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Sleep Walk Or Dead Walk?


I'm an avid reader here in YGS and I think I have read almost all of the stories here, so everytime I read one I always thought I should share my experience too. Hence, it took me months to have the guts because I'm not that really good of telling stories through writing especially in English lol. So please forgive me in advance as I'll do my best to make you all understand my story.:) So let's start!

It all began when I was around 19 or 20 years old I lived in a boarding house alone cause that time my mom is in CDO for work and my siblings live with my aunties. So this boarding house has 3 aligned rooms, each room has different tenants I'm at the middle and it's just a small room that it only fits 1 queen sized bed and a small table with one window, so basically it's just an all in one bedroom. By the way I live in Busay here in Cebu, as to those people who'd known the place here, it's like the city in the mountain cause a lot of people live here as well.

So to continue my story there's this one night when my friends and I are in our "tambayan" (the place where friends always gather) just a typical night talking, doing their own business. When there's this sudden blackout so normally we lit a candle to lighten out our place. But the failure of electricity took a while to regain, so I decided to go back home and take a nap instead. When I was in my room already I checked my phone listening to music still the electricity is out until boredom sent me to sleep. Well I had a good sleep then I wake up in the middle of the night checking out the window if neighbors' lights are already on and yes the electricity is back. So I went outside again decided to go back to tambayan cause usually me and my friends stay there even at midnight cause what we usually do there is drink with friends (not to mention I was one of the boys and 100% tambay before hehe). So when I arrived no one was there it's just me and this big sampaloc tree that surrounds our mini headquarters but it's not creepy to think cause the lamp post there is as bright as it can be. Then I thought maybe they went asleep already because of the blackout that made us go separate ways (no tambay for now).

Waiting there for a moment hoping one of my friends to come over, I felt uneasy that I need to go to pee. And since I'm all alone there I peed underneath the sampaloc tree while chanting "tabi, tabi, buyag" (it means to excuse yourself from entities disturbing there property especially during at night) after that I decided to go back to the boarding house.

Now this is the creepy part, when I'm at the boarding house I had to enter to the main door 1st to go to the 2nd door which is my room. As I was about to enter my room I saw someone lying on my bed, and what creeps me out was that certain person on my bed, is me. Now, I'm puzzled! How could it happen? All this time from the moment I wake up was I asleep? Am I the spirit watching myself lying on that bed? Then what I did I tried to enter into that body same position to the one who's sleeping but I can't. But I stayed on the position praying "In Jesus name! In Jesus name!" until I fell asleep in that dream, perhaps. The next time I wake up, now, it's real. I checked my phone and the time is around 3:00 am. Still, I decided to go out to check our tambayan. And there they are joking around talking about what happened during blackout. And there I am joining them like nothing happened. Well, technically nothing really happened cause I was asleep lol. Til my next experience. Thank you!

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arielic09 (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-25)
[at] lady-glow Whoa! Why in the heck I never thought of doing that?! Just when I read your comment it gave me goosebumps. Either way I'm still glad I didn't do it cause it might be worse than what happened lol. Thank you for your comment by the way!:)
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-24)
Most accounts of people leaving their bodies in astral form and coming back include seeing the silver cord that attaches the physical body to the astral one. Also, sometimes others have reported seeing dark entities hovering over their physical bodies while their astral one was away. Most people, however, are lucid and already believe that they are in astral form. This is not always the case as some, like you, have unintentionally allegedly left their bodies. Some even believe that it may have been a dream. The whole thing is highly debatable. I am just glad that you were not harmed.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-21)
Welcome to YGS.

Arielic - your experience is very interesting and well written.

Did you ask your friends if they stayed at the tambayan or if they, too, went home and came back after the outage?

I'm inclined to think that you were dreaming these events though, I have to admit, the part when you got home to see another you in bed makes me wonder if you had an out of body experience.

Did you happen to check if there was pee under the tree, or, even worse, in your bed? (kidding!)

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