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A Doppelganger


This is my third story. I was 7 years old when this happened and it was during summer vacation. In my first story, I mentioned that I grew up with my aunt and her family. Every summer vacation, my parents along with my younger siblings (I'm the eldest), uncle, and grandma would travel to Angeles City from Pangasinan and would stay there until summer ends.

Here in the Philippines, summer will start from March until the end of April as Back-to-School always starts in the first week of June. During their stay, my parents along with my 2 younger siblings would stay in my room as it was big enough to accommodate all of us. As for my uncle and grandma, I forgot which room they were sleeping in.

One night, maybe it was around 10 in the evening according to my cousin, my cousin went out of her room to watch on the T.V, I guess (I forgot the exact reason why she went out of her room). Usually, before 10 pm we would all be already sleeping including the adults. In the province, people usually sleep before 10 pm, since my parents along with my grandma, aunt, and uncle grew up in the province they are used to sleeping that early.

So when my cousin went out of her room, she saw my mother just standing still in front of the fridge, so from my cousin's view, she is looking at my mother's left side profile. She thought that maybe she was getting some water from the fridge which is why she was still up, my cousin called her, "Aunty!" no response from my mother so she called again, "Aunty!" she still didn't get any response, however, my supposed to be "mother" then starts walking towards the fridge and she just went right through it like a ghost.

Being the scaredy cat my cousin was, she immediately went back into her room and just slept through the night. She then told us what she encountered that night in the morning. The adults said that she might have seen a doppelganger.

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Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
2 years ago (2021-10-29)
I've always been fascinated by doppelganger's mainly because of the fact that it's a "spirit" of a living person it's a phenomenon that I really haven't found any definitive answer to.

A incident regarding a doppelganger also happened at my house years ago and was experienced by my cousin's, I've posted it on here a while ago.

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