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It's been 4 years since the first story posted and I promised to share my next experiences. I post this story with a new account since I forget my password, my old account was MangoMango, my first story titled "That Cheerful Voice".

Here we are...

We moved from our first house to a new one, still in the same neighbourhood. This new house is big, we have a garden and a fish pond, very nice and roomy.

I got a bedroom which has a connecting door to my parents' room. I adapt quickly but not long after I start to feel uneasy in my own bedroom. I always felt being watched by a thousand eyes from all around the corner. I always woke up in the middle of the night for no reason with a feeling that I'm being watched, the feeling was so strong, I don't have any courage to check around because I knew I was alone. Until I came to a point that I thought I was being monitored and asked my parents if they ever secretly woke up just to watch me sleep, which makes my mom think I am paranoid because this is my first time sleeping on my own. One day when I returned from school I saw that they had removed the door as a solution to my fear of sleeping alone.

Of course that didn't work. That feeling lingers and only in my bedroom. Weird things began to occurred. From missing things to a sudden white flash jolting across the room. Strange noises, stomping, whispering, tapping... The house just feels darker and colder. I'm afraid of my own bedroom, my life isn't comfortable any more. How about my parents? I don't know if they ever did experience the same things but chose to ignore it because they always had the excuses.

I was alone for this matter until my cousin came to work at Jakarta and lived with us. I knew she knew about something because I once caught her reacting to the same sudden flash of white and then I gave her the "I knew you saw it" looks which she replied with an awkward gaze. But I never share anything with her, I'm afraid she would moved away, let's enjoy these crazy things together shall we? Better together than alone right?

Because I'm only a little girl and I have no choice, I just bear it all and get used to it. The activities have indeed increased but most of them only appear with flashes and sounds. A new incident only happened once where I suddenly saw something thrown but then disappeared. Until one day my parents decided to install a new shower system for the second bathroom and the next morning, my mom was angry and asked if anyone of us had ever turned on the hot shower all night... Of course none. My father was upset but he remained silent and checked the system for damage but my mother was too absorbed in her anger. She yelled at us and said if no one did, then was that a ghost? She kept scolding and making fun of us, saying that we were crazy then proceeding to taunting the ghosts, if it really was them, she demand them to turn-on the shower once again. Nothing happened of course...

I know it was them. They are becoming more active and now my mother is mocking them... Thanks mom...

Fyi, the shower system was perfectly fine.

After that particular day and maybe they are affected by my mom anger, the activity increased. We often experience a single power outage at midday or midnight. The electrician came to our house many times but found no problems, our electricity was fine. My aunt once complained to us (I've a little sister) to stop running around the house but the fact was, we were playing peacefully on the living room. There's a bunch of mysterious things happened. I don't remember all of them but there's one, that I will never forget and this is the peak of all. I was on my third grade of elementary school when it happened.

My house was located near an empty lot that turned into a badminton court. That year, badminton suddenly became very popular, everybody came out to play and my parents also infected by badminton fever. Some match also casually held here. That particular day, my parents, cousin and aunt were out to watch a badminton match, leaving me and my sister alone at home.

We were playing together in my parents' room when suddenly we heard a knock on the door, it was quite loud. I answered the knock, then the doorknob turned and the door opened slightly. We still sat on the bed staring at the door and I shouted "Mom? Dad?". No one answered. Suddenly the door slammed shut then repeatedly swung open and close violently! I was shocked, my sister began screaming and crying. I hug my sister and screamed but it didn't stop! In the midst of fear and panic I kept pushing myself to find out who it was then I decided to stand up and peek at the door (it still open and closed by itself) and oh my god... I saw a torso with a green t-shirt and purple short pants, no head, no arms, no legs, floating near the door! I screamed and ran to my sister, we both screamed until the the door suddenly stopped swinging and closed calmly, we saw the door knob twisted one last time and it stopped. It's gone... We were still shocked and crying...

We waited and hugged each other for quite a long time until we both sure it was completely gone. I grab my sister and we ran to the court calling for our mom. My cousin noticed first and rushed to us asking why we were running and screaming like crazy. We still cried until we returned home together. I told my parents everything. I don't remember their reaction but I'm glad that they finally listen to me. Shortly we moved again to another house on a new neighbourhood. My parents decided to build the new house and blessed the house twice. Some little things do happen, but rarely. They exist anyway but this one I can just ignore it. I'm relieved:)

I sometimes returned to visit my old neighbourhood and the house was still vacant. Looks gloomy, dark and shabby. Before I write this post, I returned one more time. Someone had purchased the house and is under renovation, I just want to say good luck and may God bless the future tenant.

Thank you for reading, what I want to say is please never provoke them, if possible please bless your house too.

I still have my latest and hopefully my last encounter with "them". I'll tell you on the next post. Bye~

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Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-25)
Thank you for the extra information. I have always heard that renovations can wake up paranormal activity in a location. It seems reasonable to think that, at least, the intense feeling of being watched had something to do with the changes that were made to the house.
Mango2Mango (2 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-25)
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the comments, here are my replies:

[at] Lealeigh
Before we moved there, the house was never empty. When I was living in the first house, another family lived there but I never heard anything from them. Soon after they left, my parents quickly bought the house and renovated it a bit before we moved.

My parents are strict and very private so I never know what's on their mind about this house, my father is a very busy man and rarely stay at home, so I can understand why he didn't know what happened inside and my mom maybe knew something but choose to just ignore it...

[at] Alina5
I do curious about my old neighbourhood but I never try to search any background about it.
When I re-visited my old house and talked to one of my neighbour, He said that this neighbourhood was very old and on the past, it used to be dark and quiet here but he didn't mention any details afterward.

Personally I don't think it is connected to the previous one because I can feel that it was two different entity...

[at] Melda
You are still very lucky that your Mother admit it. Even until now if I talk about this to my mom, she still insist nothing had happened and I was just paranoid 😕

I don't think my parents blessed that scary house... Maybe because it was never empty before and just recently used...

Yes I do relieved that my parents blessed the new house, but if she really take it seriously, why did she keep denying my story?

[at] Silverthane61
In here we never mention anything about paranormal when we advertise a house because obviously it will affect the sales and paranormal event are considered as private matters. The only way to know is to ask around or rely on your feelings. As for me, nobody mention anything about the house not even the previous family.

But what would you do if one day you find a perfect house but then told that it was haunted?
I will definitely search for the other house hahaha
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-24)
You lived through a very scary event when you were little. Here in the U.S., there are many places that require the people selling a home to mention any shortcomings of the house being sold - to include ghostly activity. I am wondering if your parents had to mention the haunts when they moved. However, the regulations concerned with selling homes may be different where you are. I am glad you and your sister survived.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-23)
Mango2Mango - I have just read your previous story which is rather mild in comparison with this one. What I note from that experience is that your mother did in fact believe at least part of what you told her. She even told you not to answer when the voices called. So she certainly isn't a complete sceptic.

The next house went up a notch or two. I know how frightened you were because I had some very scary experiences in my childhood home and like you, I was told I was dreaming or I had a very vivid imagination. Only much later, after we had moved from that home, did my mother tell me that she had experienced two of the milder experiences which I had.

Do you know whether your mother had your "scary house" blessed? I'd really be interested to know that.

However, it's a good thing that your present home has been blessed and that proves to me that your mother did in fact eventually take you seriously.

You are obviously sensitive to the paranormal and the blessing of the new home probably removed anything malevolent which might have been there, leaving only a benign entity which is unlikely to harm you in any way. If it does become aggressive, bless your house again.

Regards, Melda
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-23)
Hello Mango2Mango,

Glad to learn you're doing well. It is unfortunate you again had to encounter "them" but hopefully the event is not as active as this one.

Blessing the house is considered a very important ritual in my religion before residing in any household, it is believed to have purify the atmosphere warding off negative energies to an extent. However, this seemed like a residual haunting to me.

Have you ever opted to learn about the background of your house?

Since you had experienced a similar thing before in your previous household which according to you was in the same neighborhood. It sparks a curiousity,

Was your neighborhood prone to these residual hauntings?

Do you believe these incidents are somehow connected to the previous ones?

I can understand how relieved you are of getting rid of these unpleasant activities. Just wanted to provide you a little insight about this one.

God Bless you!

Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-22)
Hello Mango2Mango,

Yes, I believe it isn't wise to mock anyone - living or otherwise; but your mother didn't believe. She was only mocking you, I guess, which is unfortunate.

You said that you moved into this house from another one in the same neighborhood. Do you remember if it stood empty for a long time before you moved in?

As you moved into the third house, which was built by your parents, your mother chose to have this location blessed. I assume that she didn't do this to the house that gave you so much trouble. My thinking is that, on some level, your mother believed that there was something wrong with the second house - even though she mocked you for thinking it was haunted. The third house she had blessed. Or maybe she still doesn't believe and she might have done this blessing for your benefit.

I hope everything goes well with the new owners of the house and I hope everything goes well with you too.

- Maria

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