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My Cousin Got Spooked


This happened just a month ago, when my maternal cousin had visited me and my family. Due to having pets at her home back in her own native city, she always had a habit of going on a stroll in park after dinner along with her dogs. Just like every other visit to our home, this time too, she decided to go to the park in my residential colony. It is just couple of minutes away from my home. This time, I decided to join her. It was already 11:30pm and I knew it is not going to be a short walk. My cousin loves to go on longer walks every night. As we entered the park, after just a few rounds of walk along the entire perimeter of the park, it was only 11:50pm, when she suddenly took the exit which was on her left side. I decided to just follow her and we came back home before even it strikes 12'o'clock in my wrist watch.

After spending some time on YouTube and watching random videos, I was about to turn off the light to get some sleep, when my younger cousin sister said to me out of the blue, "I saw something in the park." I was a bit taken aback for a moment, since obviously I did not expected her to say something like that out of nowhere. Then I asked her "What do you mean by that?" My sister then tells me that while we were walking on the sides of the park, at the opposite end of it, behind the fencing of the park, she saw a shadow entity. I said "It is already pretty dark at night and we have tons of street lights there. You might have seen a man just standing and talking to someone or maybe just standing over there." Her response was "Didi (name for older sis in India), I know what I saw. When we started walking towards the other side of the park, right across the exit of the park, at the opposite end, I saw a dark, human shaped outline. It was not a part of some trees or car or whatsoever you might be thinking at this moment. But it was crystal clear. It was standing right behind you. There was enough gap between you and that entity, where there was a tree and a fenced wall. When I saw that entity for the first time, I thought maybe it is just my imagination. So I took a second glance at it and went for a closer look. It was clearly standing right behind you behind that fenced wall and I could see it standing under the street light. It seemed as if someone has copy and pasted an image of a man right out of the blue from another picture. It didn't looked natural to me for even a moment. It realized that it has come under someone's gaze and changed its direction of sight towards me. At this point, I got spooked and I had the realization the figure is not human. That figure was still and was not even moving an inch. That is inhumanely possible. I figured out that it is standing away from everything at its background, so there is no possibility of it being shadow of a dog, cat or human or even any inanimate object. The fact, it realized that it came under scrutiny, made me scared. So when you called for me again, I saw, you had already walked a great distance ahead of me. I didn't said any word at that point because I did not want to believe it and yet at the same time, I know what I saw. I just cannot believe, I saw something like that. If it was you, it would have made sense, but not me. Definitely not me. I don't even talk or believe in all these things."

My reply was "Well I believe you. I am not going to question what you saw. Let's just sleep. It might be a possibility of you also being just tired, but since you said that you are sure of it, I am not going to refute or deny what you saw."

We slept off that night and I never asked her anything after that small spooky incident. She went for a walk the next night, and we ended up walking not for long though. But I told her to show me the spot where she saw the figure. I kid you not, but it brought chills to my spine, making me remember of one very weird but spooky incident of my own at the same place years ago.

Though my cousin sister stayed for few more days after that, she started walking right on the street in front of our home. On the last night of her visit at our home, she did not even went for a walk. So I asked, "You are not out at night today for your stroll?" She said sheepishly "I am just scared of that area now."

Now the thing that I never told her is, some people might have problems with believing this. Even I sometimes believe what if I was just paranoid. When I had moved to this area a decade ago along with my family, I had taken lots of walks around this part of my colony, especially inside this park. There have been one or two incidences of kidnapping as well at night. But this one night, while I was walking inside that park, I had heard footsteps behind me. This is practically impossible because first of all, if someone would have entered inside that park, I would have seen them entering. There is only one gate from where you enter and exit as well. Also, it is visible even at night with all street lights around the park considering it is a gated colony, from every nook and corner. Yet, it does get a bit dark on one end of the park, where my cousin saw that entity, but still one can see the entry/exit gate from even there. I look back behind my back and there was no one. When I came close to that spot where my cousin had seen that shadow entity this year, my body had goosebumps all over it. It felt as if I had went through some form of ice. There was a certain shift of air in that particular spot and drop of temperature too. I had only felt that way in the hotel I was working in Agra (which you guys can read in my previous posts). One could feel as if they had gone through one of those walk-in blast chiller. This was in a night in summers in my country, and I live in North. It gets pretty hot here in my city. It was freaking 42 degrees Celsius and I just encountered a cold spot. Until that time, I had never experienced that kind of incident. I ended up walking with so much speed, that I ended up sweating. And all the way back to my home, which was 5 minutes away from that park, that short distance seemed like an hour to me. The weirdest thing is, I forgot to run. I could not run but only walk faster. I am sorry, if I am writing in circles and beating around the bush, but I am not kidding, when I say, I felt this heaviness in my heart. A feeling of negativity came inside me out of nowhere, even though I had left the park already by this time. During the entire walk back to my home, I felt a presence behind me. Following me with some space between me and that thing. I kept hearing sounds of footsteps but lighter this time. I even once looked back behind me at a slightly angle, not entirely turning my face towards it. I simply never had the courage. I never saw anything behind me though. But that shift of air, the feeling of being inside a vacuum, so much disconnectivity with the environment around me, really made me uncomfortable.

Once I came closer to my home, and crossed the threshold, that feeling went away like a snap of fingers. It suddenly got nipped. Some of the questions that came in my mind were- What if it was a human? Then it's even worse. I could have been kidnapped. But what if it was indeed something supernatural? Until that point, I was yet to experience all those horrors that were going to test my beliefs. This is something that happened close to my home literally. Though if someone reads this, can anyone tell me, how that feeling could have gone away the moment I entered home? Is it because of the presence of different spiritual statues and totems inside my home? Or is it anything else?

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TheSweetDevil23 (6 stories) (49 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-14)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11 Woaah! That must have been so creepy. It felt as if it was just getting itself prepared to show you guys that it exists and chose to chase you guys, the moment you mentioned ghosts.Also,it makes a lot of sense when you mentioned that any of these entities needs energy to manifest and they draw it from their usually their "hub.I would love to hear about it in details next time, whenever you decide to post it.
[at] Aslipablo I am from Delhi, and since you also had lived in the NCR, you would then know the entire city had history of violence and bloodshed in past. Plus lots of parts such as Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and all other NCR regions are indeed build upon lands and lands of forests and even mountains. So yes, it does makes sense when you mention it about being a possibility of being a graveyard.

[at] Rajine me too... As well... Me too... I wish I had answers or we all had answer to these paranormal entities... And mysteries.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (238 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-10)
Hello TheSweetDevil23, great story, thanks for sharing!

I cannot completely explain what happened to you, but can offer up a similar experience of mine which really resonates for me and it helps to know that I'm not the only one to have gone through it.

It's a story I need to post, but in short, many years ago a friend and I were engaged in a conversation about ghosts in my room and suddenly the atmosphere changed and became unpleasant and unfamiliar. My childhood home was not haunted in the traditional sense (though there were some odd unexplained occurrences) and my room was one of the safe places for me, so to experience that was highly irregular. My friend felt it too and we left, going downstairs. I felt the same kind of atmosphere that you did and this was in the middle of a bright sunny day, We felt a presence, and it seemed like a vacuum, a disconnect from reality, there was a difference in the air. It's like we were there, but we weren't. Halfway down the street (we tried to flee it) suddenly it left and it felt like whatever had happened, just as you described was cut off and everything returned to normal!

Maybe because we were on the move, because 'it' was unwanted, perhaps that's why it suddenly left, but we could tell the difference for sure, much like you described!

Perhaps you're right and some of the blessed and spiritual objects in your home had something to do within it suddenly leaving, or maybe these things have only so much of a range they can follow someone, after all, they have to draw energy from somewhere to manifest and follow us and in both of our cases we moved some ways from the point we encountered the 'entity' originally.

Hopefully this helps, but it does happen, good luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (772 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-10)
Hi TheSweetDevil23

That is indeed strange and creepy, I wonder who or what that could have been.
Aslipablo (4 stories) (11 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-10)
If you live in the metro like Noida, or Gurgaon then parks there have been made in the last 20-30 years. Prior to that these were either forests or farmlands and thus it's a possibility that there would have been a graveyard etc. Under the park before it was acquired.

There could be a real person that your sister saw that day, but if you could also feel the cold on that very spot then in my opinion you should stay away. People do black magic stuff out of jealousy and whatnot, maybe that could explain all this but let's leave a room for speculation.

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