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Shadow's In A Hurry


As promised, here's another encounter that happened inside my room while I was alone in the house. Like my previous story, this also happened around 3-4 p.m.

As usual, our housemaid was outside with my cousin's father to take him out for a stroll. Every morning until the afternoon, I, the maid, and my cousin's father are usually the ones left in the house. My cousin would usually be at a classmate's place for group study while my aunt would be at a friend's place or attending an event.

After waking up from my afternoon nap, I quickly got up and went in front of my vanity table to fix my hair before going outside. I was also around 8-9 years old at that time. During the day, all the room's doors, including the stock room are open for good ventilation throughout the house.

So while I was fixing my hair, I suddenly saw a shadow that quickly passed by outside my room from my peripheral vision. I clearly remembered that I only saw the shadow on the floor that stretches up to where my bathroom door was but I didn't see a physical body at the door.

After whipping my head to where the door was, the shadow was already gone since it just passed by like it was running or more like gliding. Thinking that it was the maid even though I didn't hear any footsteps, I quickly stopped what I was doing and quickly ran out of the room to check who it was.

Since the shadow came from the direction of my cousin's room, it was headed to where the living room was. Upon checking the living room, no one was there and if they ever went out of the house from the living room, I would still see the screen door slowly closing.

Since I saw no one in the living room, I quickly went to one of the kitchen's huge windows that overlook the garage and the street, there I saw the maid sitting on a monoblock chair beside my cousin's father who was in a wheelchair. It's impossible she was pulling a prank on me and then just quickly ran out of the door as she can't leave my cousin's father alone out on the street as he has Alzheimer's disease.

After seeing them outside chilling, I went back inside my room and quickly fixed my hair even though I was scared and then went outside the house to join them. Once I was with them outside, I quickly asked the maid if she went inside the house for a bit and quickly ran back outside the house and she said no. I told her what I saw and she just went quiet as she gets spooked quite easily like my cousin.

I just remembered, during my younger years, the previous and current maids would always share something paranormal that happened to them with my aunt. But I don't remember if what they experienced happened in our house.

But I clearly remembered that our maid, I think it was ate Saling, said that sometimes when she's cleaning the mirrors there would be little splashes of bloodstain on it. She said she was confused and wondering where it came from. She even thought of maybe there was a lizard squeezed to death on the ceiling and its blood splashed on the mirror, but she knows that that was ridiculous since our ceiling isn't one bit damaged.

After she said that, I did remember that sometimes when I use the mirror I would see a few red dots on the mirror. There was also a time that my aunt was calling out for me, it was loud and clear that it was my aunt's voice. But once I'm in front of my aunt and ask what she wants me to do, she would just say that she didn't call me. Up to this day, I still think that maybe she was just pulling a prank on me as they do it sometimes.

I never saw a ghost that has the shape of a human show up to me. The only thing that was close to it was the shadow. This was the last paranormal thing I experienced inside our house. After the shadow incident, I never experienced anything again at our house, except when I go outside at this certain lot on our street. This would be my next post.

Thank you for reading my long story:)

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DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
2 years ago (2021-11-27)
Hi panini,
Now like lady-glow had mentioned about the, "pepper ghost effect". The chances of that being the case could be around a 50% chance maybe 10% at the least.
You've experienced all sorts of things and it seems like the people in your house may have experienced some as well.
I won't jump to conclusions yet, but if I'm correct that was most likely a shadow figure.
Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
2 years ago (2021-11-26)
Hi Panini18

I've had my fair share of shadow people, looked directly at a few, that and disembodied voices, I thought I was going crazy at one point.
Panini18 (8 stories) (14 posts)
2 years ago (2021-11-23)
Hello lady-glow,

Your opinion is possible if our house was actually open. When I mean open, "not gated" and surrounded by the neighbor's walls. Here in the Philippines, all houses in a subdivision are close to one another and are only separated by walls and gates.

The only way you'll see a "reflection" from the outside is when you're at the garage. Also, the sunlight was coming from the west side window if you're standing in the kitchen area. Outside that window has a small space for the barbecue grill which is against the neighbor's wall. Also, the window is quite high, if you peek inside the kitchen from that window, only your shoulders and up would be seen from the inside.

Additionally, I did mention that this happened around 3-4 pm, therefore, the sun's light isn't as strong as around 11 am-2 pm. In my previous story "Doll Clowns", I mentioned that my room, my cousin's room, and the stock room all face the kitchen area. Mine was at the middle part of the house.

My room's window also faces a neighbor's wall so reflection from a person isn't possible. My room's door from the kitchen window is around 7-8 meters apart. So, the only way someone's shadow would be seen inside my room is if they actually passed by the room's door.

I would want to show a picture of how the house looks like inside, but we have left that house 11 years ago. I do have some old pictures, but it doesn't capture the whole area.

I just hope this cleared your doubts.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
2 years ago (2021-11-22)
Hi Panini:

Another interesting experience, though, in my opinion, not necessarily a paranormal one.

"During the day, all the room's doors, including the stock room are open for good ventilation throughout the house."

Perhaps this shadow was nothing else than a reflection from the street or from a neighboring house, accidentally producing what is known like "Pepper's ghost effect".


Given your age at the time, it would have been easy for you to assume that this was a paranormal encounter instead of looking for more logical explanation/s other than asking if the housemaid had entered the house.

I'm not saying that this is what happened, but only suggesting another possibility to take into consideration.

Thanks for sharing.

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