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Select Experiences From The Army -- The Door Slams


First up I want to say that I am a Christian (Protestant, but not that it matters what kind of Christian you are), and believe in God the Almighty. I also believe that there are "supernatural" entities among us (just read the Bible you would know that from the beginning to the end they are also mentioned in there), and that there are good entities that do God's work, as well as evil ones that do Satan's work.

In Singapore, every able-bodied male has to undergo 2 years of National Service (compulsory conscription), in my time this was 2.5 years. Most of us will end up serving in the Army, and smaller numbers will join the Navy, Air Force, Civil Defense, Police force, etc. I was posted to the Military Police, which is a different branch from the Army. This was almost 2 decades ago.

During BMT (Basic Military Training), I was ill for a couple of days during one of the exercises, and therefore was assigned to be the a part of the OppFor (Opposition Force), which is basically to simulate enemy activity and movement. Most of this involved defense of an objective like a hill or building. And so I was placed deep in the jungle (training area) with a platoon of OppFor, waiting to ambush the unit on their way to the objective.

Setting: About 3-4am in the morning, on a tropical training island called Pulau Tekong, which for hundreds of years prior was a sleepy fishing village, converted into a training island for the military. The area where we were positioned was deep in the jungle, meaning that trees grew close together, with occasional thick undergrowth which was conducive for concealment. The nearest support vehicles (commanders', first aid, etc) were about 1-2 km away on a service road as there wasn't enough space for a vehicle to pass between the vegetation. There was a little illumination from the moon, but as the canopy was thick, it was pretty dark down where we were. It does get quiet in the forest sometimes, depending on whether the animals are making other noises, (crickets, cicadas, frogs, etc), but generally sound doesn't carry far because of the thick vegetation.

After several hours of waiting, my mate and I heard a slamming of a vehicle (sounded like a jeep) door nearby, as though it happened only a few meters away. We slowly turned to look at each other, as if to say "did you hear that?" (we couldn't talk -- to remain tactical). We turned back to observe our arcs-of-fire. Several minutes later, when the phenomenon was wearing off due to our fatigue, "bang" we heard it again. Later after the exercise was over, I confirmed with him that we did indeed hear the same sound twice. There was no vehicle nearby, nor was there any other sounds or movement to suggest that one was nearby (engine sound, footsteps, talking, etc). Besides, no matter how well you can drive, you wouldn't be able to squeeze a car in between the vegetation. As we were only acquaintances (different companies), we didn't have the chance to discuss this again.

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Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
So, nothing else happened? No dread feelings? I imagine it would have scared me too given the setting... It is interesting to say the least.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-09)
Anno Domini - Thanks for your reply. Well you have answered my question by confirming that cars used to be present on the island.

I too am Christian and what I can tell you is that not all Christians believe that supernatural beings are fallen angels or demons. I have no doubt that they exist but there are a lot of good ones out there!

Regards, Melda
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-09)
Melda -- the island used to have cars, but not likely jeeps, as usually the scrapped cars used to be sent to the island (cars no longer fit for use on the mainland) as the traffic regulations didn't apply to the island. Most of the cars were Toyota Crowns.

Kiki -- yes you are right, there were huts scattered throughout the island, and were once used / lived in, however we scouted the area before setting up our defences (need to find best cover / widest arc of fire, corral points etc), and there were no huts / structures nearby.

I am submitting my experiences as I would like to express that even from a Christian point of view these "supernatural" events are possible, it's just that we have a different understanding of these events. Instead of believing spirits of the dead roam the earth, we believe that these are fallen angels (synonymous with demons / evil spirits etc) that are send to do the work of the devil. Colossians 1:16 expressly states that all of creation is created by God, so the term "supernatural" doesn't really apply as they (spirits) are also part of the world we live in. I have a few more stories to share from my time in the army, but these experiences were more of observations and were not terrifying to me.
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-06)
Anno_Domini, wow! This is a fascinating story and has so many intriguing aspects. The first thing, I must ask is did your Training Manager tell you the types of animals you might encounter in the forest? The reason I ask is because there could have been deadly snakes, spiders and other predators in the forest. Apart from being capable of causing serious injury or even death, wild animals can make (and mimic) some very strange sounds. (As I live in Africa, I have seen it for myself). The second idea, I can pose to you is that as the island was previously a little fishing village, there could have been little buildings, houses or huts in and around the forest which were occupied or abandoned/unoccupied. As your task was to impersonate and imitate enemy behaviour as a primary endeavour, an abandoned living-space might not have been present or showing on the map or guiding-tools given. It is possible that somewhere nearby, there was such a building and the noise could have been made from any number of occurrences. For example, a window bashing against its window pane, a board falling against or scraping the wall, other building or construction materials clashing against one another.

There is much to be said, about "why" people choose to submit their experiences to a paranormal website. Sometimes, it is curiosity or intrigue, sometimes because he/she wants is studying the paranormal and is looking for answers where there simply aren't any, and sometimes, to figure out something or come to resolve, there are many, many reasons. It is a well-known fact that a person's intuition plays a large role in deciding a paranormal experience. Normally, if you feel that something was out of place, unusual, unexplainable or bizzarre, it means the incident was likely paranormal, most of the time.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-06)
Anno Domini - Whilst reading your account the first thing that occurred to me was that the vegetation could have become more overgrown with the passing of the years. Possibly in the distant past a Jeep might have been able to traverse that area.

That's my humble opinion. I'm sure other posters will have questions and opinions but off the top of my head that's the only explanation I can come up with, if the incident was indeed paranormal.

Regards, Melda

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