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This is actually my mama, late grandfather, and uncle's experience in the year 70's. Back when the houses in the metro were still blocks away from each other. If my memory serves me right, as told by my mama, she was 6-7 years old then while my tito [uncle] was a year younger than her.

The story goes like this:

One afternoon, my lolo [grandfather] was asked to help in slaughtering the pig [so they could use it for different dishes and be served to the guests] by their neighbor who will have a baptismal party the next day. My lolo went there, and my mama and tito, being the youngest that time, went with lolo so they could play with their neighbor's children. It was already evening when they finished slaughtering and chopping the pig. Their neighbor gave lolo the pig's head as a gratitude.

On their way home, mama noticed a big bird swirling around a tree. She was amazed on how big it was. Little did she know, lolo was already aware and ready on their defense. Having the bolo [large cutting tool of Filipino origin similar to the machete] in his hand, lolo told mama and my tito to keep close to him and not to look up. Mama and tito held lolo tightly and hid their heads inside lolo's t-shirt. Then, lolo raised his bolo together with the pig's head and said to that big bird, "Lumayas ka dito kundi iitakin kita. Layuan mo kami ng mga anak ko. Kung gusto mo sa'yo na itong baboy." (Get out from here or else I will strike you with this bolo. Get away from us. If you want I'll just give you this pig.)

My mama, being a naughty kid, took a peek, and saw the big bird flying away from them. When they reached home, lolo told them that the big bird was actually what they call "tiktik". A creature who looks like a big bird, most of its victims/preys are pregnant women. They love the smell of babies.

Mama concluded that maybe, the tiktik went after them either because of the pig's blood or theirs. I personally doen't know if I will believe in the story or not.

I haven't seen any urban legend creatures yet. I am not sure if this is just my mama's way of scaring us when we were kids so we will not stay up late outside. LOL.

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Toby (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-13)
There is another story mentioning this creature. It's called Midnight Snack: Attacked By An Aswang by ColdSoul.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-30)
[at] lady-glow: You have a point. I bet you're an animal welfare supporter? That's a great cause. Anyway, this incident happened back in the 70's when most of the people were still innocent of so many things in their surroundings, maybe, because things are yet to be discovered.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-27)
Majarlika: exactly, there's no way to know if that bird was a normal animal or something else. In the meantime, there are two scenarios that I consider unnecessary:

The first one, is for people to live their lives afraid of harmless animals.

The second, is for people to hurt or even kill harmless animals just because they are not ready to challenge the truth behind their superstitions.😞

Then, we know that when superstitions are too deep, it's very hard trying to reason them.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-27)
[at] RCRuskin yeah that's right. But then you see, that's part of our culture. Some parents use different means to discipline their children. And no. Lola was not pregnant that time. So I am guessing that it's the pig's blood which caught its attention

[at] lady-glow maybe. But we can never know.
abbykay_luv (4 stories) (43 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-26)
Nice story
Just a funny thought, does every word in the Philippines language end with an "O"?
Thanks for sharing
lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-26)
Given the richness of the Phillipine's fauna, it is possible that the big bird wasn't a tiktik but only a normal bird your grandfather wasn't familiar with.

From Wikipedia: "...The Philippine eagle has a wingspan of 184 to 220 cm (6 ft 0 in to 7 ft 3 in) and a wing chord length of 57. 4 - 61. 4 cm (22.6 - 24. 2 in).[3][23]..."
A bird that size is much larger than the average Filipino man!

For whole article:
RCRuskin (9 stories) (807 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-26)
As a means of putting children to bed, scaring them is the one thing that won't work. At least, it never worked in my case. Scaring me kept me up at night.

Was your grandmother pregnant at the time? If not, I suspect the smell of the pig's blood attracted some attention.

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