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Growl, Tap, Slam


I will start by saying I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. Fascinated but very afraid at the same time. I hope that makes sense. The story take place in St. Louis, Missouri. I had moved there in 2010 (I was 20 at the time) for a few months with my older sister Farrah (name changed) and her daughter Tia (name changed). While I was there, her other daughter Roxie (name changed) came home from jail, and that's when the even occurred.

On Roxie's first night out of jail, her and her mom Farrah went to the casino. By the time they came home around 12:30, Tia and I were asleep in two different rooms. They were slightly intoxicated and loud when they came in, which woke me up. I didn't move from I just tried to wait for them to settle down so I could drift back off to sleep.

Farrah thought it would be a good idea for mother and daughter to say a prayer together. (They are still in the living room) Once they began to pray aloud, there was a loud growling noise. I could hear from my room that they were puzzled and a little frightened. They thought they maybe were hearing things.

They were not hearing things because it was loud. I heard it from my bed. I was scared to I tried to get to sleep as fast as possible. My logic was that if something supernatural was going to happen, hopefully I would sleep through it. I fell asleep but was awakened at 3 am to my niece Tia coming in the room where I slept. She said she wanted to get her bible and her cross from my room. She was visibly shaken, so now that I was up I was not about to stay in my room alone.

Farrah, Roxie, Tia and I were all huddled up in Farrah's bed. They told me while I had been sleep they were hearing stuff. They didn't go into details because they didn't want to scare me. We were calming down when we began to hear a tapping sound. It seemed to be coming from the kitchen. We all got up, holding each other, and proceeded to walk in a line to the source of the noise. When we got there we noticed there was a plastic cup from KwikTrip (a convenience store Farrah and Roxie stopped at before coming home), in the sink. That is significant because my sister swears it was on the counter at least a foot away from the sink.

My sister is examining the cup while Roxie, Tia and I are huddled up in the hallway door looking in. Next thing I know all the dresser drawers in the room where I was sleeping start going crazy. Opening and closing by themselves. I could not see the drawers from where I was but I know the sound. Also, my room was the only one with a dresser, my sister only had a closet. That went on from about 1 minute but felt like forever. Once it stopped, with me leading the way, we ran past that room to get to Farrah's room.

That was the last straw for Farrah, she picked up her cross and started yelling "Get out of my house demon." She would then yell out prayers and more commands for the bad spirit or whatever it was to get out. I don't know if it worked but we didn't hear anything any more that night or any other night. That didn't stop us from staying up the rest of that night, and everyone sleeping together for the next two weeks.

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Aaron13lib (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-11)
Very interesting story! I can relate because I too love paranormal and horror but am afraid of it at the same time! 😁

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