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Baby Kicking My Car Seat


I have been actively reading everyone's stories here and have decided to submit my own. It's nothing crazy but still really freaked me out and you will see why.

This happened around May 2016 when I was dating my now wife N. N and I had just finished our dinner/movie date and I had just dropped her off at her house. At the time one of my sisters was still very young and would still use a car seat, and it was still buckled in behind my driver's seat because I forgot to take it out, this is important context. There was always two ways back home for me, I could have taken a road that cuts straight through the town she lived in and ends up taking me very close to home, but this way took about 30 minutes longer than going on the highway (my second option), so I decided this time to take the highway home as it was around 11:30 PM.

I had a very small Toyota Celica coupe, which if anyone knows has very little leg room in the back and the seats are not too sturdy so you would be able to feel anyone's legs movements if they were sat behind you. I made my way onto the highway with some music playing and there was almost no one on the road. As I was approaching the first exit off of the highway I suddenly feel two very small feet pushing against the back of my driver's seat. I know it felt like small feet kicking my chair because as I mentioned before my little sister would often ride in her seat behind me. As I felt the kicks I started getting very bad goosebumps and I remembered my little sister's car seat was still behind me. I was very freaked out and did not want to look at the rear view mirror because I thought I would see something scary. This went on for about 1 minute tops but it felt like an eternity. I finally came to my senses and got the courage to look behind me through the rear view mirror, nothing was there. I tried to not think about it the rest of the ride home and even sped up a little.

When I arrived home I went to check the back of my seat and there was two small imprints on the back of my seat. Strangely they did not resemble shoes or feet, rather just indentations. I was super freaked so I threw out my sister's car seat and bought a new one. The car seat was not used or passed down, it was one we bought a while back completely new from the store. I proceeded to text N about what happened and she got completely freaked out (she hates anything paranormal or strange). I had not mentioned it to anyone for a couple of days because I was still so freaked out and in disbelief. A few days pass and I decide to tell my mother what had happened. We are a Spanish family and my mom's side is big on the paranormal and have had their own crazy experiences which I would love to tell later.

After I told my mother what happened she looked at me with a weird look and said maybe it was some sort of sign, she believed me. She then tells me that she also had a weird dream involving a baby. My mother says that in her dream she was watching TV in her room and that a small child with light brown, almost blonde hair, came running into her room and was trying to climb her king bed to lay and watch TV with her. She said the child felt very familiar and she even helped it into the bed with her because she was afraid it would fall off, her bed is sitting pretty high off the ground. She told me the hair and size were the only features she remembers as she never saw the child's face, but she said she knew it was a boy for some reason. We were both a little freaked out since we had these experiences happen within a few days of each other.

My mother says that within our Spanish culture when you dream of a child, especially multiple family members, it means someone in the family is pregnant. I did not completely believe this but my mother said it happened before within my family in which one of my aunts dreamed about a baby girl multiple times and a few days later one of our family members announced she was pregnant, and a few months later announced it was a girl, just as my aunt had dreamed.

I told N about this and again she freaked out and said maybe its true and that someone in my family was pregnant. We brushed it off and did not think about it for some time. This all relates to the baby feet kicking at my car seat and you will see why in the next few sentences. After a few months of this happening N and I found out that she was pregnant. I was 18 at the time and it was a really big shock so I kind of forgot about what had happened before with the weird experiences. We decided to keep the baby and it turns out we were having a boy. When I first heard of my sons gender is when it hit back to the baby kicks and my mothers dream. Even freakier is that my son has nice light brown hair that looks almost blonde when the sun hits it. We haven't talked about this in a long time but I always remember what happened. Has anyone had any experiences like this or was it all just coincidence? I have an open mind, I just never 100% believed in such things but I cannot brush off what happened to me. To this day my now wife N hates when I bring this up because it still freaks her out.

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DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-07)
[at] Valkricry Yes I suppose that would not be advisable. Your experiences has me believing more that I actually met my son before I ACTUALLY met my son. Pretty crazy.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
4 years ago (2020-07-06)
Daniel, unless you blur the face, I think it's ill-advisable to post your child's pic. Never know what kind of ramifications it might illicit.
I'm not sure about reincarnation, but I do know that premonitions about babies do happen. While pregnant I had a vivid dream, that was utterly black. Couldn't see a thing, but I heard someone say, "Don't you want to see your son? 10 pounds!" Then there was a crashing sound. Jarred me awake.
Fast forward, emergency c-section. I'm still 'under' and nurse is trying to rouse me, "Don't you want to see what you had?" Into the darkness, because my eyes were still closed, I hear myself reply, "Boy, 10 pounds?" I hear her gasp and someone dropped a tray saying, "How'd she know?"
I have a niece who heard a baby crying both times prior to learning she was pregnant. From there to someone kicking your seat, is a very small step for me to believe you received a small preview.
DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-06)
[at] Bibliothecarius
I understand what you are saying and it puts a whole new perspective on what happened to me. If it is reincarnation I would love to be able to prove it, but I think we are still far from that ability. To be honest my family is very sensitive to to the spiritual world, some more than others. My grandmother was the most sensitive of us all, and boy do I have some stories there, my mother as well. I would post pictures of my son so we can compare exactly to my mothers dream but I don't know if I'm comfortable enough to do that online, no offense. Strangely he also loves to push/kick the back of my car seat to mess with me/play around.
DanielJZ (2 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-06)
[at] ALina5
Thank you for reading my story, I appreciate it. It is crazy thinking back on these two occurrences, and as far as I know there have been others within my family who have also experienced this. I just found out of a cousin this also happened to.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-05)
Hello DanielJZ,

Overall,I'm quite astounded as my first reaction after reading your account. I don't have much of an expertise opinion as Biblio since I don't have any vivid level of knowledge on this context whatsoever.

However,the possible idea of reincarnation seems quite fascinating to me.
A certain family member being born back again in the same family and many such abrupt "coincidences" where people get a glimpse of their to be born baby is what makes me wonder of how easily we are defying these barriers which science claims as impossible and fills me with the immense void of learning the truth.

I always tend to question the reality often hearing of these narratives. It was indeed a strangely amazing one.

Thanks for sharing

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-04)
Greetings, DanielJZ, and welcome to the conversations on YGS.

I'm going to address your narrative from an oblique angle, here. I've been mulling over your story for the better part of the last 12 hours, so please bare with me.

I do a lot of reading on a wide variety of topics; the first thought that occurred to me as I read your description was a book about reincarnation. In it, the author discussed that people who can remember past lives can also, from time to time, recall information from the time in between those lives. Now, I'm skeptical of the whole idea, however, the author claimed that some of the people he interviewed remembered *choosing* the families they would be born into.

What if the explanation is that your family happens to be exceptionally sensitive to spiritual visits? It may be some sort of e.s.p., or precognition combined with the enthusiasm/anticipation of the spirit.

I also remember an ancient Jewish tradition that souls waiting to be born are stored in the seventh heaven in the "Guph / Guf" or "Otzar." This theological point has resurfaced from time to time in branches of Catholicism, though I suspect that it was deemed a heretical belief because Christianity teaches that God puts the soul into the embryo (Creationism) or that the soul is created by conception (Traducianism).

I realize that --logically-- I'm way out on a limb here, speculating based upon second-hand information, questionable theology, and the limited data of your experience. However, my intuition feels like this fits together. Let me know if you think this makes sense, or if I'm just plain wrong.


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