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Dama Blanca En Laguna


I entitled this story in Spanish (which literally means 'White Lady in Laguna') to emphasize the girl's description.

Before I start my story, I would like to reiterate a disclaimer. I have not experienced it first hand but most of my relatives did so, I guess, I better share it here. I will use my relatives' initials so readers will not be confused.

It happened in one of the municipalities of the province of Laguna in the Philippines. My mom's sister (with her family) lives there up until now. Every summer and Christmas vacation, my other cousins and I usually stay there to have fun, relax and bond with our relatives.

I can no longer recall the exact year the incident happened but I think I was between 9-12 years old back then. J, K, Jr (my cousins), G (my younger sister) and I were always together doing stuff. Sometimes we play outside, or indoors, or have some food trippings, or just chill and share ghost stories. As kids, for the sake of sharing, we tend to imagine things and create a story and just be persuasive enough so that others may feel that the story was real. So, I shared them about my made-up story about a white lady in our home. I made sure that it will look very real so they will be scared, thus, making my story believable.

When it was J's turn, by the way, J and Jr were brothers, he told us about this certain lady, dressed in old Spanish looking white kamiseta, with hair tied in a perfect bun, with neck collar, but no one can see her face. Of course, I thought, just like me, J was just making up that story. As he continued his story, this lady, who was mostly seen roaming around the subdivision club house, was already famous within the homeowners.

Some saw her walking towards the playground. Some saw her standing near a tree in the same club house. Or sometimes, just walking without specific direction and then vanish into thin air. Some claimed to have been visited by this lady right in their own homes.

That same night when my cousins and I were sharing ghost stories, my aunt told us to call it a night and have a sleep since we will be going to an amusement park the next day and we need to prepare and to have enough energy.

The next day, I remember the adults and some older cousins talking at the veranda. My uncle said that after my aunt has put us to sleep, he heard some unrecognizable noise in the living room so he went outside their room to check. No one was there except a silhouette of a lady sitting near the dining room. Since uncle has a bad eyesight, he thought the lady was my older cousin. He shrugged it off and just told the lady to sleep. The odd thing was, that Jn just came home that morning because she slept in her best friend's house also in that subdivision. So, there's no way she will be in the house that night.

Others may say, maybe my uncle was just imagining things since he has bad eyesight, and it's night time, with dim lights coming from the front yard. But no, after that incident, a group of young adults (college students doing their thesis) said that they actually saw a lady entering the house. They were actually scared for what they saw because of the infamous white lady. It was near the time when my uncle saw the silhouette.

Another incident was when we were playing outside. We were so mischievous when we were young. We press the door bells of the neighboring houses then even before they open the gate, we run as fast as we could so the people of the house will not see us. One time, my younger sister pressed a door bell of a big house. We ran as fast as we could but my sister did not. We went back to her and told her to go and run so the owner of the house will not catch us. But she said that, there's no need to run because the owner already saw us. She said that there's a lady voice from the inside who shouted at us. From what she heard, it said "Hoy! Tigilan nyo na yan." (Hey! Stop that). My cousin Jr peeked at the inside of the house and he said that indeed there was a lady sitting in a chair but he can't see the face. The lady seemed to be doing something in her clothes. We all then said our apologies to the lady.

But, before we leave, a car stopped and a family of four alighted. They were the owners of the house. Jr told the guy who was the same age as him, that a lady shouted at us. Well, we thought that's their aunt or older cousin. But, the guy said that no one was there. They all left to go to Batangas 2 days ago and they just came back. So, the question was, WHO WAS THAT LADY WHO SHOUTED AT US? The lady that my cousin saw doing something in her clothes.

I am trying to recall the other stories but since I was very young that time, I already forgot them. All I know is that the white lady has come to the knowledge of the community priest so I heard they made some rituals. Some houses were renovated. In fact my aunt and uncle's house were also renovated. I haven't gone to Laguna for a long time now so I am not sure if the infamous white lady still scares the place.

From what I heard also, there's a story of a girl who went missing during the Spanish era. She was found later on a creek (the place where the club house is located), dead. No one knew what exactly happened to her. There's also a story circulating that she was raped and killed. Or, some said that she was actually an ilustrado (elite) based on the dress she was wearing, who fell in love with an indio (poor) who betrayed her and with that, she killed herself. Some also said that since she's an ilustrado, her family never approved of her relationship with an indio so she killed herself.

Neither of the theories were proven. Whether she was killed or took her own self, no one will now. I will ask my cousins bout this lady when we got together soon.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-05)
I have heard tales of the lady in white from several cultures. La Llarona in the southwest, the cemetery lady of Chicago, and of course, your lady in white. I wonder if there is a commonality in all these spirits. I know that Japan has there own lady in white hauntings. You certainly are not alone with your story.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-01)
At some point what you said left me thinking. As I recalled, the lady was wearing an old Spanish style dress, as described by the people who claimed to have seen it. On the other note, my younger sister and older cousin did not specify if what they saw in the house of my cousin's friend was exactly the same lady haunting the subdivision. They just mentioned a lady doing something in her dress. Roughly 20 years has passed when those events happened. I wish I can give more information. I haven't gone to Laguna for a long time and we (my cousins there) have not seen each other for a long time too - even in reunions - as I always have work when they plan reunions. But we are planning to get together this Christmas, I will make a note to ask them about the lady and update this post. Or much better I'll try to message them through Facebook messenger instead. I'll do it later or tomorrow.

Honestly, I have several posts here in my account in which I personally encounter. But this one? I have second thoughts of posting since I did not encounter it first hand. I don't want to be judged as hearsay story teller hahaha. And I just posted it here now because I just remembered it when I was reading a couple of ghost stories online from other sites.

I promise to give update once I have a word from my cousin.
DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (79 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-01)
Philippines has always never come short of places to be haunted. I won't dispute that, Filipinos were colonized by not only the Spaniards but by the Japanese and Americans as well. Though not as long as with the Spaniards length of stay which I believe hundreds of years but never the less all are of importance to the country's history.

I do believe that the remnants of those said eras might have placed some of the places in the Philippines somewhat tainted with negative energies from the Spaniards wars with the Philippines' native or local people to the Japanese' wars with the guerrillas for sure have spilled so much blood to the places where we can only imagine as haunted right now.

On your story though you said that the lady in white roams the subdivision so then is it right to assume that the whole subdivision is her place of attachment is that correct?

Would it be possible though that maybe because the whole subdivision is haunted, it might not be just one ghost that are having their apparitions shown to people?

I always tend to believe that the description of white lady is a generalized term or people all over the Philippines who have witnessed it's apparition would've assumed it's just one ghost.

Thank you for the reply majarlika, appreciate it and God bless.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-01)
Hi DarriuxDarkk, you got a point there. However, as you see, I have mentioned several versions of the story as to why that white lady existed (not sure if she's still existing up to now). The old creek (club house now) might be the place where her corpse was found but, there may be underlying reasons as to why she roams the entire subdivision.

Since she was told to be from an elite clan, then she might be famous in that community. I am not really sure. She might as well attached herself to the entire community/subdivision.

Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300+ years (until we received independence from Spain in 1898). I wish I have the luxury of time to investigate some more.
DarriuxDarkk (6 stories) (79 posts)
4 years ago (2019-11-01)
The stories about her death sounds like of an urban legend tied to that place. I do have a question though and I hope others can enlighten me as well because I'm confused.

I thought hauntings of a ghost are usually tied to a place or things they have attachment to. How come that said white lady can roam around the neighborhood and enter people's houses?

If the said lady was murdered or died on that said creek, shouldn't she be haunting that place only?

Sorry I have many questions. It is always good to learn and be receptive to new informations.

Thanks and God bless.

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