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We Summoned Something: A Strange Experience


The following is a story I've been meaning to convey for sometime and due to a recent submission by another poster, who's story in part has a similar occurrence, prompts me to relate my experience.

This happened when I was a teen many years back in upstate NY where I grew up. I had a rather bizarre friend at the time, who despite his own encounters with the supernatural (most of which were unpleasant) insisted on trying to explain away everything with logic and rationale. It used to really irritate me to no end because he would do this with even cartoons and shows we watched, it kind of spoiled the wonder and imagination for sure! I was and still am fascinated with ghost stories and the supernatural, pretty open minded but with a healthy dose of skepticism.

One day we were in my room having a discussion about the paranormal. I was tired of him finding loopholes in stories and of course being a teen, I wanted to be right, so I had found a story I didn't think he could argue his logic into. Because of what happened, I to this day won't relay the exact story I told him, a story I had come across in a book on ghost stories. In fact I haven't really told many people about it at all. Sufficed to say the story basically involved a man's ghost being seen by several people many miles away from where he at that very moment in time had been killed. A lot of evidence was presented in the story and so I figured it was fodder for a discussion about ghosts that I would surely win. We talked about it at some length.

It was a bright, sunny and warm day while this was going on and my parents were downstairs. Though I had some odd experiences in childhood, my home was never considered haunted, at least in the traditional sense. As we talked, something in the atmosphere of my room began to shift, it was subtle at first, but I was sensitive, and did notice it. I was so passionate about the topic though and I tried to disregard it. It felt as if there was a pressure building, something definitely felt off. It suddenly felt as if we weren't alone and I was having difficulty arranging my thoughts and expressing them. My room which had always been a haven for me, always a safe space, always good energy, began to become a very unpleasant and unfamiliar place to be in. My friend's face suddenly went blank and he stopped talking. I hadn't said anything to him or indicated how I felt up to that point, but when I started to say something else, he stopped me and said "Wait." At that moment I blurted out "Do you feel that too?" He merely nodded and his eyes went wide.

We decided at that point, that whatever was happening was too uncomfortable and to vacate my room. It didn't feel threatening, or dark or evil, but it was as if we had become enveloped in some sort of cloud that had a pressure to it and it didn't feel right or normal. I remember we moved quickly down the hall and went downstairs but whatever it was was still with us. I can see it all clearly in my mind even now. My mom was sitting on the couch and slightly distracted, but I told her we were going outside and she nodded and told us it was OK. Looking back, it was so bizarre, I could see my mom, but it was as if she was separated from us by some sort of field, like we were in some kind of fog, the afternoon sun was still streaming in the window behind my mom and I could interact with her, but I felt cut off, reality definitely wasn't running right.

We went outside to the garage, but 'it' was still with us. I couldn't feel the sunshine, the warmth, and the normal outdoor sounds of a village street had all but ceased. I had begun to panic, not because of the entity, (at that point I wasn't truly aware it was a presence) but because it felt as if I was cut off from the real world so to speak, as was my friend. Looking back I have trouble really relaying what I felt and saw, it's unlike anything I had ever encountered, at least until I read the recent story posted and that brought it all back. At that point we tried to flee, to outrun it and started down the tree lined street I lived on, moving towards the downtown area.

Then it happened. We got down to the first intersection of a side street and suddenly it's as if we stepped through a curtain, as if the field had shattered and we were suddenly thrust back into the real world. "It" was gone, I felt the sun, and it was warm, the street's sounds had returned; children playing, birds chirping, someone mowing a lawn, and the 'fog' had lifted. It's as if we had stepped out of a vacuum of some sort.

We both talked about it, but couldn't arrive at anything rational. It shook me up for sure, and later when I returned to my room, the old familiar warm and safe feeling of my room had returned, the alien presence had gone. I asked my mom later if she had noticed anything unusual when I had talked with her during the episode and she only stated I had appeared subdued at that time.

To this day it's not something I can explain. The feeling of unreality, the closest I can come, is like when a person's sick. Everything feels off, reality isn't our day to day experience when sick, perhaps because our physical senses are overwhelmed. I know because many people who have been sick with colds or the flu describe a similar feeling and I've had it too (it's why I hate being sick). Did my feelings of fear play into it? I am certain it amplified the experience for sure, but it did not cause it. The fact that my friend and I noticed the change in atmosphere at the same time without saying a word about it to each other and the fact that it left as suddenly as it had come on, makes no sense. Fear usually takes some time to come down from, it's not something that occurs at the snap of someone's fingers, unless it's not your fear you're feeling. I'm somewhat empathic, so I'm no stranger to someone else's emotions coming and going in my space. Although fear can inspire a feeling of unreality as well, I have experienced extreme anxiety and panic and know the difference between that sense of unreality and what I went through that day, it was definitely different. I have gone over this from several different angles, and it took some time to realize that there was some form of spiritual presence there that day. Most of whatever fear and panic I had were directly related to the fact that I felt as if my sense and connection to reality had been turned upside down, not from a potential ghost. I had felt no evil or malicious or negative feelings in whatever was there.

The story I related to my friend wasn't even scary, just a bit creepy, the kind of goose bumps you can get from hearing something bizarre and unexplainable. However because of what happened that day, I refuse to speak the story aloud again.

My conclusion is somehow in discussing the supernatural the way we had that day, drew something to us. Either a drifting spirit or the object of the story itself. Perhaps it was just curious or wanted attention? Maybe it realized it was freaking us out and that's why it left so suddenly? Since that day I make sure I'm protected whenever I so much as read a ghost story, either on this forum or in a book, much less speak it aloud to anyone. I firmly believe that you don't need a Ouija Board or a fancy séance to summon a ghost, merely being curious and having an open mind can provide a portal for these experiences. I've had it happen enough, that it has been entrenched in me.

This experience was a key in forming my beliefs in the supernatural and continuing to fuel an endless fascination in these types of encounters as well as anything in the spiritual realm. However it doesn't mean I wish to encounter ghosts myself, it happens of course, but for me, it's enough to read and study these experiences, I don't go looking for them myself, that I know leads to trouble, take it as advice if you will.

I will mention in closing that my friend, later on sort of went into some darker spiritual matters, and he had some personal issues, so he may very well have been key in summoning this spirit/ghost/entity/presence. He as I mentioned earlier had some rather unpleasant supernatural encounters prior to this experience. Of course we were both teens, which has endlessly been speculated about in poltergeist happenings (though this experience doesn't fit that category) so again that is something that could have contributed. I know it wasn't my imagination, yet I can't find too many rational justifications for what occurred, but I concede that I could always have overlooked something. That and to others like the poster who inspired me, who have had similar experiences who could add something further to this story, it's most welcome. Other than that, it's another bizarre yet fascinating story from my past.

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The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
10 months ago (2023-08-01)
Hello mighty_light, I'm glad you resonate with the story I was trying to relay.

I too have heard and read many similar stories, some even on this site and many have given me goosebumps because of the eerie similarities. I don't really like to speak of the story I told him at any length because of what happened, but I will say this: At the moment of the man's death, colleagues saw him clearly miles away where he shouldn't have been and because of this, noted the time, which was permanently fixed on the man's smashed watch, damaged in the incident that took his life. Something like that is hard to argue, though my friend did indeed try. What frustrated me the most, was of all the paranormal encounters this friend had, and yet he still insisted on everything being logical and rational!

I have heard of the potential to disrupt such events, that's a fascinating story. Essentially, I had read about a nurse who had admitted a patient who had been wounded in a fight. The wound wasn't serious, so she took him down to be imaged for any possible internal imjuries. Her patient was in good spirits and as she passed a crash cart and a Dr on duty, reality seemed to blur around her and she had a terrifying vision. She saw her patient dying on the exam table, the tech useless at helping her and as she tried to revive him, she couldn't get the equipment she needed or a Dr and subsequently the patient died of an undiagnosed wound. When she returned to the real world as it were, she took the crash cart and asked the Dr to be on standby. Then as they began imaging the patient, her vision became reality. However because she had the crash cart and the Dr on standby, she saved the young man's life, so it turned out differently than she had seen. Perhaps if it's not a person's time, an intervention is possible!

Food for thought, thanks for commenting! I always enjoy the additional insight!
mighty_light (2 stories) (21 posts)
10 months ago (2023-08-01)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11

I can't help but get intrigued by the story you were trying to relay to your friend. I have heard similar stories like that coming from my old relatives back when I was little and we used to take summer vacations at my late grandparent's home. As what usually happens in family reunions, there's always the story telling sessions.

One common story they share often involves unexpectedly seeing or meeting a distant friend/relative somewhere in town or along the road before turning a corner. They look normal but there's that feeling that something's off.

When they greet the person, they just get a soft grin in response, nothing verbal and the person proceeds walking away leaving an awkward encounter. Later, they get the news that the person they met has already passed on around the same time they supposedly met.

Older folks say it's a death omen and that these doubles show up in time when the actual person is at death's door. They advise one way to counter it is to slap the double in the arms or shoulder as if to make them snap out of that strange reverie and prevent death. But I've never heard someone successfully do that approach.

This was prevalent in rural and farming towns where telephones were rare and in a time before cellphones. It could be attributed to bad recollection of events though or just coincidence.

It just struck me that you have a similar story so there may be something to it after all.
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-14)
Hello again The_Lost_Voyage

I think the question is, can a house, block of land and even an area carry a negative density that can be manipulated by other energies/history or intelligent forces over a substantial amount of time? I was pondering on that thought whilst reading your story. There were probably some horrific incidents that occurred in the house and on the land over the last few hundred years and right at the end, you'd probably clarified my suspicion to some degree. I think the house probably has a mind of its own along the lines of a poltergeist. Mix that up with a malicious spirit and it's an Amityville horror all over again probably far worse. Interestingly on a side note with the Amity house, George Lutz reported back yonder having an account with the Old Hag, which was not in the movie. I believe he saw his wife look like she was really, really old or was it in the movie?

Anyway,I can testify to how scary that little number is, I had my own Old Hag account back in the 80's and with no exaggeration, the account is heart attack material, probably the most confronting experience I have ever had when it comes down to holding your nerve. Here's the relevant point. I have always suspected something within the house I was staying in (back in the 80s) manipulated my mind to a point where it staged the house or shifted my mind into a physical reality of which I was clueless to the deception. At the time, the reality I was in seemed real, my then-girlfriend rolled over in bed presenting herself as the old hag.No, it was more than just a bad hair day and running makeup, this was something out of a horror movie, good grief it still gives me chills thinking about it.

Perhaps this family who fled the place experienced something similar. Back in that day, you wouldn't openly talk about it because they would probably lock you up and treat you for psychosis. Thinking about it now, it's probably why I stayed quiet for decades, you really want to put it behind you and move on. When you think about living in a universe of energy with consciousness being fundamental to our reality, I don't think it's an exaggeration to speculate about a home, block, or area having it's own capability to haunt who it likes.

Regards Daz
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-13)
Hello again aussiedaz, again I believe you're right, it was probably more connected to my friend. If you get a moment, I'd like to hear your thoughts also on the story I posted "The Old Family Hill" That one got to me really thinking over the Christmas break, and in retelling the story it of course created more questions than answers. I'm looking at some theories, but would enjoy hearing what your take on the whole thing is. I'm hoping to gain another perspective on the situation and see if it resonates with my feelings. Always good to hear from you!
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-09)
The_Lost_Voyage_11, What caused it? If we could figure that one out mate, we'd probably be nominated for a Nobel prize in theoretical physics. But seriously, I do suspect there are reality shifts going on all the time and if you are in the corner of all those theoretical physicists who believe we are living in a simulation including Elon Musk, who has openly stated his belief, (The chances of this reality being the base reality are one in a billion)... Then perhaps what you experienced was an actual glitch in the Matrix?... I also believe the biggest clue to this phenomenon (apart from accounts like yours) is the Mandela Effect... Both my wife and I can remember way too many changes to this reality that are just more than a bad memory or coincidence, along with many others in the thousands. B,T,W, the most notable one for mine, is the Ford logo, which of now has a pigtail in the F and the O looks more like a U...when I have always remembered it based on Henry Ford's signature?

I also suspect there are some entities on the other side who can push us into a reality shift, you may be onto to something there and often we hear about people who survived a car crash as if by some miracle right?...and as I stated via a hunch in my last post, this whole exercise may have something more to do with your friend, you may have been pulled along for the ride? Just a gut feeling.

Anyway, I hope your xmas and new year were a good one, it's always good to hear from you, cheers again my friend.

Regards Daz
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-08)
Hello aussiedaz, I apologize for the delay in response. I'm just now beginning to get caught up from the holidays. It was a great time, but such a whirlwind!

I appreciate your thoughts and I would say "By jove, I think you've got it!" In all seriousness, what you've put forth does resonate and I believe explains a lot! If we both were caught between universes for that brief period of time, then it would make sense as to why we couldn't really hear anything and it seemed as if we were looking at the world through a perpetual fog or some kind of veil. Our senses weren't trained or designed to process that kind of information. That would indicate why our minds/brains sent a signal to us that something was off and created the anxiety aspect.

The question remains is what caused it? The entity or being we believe was there, or some other agent? I've said before, that I believe ghosts exist on more than one plane of reality. We're centered here because our bodies and minds focus our consciousness on this plane. (I believe like a rubber band, it's what caused our bodies to snap back as it were to this plane of existence, rather than be lost in the other) Ghosts no longer have bodies, so they're not anchored here, but seem to drift back and forth. Perhaps this entity/spirit/being generated enough of a field around itself that we were both caught in it and were even able to slip between those planes? Then it must have been generating some serious energies to accomplish that for sure! Maybe ghosts in and of themselves are walking portals, able to move between the planes if it wasn't a field they create?

You've definitely given me something to think about! I'm sure you're aware of the stories and encounters of people that seem to lose distance/space but not time? They travel hundreds of miles in a period of perhaps 20 minutes and are unable to account for it? That didn't happen in my case, but I wonder if such a field as I've suggested could cause such a thing? Ghosts seem to exist outside of the field of space and time after all?

Anyways you've given me some things to ponder on, good to hear from you and I hope your holidays were joyful!
aussiedaz (19 stories) (1565 posts)
1 year ago (2022-12-03)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11,

If we were to accept Donald Hoffmans theory on conscious agents where basically consciousness is fundamental to our reality and all other realities and dimensions and then throw on a sprinkle of string theory, where we exist concurrently in multiple universes and then suger coat it with Stuart's hameroff belief we have 40 consciouss moments per second, where space and time are just tools for our minds to process. Then I do sesnse you and your friend, were perhaps experincing a reality shift (at around 20 to 25 consciouss moments per second) of which resulted in this bizzare state of mind and awkard sense of density where there was a meshing of universes and interference to your audio and visual senses?

As you stated, your friend's life took a different path this may lend a clue?.

On top of all that, it is a fact our eyes filter light only, its in the brain where the breaking down of information is gathered and filtered out to state we accept as normal reality at normal "speed". Here's an extract I'd borrowed from an article witha little more detail.

(Our eyes are continuously bombarded by an enormous amount of visual information - millions of shapes, colours and ever-changing motion all around us. For the brain, this is no easy feat. On the one hand, the visual world alters continuously because of changes in light, viewpoint and other factors. On the other, our visual input constantly changes due to blinking and the fact that our eyes, head and body are frequently in motion.)

Thanks for sharing an interesting account it had me in overdrive trying to figure it out... Does it make sense to you?

Regards Daz
ljsco (1 stories) (9 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-19)
I just read your story and through my own experiences I can tell you that it doesn't take much to give permission to an entity to enter your space. When I had my encounter with the supernatural (you can read about it on this site) before it happened a thought was placed in my mind where I said to myself " I missed the person" That's all it took for the entity to enter my space. The comment was placed in my mind by telepathy and I recognized it as such. It's very possible that because you and your friend were focused on the subject that day in your room you attracted a force or an individual entity. As you very well know these things are real and given the right chemistry or combination of circumstances (your friends prior "darker experiences" was enough to bring about what happened to you that day. Hope this helps, regards and thanks for sharing!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-18)
Ah TheSweetDevil23, great minds think alike! After I submitted the story it occurred to me in the process of recounting my experience, that what if being in that vacuum, what if that's what it's like to be a ghost? I mean they are trapped between worlds, they can see and interact in ours, albeit in a somewhat limited fashion. They appear as somewhat solid beings for brief periods, and can sometimes manipulate objects, touch people and even affect the atmosphere (the cold spots). They are also in a sort of other reality too, where they spend their time, just as you stated. Maybe like Rajine said, a mirror world of some sort? After all ghosts have been spotted going through walls in places that were later discovered to have a door at one time that had been covered over? Maybe the other reality they 'wait' in is the environment the way they remember it?

I felt as if I was caught between two worlds in that vacuum for sure, able to see and talk with my mom, but felt cut off somehow, and not being able to feel and hear normal outdoor sounds and sights, was disconcerting to say the least. Perhaps that was the closest a living person could get to experiencing 'life' as a ghost as it were? Fascinating, if that's the case!

Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt by the presence to make us feel what its existence entailed. A form of communication, perhaps not to warn us off, but more for empathy and compassion or like you said, help?

Either way, thanks for validating my thoughts on this experience, it certainly puts things in a different and lighter perspective, I only wish I had known or understood it at the time, I may have been able to navigate things in a far more productive manner!

I also appreciate your input Kindly_refrain and Rajine for sure, you've both added some pieces to the puzzle!
Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-14)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

I personally have always tried to find a logical or rational explanation for my weird and crazy encounters first before I chalk it up to it being supernatural, yours definitely is ghostly, and a little scary, it seemed like you and your friend were momentarily trapped in a mirror world where everything around you is normal and you can interact with people but something doesn't feel right about it.
TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-14)
Hey The_Lost_Voyage_11. Good to hear from you again:) as [at] Kindly_refrain said in the end, I would also like to reiterate it again. To watch sometimes what we are about to say especially in places where there is something. Though of course your happened inside your home, but I have an assumption about it that why it happened. Millions of people, since the time humans had evolved, had passed away in this planet and not everyone, goes to hell or heaven or pass on to the afterlife, whatever people call the place, where everyone goes after death. So there is always higher possibility that an entity could always be passing nearby or closer to us, or even have their "own hub" where they had decided to linger on, until the time, they get to move on. Having said that, there is always a possibility of them looking at us, watching us, sometimes, if not all the times. So there is a big possibility of one of those lost souls, getting attracted to the conversation going about ghosts.
Even in normal chats, when our name pops up, between two or more people, we tend to get inquisitive, and this was merely a sad and pale version of someone who used to be alive, if indeed it was an entity. Manifestation of any sort for that entity would have taken time and since you were also running away from it, just like me, would require this presence to have some sort of energy to come closer or maybe manifest. I am glad though that It never manifested in your case nor in mine.
Also, since you and me had gone through these various discussions in the past about shadows, spirits and whatnot, I again would like to bring out the point which you once told me that entities of any type, attack or show us themselves in some way, when we are at the most vulnerable points. The fact that it never manifested and only gave a hint of its presence there, could have also happened without it knowing that it is scaring you. Even if it knew, it realized that you kids knew. It came inside your bubble of security inside a room which is your space of heaven. Sometimes reading about these souls, fluttering nearby, gives me an impression of a sort of dementor that wants to suck out the emotions and positive energies nearby. In the past, everytime, I had wrote about my experiences whether here in this site or in my diary, I had realized that they (entities) do struck us at those unexpectable times when we least think of them and are very much thinking or doing something else. I even had observed and learned from my own experiences that if I am thinking of them, or even talking about them too much, somehow I get even more susceptible to their presence. It has been long time, since I had felt anything of that sort, but during my own incident in the park, I somehow felt that mine was more of a malignant or atleast had intention to be there where It was not needed. Hence the negative and repulsive emotions... Although forgot to mention one minute thing. While I was entering inside my home, I could feel it down the stairs... It was there. I just know.
Thankfully again I will say, that atleast am really glad to see that the entity chose to not disturb you further or maybe did'nt have further space to haunt you. I somehow feel that spirits of any nature, can only haunt you in particular areas. Doing anything beyond it, weakens it. But then, there are some things beyond our understanding and I myself had been followed in past. Some entities had followed beyond their territory, and that makes me think, what if sometimes they approach us just to see if we can help them in some way... Also I feel this vacuum that they create around us, in their presence, made me think, what if they do it, because they want us to feel their helplessness. They are on different dimension and frequency, right? So what if we are only able to feel this way because they want us to stop approaching them or bother them in any way.
Kindly_refrain (16 stories) (196 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-13)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11, I believe that entities from other realms do, at times, take notice and react to what we say. Some say that intention is a requirement but I don't believe this is necessarily so.
When I was twelve or so my brother and cousin and I were goofing around and called on evil spirits to rematerialize my younger cousin, who we were pretending was invisible. On the last word of our plea the tree house we were in shot out of the tree sideways and to the ground (no damage to us, the tree, or the tree house).

Full story here,

We had no intention of actually summoning anything, nor were we aware that such entities may exist. So... Yes, I believe certain subjects or words can catch the attention of beings that may better be left alone, regardless of intention. I certainly watch what I say in this regard.

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