sort of revenge does it want?... Now the growling in the hotel room...that's definitely not good! As for some of it, it sounds like sleep paralysis with one exception... There was no paralysis here, and of course the events at the stairs couldn't have been, as you were awake. So, just thinking that it could have been the same entity you saw when you were younger, but then again I could be wrong. Not letting you get away... I've heard a story from a classmate who had something similar happen to him on his way home, but we didn't believe him as he was scared of everything in the
It might have been completely natural that you couldn't move, as a lot of people have different reactions to terrifying events, and what could be more terrifying than a being you don't know anything about, and on top of that it can seemingly just appear and disappear where and whenever it wants. Was there any further communication coming your way or did it all stop since then. I don't know about the orb... I do know pictures of them aren't depicting ghosts, just out of focus dust or other stuff... Anyways this was a thrilling ride
Alex_Beast (17 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
This is Interesting.

The creature in your bedroom sniffing around could have been a animal from the other realms or or an astral animal.

There is known to be animals on the other side also, wild and domesticated.

But I could be wrong and the dark figure could shapeshift witch many powerful beings can.

Do you still have encounters to this day?
Just wondering if your chakras has shut down.

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