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Hearing Mom's Voice And Baby Crying When No One Is There


Over the years that I have lived in my current house, a few paranormal things have approached me. Before I was born, I had a sister that passed due to complications with her blood. I live in a very religious house, and my relatives always tell me she is always watching over me. Occasionally, when I am staying home alone, I will hear footsteps, or something fall in a different room. Once, a broom fell over directly behind me, while I was home alone.

Last night, I heard someone who sounded like my mom calling my name, twice. She did it first at about 9:49 PM, while I was in bed early, trying to fall asleep. Then, preceding a baby's cry, a series of small clicks. This was the first time the activity had escalated. The voice also sounded like it was right in the next room, but my mother was watching television with my father in the den. If she had called me from there, I would not have heard her. My sister died in December, which of course is our current month, so could she have come back... To remind us? Again, I have a very religious family. So is it true that maybe she came back?

Again, a lot of things had fallen when I was home alone. Our power flickers often, and I know for a fact that my parents pay all of our bills.

I forgot to mention that in the house I used to live in, I would often see a small silhouette climbing up our staircase, which faces my bedroom directly, and then the silhouette would stare into my room, and then run away. This would happen every night, and once the footsteps kept me up all night. I would stare into the hallway, and often see shadows on the walls. My parent never saw anything. Any help with this situation?

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-02)
Thanks for the reply, friendlyclown.

LuciaJacinta's heartbreaking experience is exactly the sort of event that I am going to caution you about.

The examples of infant or baby hauntings that spring to mind do not have the same manner of temporality that is possible for a youthful-through-mature spirit. That is to say that baby spirits seem to remain baby spirits, with the exceptions of twins who grow and mature at the same rate as the living sibling. As your sister did not have a living twin, I harbor serious reservations about the activity in your home.

The well-intentioned adults may tell you that your sister is looking after you, but provoking your fear to get you to respond does *not* sound like the protective role of an elder sibling. Mimicking your mother so you are tempted to enter a different room sounds downright *wrong* to me.

I strongly suspect that an entity has been feeding off of the pain in your family, and that anyone who has interacted with the entity has tried to pass it off with a semi-credible self-delusion. It is very easy to lie to ourselves when we don't want the harsh truth to be our reality. I recommend that you begin to pray within your religious tradition to limit the activity of this potentially-parasitic entity and to banish it from your home.

After I end this message, I'm going to include a house-cleansing ritual, written by esteemed YGS member Rook, that will *not* conflict with any religious belief or practice. Rook happens to be a minister of Christian faith, but members from assorted belief systems and cultures have found it helpful in dealing with negative entities. I do hope it provides you with a starting point to find some peace in your home.


* * * * *
Rook's recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)
friendlyclown (3 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-01-02)
Biblio, thank you for the comment. I'd say my sister was about 12 months old when she died. I was not alive. She died at my grandparent's house, but we buried her in a nearby cemetery which makes me wonder if she followed us.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-27)
Biblio's questions are good ones.

A lot of your experiences are similar to things I've been through as well. So, I can relate.

But regardless of it's a religious house or not... Spirits of the unsavory sort could still get in. I'm not saying it is negative... But I also wouldn't jump to assume that just because you live in a religious house/family that it's all good in the spirit realm. I'm not trying to be a naysayer and negative Nelly here but I would still proceed cautiously.

I also had a baby that died and in my house I was too quick to assume that it was the baby. I entertained this idea for awhile until the spirit showed it's ugly head confirming it was not the innocent baby. So... My general thoughts are that yes sometimes it can be the souls of the departed but if it's dark shadows and creepy...I'd weigh that idea a bit more before entertaining it.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-26)
Greetings, friendlyclown, and welcome to YGS.

First, you've omitted the most important detail: What was the age of your older sister when she died? Additionally, do your parents still live in the same home as when your sister was alive? You do state that you're in "my current house," but that doesn't rule out the location being the same one in which your sister lived.

I'd be most grateful for clarification on these points before I hazard any guesses or advice about your current situation.


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