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An Angel Saved Me


*Sorry if my English is bad, English is not my first language*

This happened years ago when I was 5-6 years old (I'm 27 now), I'm female and I have a brother who is two years older than me. We live with our grandparents since our parents divorced.

My grandparents have three big and tall Durian tree in their backyard, me and my brother loves Durian so much that every time we came back from school we would get excited and rush to the back yard to search for Durian on the ground (during Durian season of course). We treat it like competition, whoever found and get their hand first on the Durian then he is the winner and 'the winner' don't need to share it with the other (I know, it's childish).

So one day during the day, me and my brother were in the backyard searching for Durian on the ground. We found none during that day and I felt a little disappointed, so I foolishly decided to go near one of the Durian tree and stand directly below the many branches of the tree and stand side by side with the trunk trying to peek behind the trunk, hoping there may be Durian there on the dirt.

Right at that moment I heard 'click' sound above my head, along with the sound of something falling through the branches and leaves. I know that sound too well. Whenever Durian fall it is loud and we can hear it even from inside our grandparents' house. I turn around and look at my brother. He is looking at me too and we just staring at each other without a word.

Based on his reaction I know he have heard the sound of Durian falling above my head too. I don't know why but time seem to have slowed down for me. I remember after looking at my brother, I tried to look up trying to catch glimpse of the Durian that fall above me but I can't due to the many branches.

A lot is happening in my mind during that time. I see glimpses of my life, thinking that I will have uneven head or I'll probably die young and won't be experiencing adulthood and married life. Also thinking what would my family reaction if I died, what would happen to them?

But somehow during the fiasco in my mind, my inner voice is telling me that it is alright. An angel is going to save me. My inner voice telling me to step aside and it is not too late to move. I manage to calm a bit and look at my brother again. He is still staring at me and I contemplated to move whether if it really is not too late to take a step away from the fallen Durian that is on it's way to my head.

But my inner voice kept telling me to move and trust the angel. I decided to just trust my inner voice and moved my legs and step away from where I stand. Within seconds after I moved and turn around, the Durian fall directly at the spot where I stand seconds before.

To this day when me and my brother talk about that incident, he admit he was shocked at that time and puzzled how I stood still and have time to look up above me and still manage to walk away unscathed from the already falling Durian.

Ps: Durian is nicknamed the king of fruits due to its size; it has thorn all over and is heavy.

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robo (15 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-22)
angel save u saw something look like angel old days u still go to the grand parents house 😢
Amor (5 stories) (64 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-25)
Thank you for this wonderful story. I added it as one of my faves. You write so well.

I love durian, too, and I also believe in guardian angels. It must be funny now when you and your brother try to recall what happened, you side-stepping ninja. Haha. The tree, itself, could have saved you by breaking the fall of the heavy fruit.

By the way, so who won that time? Did you end up sharing with your brother?

Thank you and take care.
jabond99 (3 stories) (61 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-17)

I believe angels exist, and it seems you have experienced one first hand. I hope your life has been enriched by the experience, and that you will live your life all that much fuller because of it.

By the way, I avoid durian not because of the risk of one dropping on my head, but rather because of the smell. That means more durian for you!

James Bond
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-14)
Really enjoyed your story. Thank you for sharing. Your English is just fine. Good job. I believe in guardian angels as well. We are never alone. ❤
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-12)
I have seen pictures of a Durian tree and I marvel at the size of the fruit that it produces. It does not surprise me that the weight of the fruit on the branches of the tree would cause a branch to shatter. I am a big believer in guardian angels. By the way, I think your English is very good.

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