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The Strange Night


Before I go into the story, hello to everyone! I haven't posted a story in a very long time, the reason behind this is things have settled down a lot in our house. But as you will figure out in this story, there's still the occasional odd experience, or more like A LOT of them. Things have decided to start acting up.

It was pretty late, I would say around 1:00 or 2:00, when me and my mom began having some strange incidents happen. My dad was asleep since he had to go to work early in the morning, so it was just me and my mom who were awake.

My mom decided to camp out in my room and watch movies with me. We were in the middle of watching a series on my laptop, when I felt my mom jump, worried, I looked towards her. She was staring down at the bedsheets, and the first thought that came to my mind was there had to be a spider or some sort of bug in the bed, just by the scared look on her face. I began saying ''What?!'' in a worried tone. Still startled, she looked up at me and she said ''Oh my gosh, I swore I just saw blood!'' She then said ''I know that I just saw blood on your sheets!''

I would like to add that I do have hot pink roses with green leaves on my sheets, but they look nothing at all like blood, and there was no way she could have mistaken them for blood. But in order to reassure her, as well as myself I told her ''Are you sure you actually saw blood, and not just the roses?'' I also told her that sometimes when you glance at something just briefly, you may think you saw something that wasn't actually there, considering I have done this many times myself when I only glance at something for a second. Her answer was so adamant about there being blood on the sheets, that I definitely believed her at that point. She then told me when she looked down there was blood splattered all over my sheets.

She was so scared that she thought something may have happened to one of her family members, and she thought that was why she saw the blood. She started scrolling through her messages in her phone to see if anyone had messaged her. Seeing that she had 0 messages, she walked downstairs to make sure all of the doors were locked.

To be completely honest, at first, I didn't fully believe my mom when she told me she saw the blood on my sheets, because it was very late, and I knew that we were both pretty tired at that point. But I didn't think that she hallucinated the whole thing, because she has been tired plenty of times and has never seen anything. When she got so worked up about the incident, and started being so adamant about the whole thing, I believed her, and she had me completely freaked out as well.

We both got up to take our showers, since we were way overdue for them, considering it was practically morning already. We were both creeped out still, so we ended up turning on half the lights upstairs.

Before either of us could even leave my bedroom, my mom opened the door, and there my cat was, all wide eyed, sitting in front of my door like a statue, staring right up at the top of my door. Everyone's first thought would be ''Oh, he just sees a bug, or he's just being weird.'' but I know for a fact animals can see things that we don't, and it was too big of a coincidence that he was acting like this right after my mom sees something strange.

We both looked at the door for an insect or anything that could have caught his intention, but there was nothing. Even after my cat walked away from the door after a few minutes, he wasn't acting like himself. He acted almost as if he had been spooked by something. He was jumping at every noise we made, and walked around every room looking at every wall, ceiling and floor, as if he was looking for something. It was peculiar for him to be acting like this.

We didn't even want to take our showers alone, so we left the bathroom door open while each of us took our shower.

After our showers, we went back into my bedroom and laid down on the bed.

It wasn't long before it sounded like creaking on the floor somewhere in the room. I would have liked to say it was only my imagination, but this time my mom was with me too, and she heard it as well. She had been the first one to say ''What is that?''. I just said that we were being paranoid and laid back down.

Shortly after, the creaking in the hallway started, and my mom immediately heard it. Before I continue this part of the story, I have to say this isn't the first time I heard the creaking in the hallway.

All of the bedrooms are separated by the hallway, but I never liked looking straight out into the hallway so I have always slightly closed my door before going to sleep, so I don't have to see out into the dark hall. But every other night, I can always hear what definitely sounds like walking out in that hallway. It's very, very loud creaking on the floor and I just know someone is walking out there.

For a month or two, my sister who is pregnant, and her boyfriend were living with us, and shared the room just across from mine, so I came to the conclusion it was one of them walking to the restroom through the night, but it continued long after they had left and moved out.

One night, when I heard the walking in the hallway once again, I decided I would figure out what was really going on.

I was a little fearful to open my door, so I peaked out to see if the bathroom light was on, which would tell me that my mom or dad had just been walking to the bathroom, but all the lights were out.

The creaking started up again, and at that point I was fed up with it. I turned on my light, threw open the door, and oddly, the creaking just stopped. I saw that everyone was sound asleep, so I then knew that I was right, something strange was definitely going on.

When my mom heard the creaking that night in my room, it had already been happening to me every other night, but I refused to tell her that. I wasn't about to freak her out more than she already was.

I have NEVER in all my years of living in our house slept without some kind of light in my room. It sounds childish, but I truly am scared of the dark, and I refuse to sleep in the dark. Therefore, I have a small, crystal sort of nightlight sitting on my dresser. After a little while, the nightlight began to flicker like it was shorting out, only when I walked on the cord. I had already walked on it a bit too much, so it completely came unplugged, leaving us in the dark. We found the light switch, and turned it on. My mom walked over, and plugged the nightlight back into the wall. My mom then went to use the restroom.

I knew that I wasn't going to get a chance to use the restroom again, since I would be to creeped out to walk out of my room alone that night, so I decided to use the bathroom as well since my mom was already outside the room, so I didn't have to be alone. When we walked back into my room, the light switch in my room was of course still on, but the night light was AGAIN unplugged, except this time I wasn't walking on the cords at all. I found that pretty weird.

It was for sure a very strange night for both me and my mom.

I camped out with my mom in her room for 2 days after that night. I would like to make fun of myself for that, but does anyone blame me?

The night before I returned to sleeping in my room, I was watching T.V with my mom in her room.

Out of nowhere, the Alexa device in my room began talking, which we could clearly hear from my mom's room, since the volume on my Alexa was all the way up. The Alexa said ''Hmm, I'm not sure about that.'' Something would have had to say ALEXA, and then ask her a question for her to be talking at all. I had weird things happen with the Alexa in our kitchen, which I told the story of in one of my previous stories, but this time it was the Alexa upstairs in MY room. I believe something really is trying to interact through our Alexa devices, but how can any of us know for sure? It was best to just brush the whole thing off, and hope it wouldn't happen again.

At this point in time, it's obviously pretty clear our house is haunted. By who? I'm not sure. But the little things that happen in our house creep me out of course, but other times I'm not even really that surprised about it anymore, and even become more and more fascinated with some of the things that happen.

But I definitely won't forget anything that does happen, and will be happy to share all of it.

Thank you for reading, and until next time. _Sincerely, -JB

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Rajine (14 stories) (669 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-26)
This is a really creepy story especially the last part with the Alexa device maybe something is trying to interact with you but doesn't know how, you should look into this matter to get some sort of clarity, it could be a spirit or it could be something else.
the_0lympians (10 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-18)
I got a new Alexa for christmas and I have sometimes have her light up but she won't hear me talk. So I understand
meinmein (6 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-02-05)
The alexa device experience is terrifying. And the whole experience is a clear evidence that something is really happening. If it is just possible, just in case it happens again, is it possible to know what the ghost will ask to the alexa device? Thank you for sharing your story!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (229 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-23)
Hi Jb66, great story, thanks for sharing! How long have you been hearing this creaking before this incident? The timing is unusual I admit, you say this happens every other night? Your fear of the dark, does it have some connection to something that happened in the past in this home? I ask because when I was younger I had a similar fear, not now, but then and it was because of something I encountered. As far as the Alexa device, that's not necessarily an indicator of the haunting itself. Don't get me wrong, I believe your story and am not trying to discredit it, but that piece may not be connected to the other events, Mine has gone off on her own occasionally as well, when no one has spoke, saying the same thing, "Hmm, I'm not to sure about that" she sometimes responds if someone on TV says something close to her name or her name is mentioned while she's playing music from the very station she's playing. Sometimes though, it can be dead quiet and I'll only be a few feet away reading and she says something. Not often but it does happen. A curious phenomenon, one I can't explain, but no one has activated her at those moments. Hopefully that helps with that part of it. At least with your mother sharing these experiences with you, it must be validating! I look forward to hearing more from you!

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