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Now here's my second story, if you've read my first story (Weird Silhouette) you'll have an idea what the room of my cousin looks like. I'll explain what the whole house looks like in this story.

My second encounter also happened during my preschool days, this time I was maybe around 5 or 6 years old. My cousin, who's 9 years older than me, asked me again to sleep in her room. So I helped her carry and push my mattress to her room, my mattress was 4 inches thick and fit a double-sized bed.

By the way, we live in a big bungalow house that has 4 rooms. The master's bedroom is just in front of the house's entrance and beside the living room, beside the master's bedroom was my room and then my cousins' room. The last room is a maid's room but it was used as a storage room where old furniture and machines are placed. All rooms have their own bathroom and built-in cabinet, so the rooms were quite big except for the maid's/stock room it was smaller than the other 3.

Also, imagine the house in a wide "L" shape, the three rooms were beside each other while the stock room is on the last side of the wall. Also, mine, my cousin's room, and the stock room are all facing the kitchen and dining area.

Let's go back to my cousin and me; after we've successfully transferred my mattress to her room we just placed it beside her bed on the floor and fixed my pillows and blanket. When laying on my cousin's bed, on the left side would be a wide window with a window seat, at the foot of her bed would be her vanity desk and big mirror, and beside the vanity is another wide window with a window seat. And since my mattress is on the floor, I would come face to face with a clean and empty space under my cousin's bed on my left side, and on the foot of my mattress is the wide window. On my right is just a wide space then the doors going to the bathroom and the kitchen.

Now comes nighttime, in my first story I said that a gorilla-like silhouette appeared at the foot of my bed in time with the thunder. This time it was different, aside from gorillas, I was also afraid of clowns (I blame Ronald McDonald for this, that mascot was kind of creepy).

Like the first time, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night without any reason. But this time, I wasn't that groggy.

Upon waking up, I suddenly looked to my left side (under my cousins' bed) and there I saw a few clown dolls. They were small, maybe a bit smaller than a typical doll size, and they were made of cotton. Yarns for the hair, big black buttons for the eyes, and the creepy part was their mouths. They were smiling but they have sharp teeth like a shark's but made of cotton. I mentioned that under the bed was clean and empty, so imagine my surprise when I saw clown dolls beneath it. We don't even have clown dolls, but we do have a lot of teddy bears.

But that's not the scary part, you may think that the dolls were simply slumped beneath the bed but they weren't. When I faced them, the three were huddled together and they were staring at me while laughing. They were shaking while laughing! (Imagine a goblin's laugh), for some reason, I wasn't that scared that time so I stared at them, especially their sharp teeth, while they were laughing, note that they were only maybe 5 inches away from my face.

Since my mind was clear that time, I tried looking away for a few seconds hoping that they would disappear when I looked back, but they didn't they were still there. However, I noticed that when I'm not looking at them, they would stop laughing and moving and when I looked back they would resume laughing at my face. I tried again by closing my eyes this time while facing them, and again they stopped laughing, when I opened my eyes they were still there and resumed laughing at me. Since they weren't going away, I just covered myself with my blanket and tried falling back asleep. Then the morning came, I checked under the bed immediately after I woke up and as expected it was empty.

If you reached this part, then thank you for reading the whole story even though it was quite longer than my first one hahahaha. This is the last time I experienced something weird when compared to other paranormal stories. First was a silhouette of a man wearing a gorilla costume and now clown dolls. Like my first experience, I don't know if what happened was my imagination or ghosts/entities were taking the shape of my fears to scare me. My next experiences would be the same as the other stories here in YGS.

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Panini18 (8 stories) (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-10)
Hi Bibliothecarius,

You may be right about how they might change appearances to whomever they show themselves to. Fortunately, that was the last time I saw something peculiar.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-02)
Greetings, Panini18.

You may be interested in reading the story "Puppet People" by Clarence:

There does seem to be a correlation between your cotton doll entities and his peculiar visitors. At the time, I speculated that there are beings that can *appear* to be harmless, but with sinister motives and actions that go beyond the superficial physical looks. The advantage to such an appearance is that describing it to an adult would render the child's fear reaction disproportionate to the details. I suspect that such creatures would look very different to any adult who saw them.

Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-29)
Hi again Panini18

Yes that is usually what happens when you are a kid 😆 especially when you try to tell someone elder and they just brush it off like it's nothing.
Panini18 (8 stories) (14 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-29)
Hi Rajine!

Everytime I experienced something out of the ordinary I usually tell it to my aunt and cousin. But since I was still too young back then they wouldn't believe me and would just say I was just dreaming or it was just my imagination. However, when I was about to enter grade school, my cousin did experience something paranormal. My cousin's story would be my next post.
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-28)
Hi Panini18

I wonder what it could have been 🤔. Have you spoken to your cousin about this maybe your cousin might have also experienced something out of the ordinary.

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