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My Friend's House


A couple of years ago a coworker/friend was stressing out. Her husband and son wanted to go on a hunting/camping trip and she had no one to watch her cat. I told her I love kitties and I would be very happy to watch the kitty! The night before she left I went to her house to see where the cat food was and what she needed done while she was gone. I had never been to her house before. She kind of showed me around, and they were getting ready to sell the house. She and her husband wanted something that was "theirs" as this house had been the divorce house of one of them. I met the kitty, her name was Sophie, and as a normal cat I gushed over how wonderful and pretty she was, and she ignored me with disgust.

While we were there visiting for a moment she went to get her husband. There were 2 rooms upstairs and I thought he was in the first one that was like a kid's room. The room wasn't being used as most of the kids had moved out. The only kid at home was her son, and he was in the basement. The room upstairs that wasn't the master (kid's room) was being used as kind of a storage room. There were a few boxes and some odds and ends waiting to be packed. I was confused my friend went to get her husband outside as I was so sure he was in that bedroom upstairs, but suddenly he appeared from outside. I kept looking at the doorway waiting for someone to come out even though we had been through that area of the house and I knew where everyone was.

The first day I went to go take care of Sophie, my husband went with me. I went in the house and it felt very cold but there was something else too. It was that room again. I went spoke very loudly to Sophie. I asked her where she was and then went downstairs to get her food containers and bring them upstairs to fill. I saw Sophie sitting back in a corner of the basement in an area that would be hard for me to get to. I filled her food and talked to myself. My husband had stayed outside and I wished he had not. It felt like someone was in that bedroom again. I wanted to go get him because my immediate and first response was fear related. I could even see movement and hear something low. There was a cat toy right outside the door like someone had been playing with the cat. I didn't let it know that I knew it was there. I filled Sophie's food and water, talked to her, sang a song, and got out of there fast because it still bothered me that I knew something was there. I ran out to my husband's car and we left. The next time I went to take care of Sophie I asked my husband to go in with me. I told him something was in there.

We went in the house, I didn't find Sophie this time, but she had been eating the food. The cat toy was gone, the presence was still there but felt farther from me in terms of not being as close as last time. I thought it might be because my husband was there. He knows that when I say something is there, we don't "talk" about it unless I say we can. I usually don't want whatever is there to know that I know it is there because that opens a whole can of stuff sometimes. We took care of Sophie. My husband did walk upstairs and then came back down showing me with his face that he saw nothing out of the ordinary. He doesn't see, hear, or feel things like myself and my youngest daughter do.

When I got home, I messaged my friend and finally I told her that she might think I am crazy but who the heck is in that bedroom. She was quiet for a minute and I was like, "oh no I have weirded her out." Then she said, "what do you mean? That room kind of bothers me. Denny's (the husband) daughters had that room and I always worried what they were doing." I told her that I could sense something but that I wasn't sure what or who it was and I'd try to figure it out next time.

The last and final time I went to go take care of Sophie, I tried to take Jacey with me. I have stories on here about Jacey and some of the things we have experienced. She seems to have a different sense than I do. Mine is usually auditory and if I concentrate I can get information. Jacey will see them. She says she can talk to them but she chooses not to. She saw some in high school and told me about how she did a really good job not letting them know she could see them. Them being the ghost or whatever they are. I think they are ghosts. Well, Jacey was having an emo teenager day, so she was not willing to go. My husband went. He took care of kitty. I sat on the steps going up the stairs and concentrated on the energy. Many times this let's them know that I know they are there. It was a male energy. Related to her husband. Felt like he might have a moustache. I protected myself and then told him, I know you are here, is there anything you want to tell me. What I found was that he seemed to feel sorry he had scared me. He did not wish to talk. There were some boots he liked. He was just passing through. Then the energy faded pretty completely.

I contacted my friend. It turned out her husband's father had passed about 6 months or so ago. I am not sure about the boots as she said they were her grandfather's. She worried there was something evil in the room. I told her that was not the case. I also told her that it was just "passing through" as that was what the energy seemed to say before fading away. She sold the house shortly after that. She told me that she really hoped the spirit was her grandfather, but I told her he is connected to your husband. Not sure if they might have had something of his dad's in the house.

However, I think she attracts her old family members. She moved into a brand new build and there's a female spirit there. This spirit will not talk to me. It doesn't really even want me to know it is there and will often leave. It is connected to my friend. It leaves a cold spot in the hallway. I have spent over a year trying to figure out who the spirit is, but so far no luck. She showed herself to me in terms that she let me feel that she was there, but I can't even get an image of her. I only know female and can't even figure out an age which I usually can. I have never met a spirit as closed as that one. I need to take Jacey sometime. Either way, I thought this story was sweet and kind of heartwarming instead of spooky and hope you enjoyed it. If there are ideas how I might respectfully figure out who is in the hall let me know. Otherwise, I just leave that spirit be. It has always been quiet and kind to me, and doesn't bother anyone. I really only want to figure out who it is so I can tell my friend. So far, it feels like it is either a grandparent, aunt or possibly a child she miscarried, but I cannot say for sure.

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Kest (12 stories) (55 posts)
11 months ago (2023-08-03)
To Tweed: I have a couple ideas who the spirit might be. It sometimes feels like an older relative like a grandma or aunt. However, my friend also had a miscarriage of a baby. This baby was probably about 6-7 months when she miscarried her. She has some belongings of the baby (a picture an artist drew and a couple other momentos in the room that is in the area the spirit stays). I have wondered if it could be this girl. The baby's ashes are buried with her grandfather I believe. My friend also said that this baby had to go. She wasn't meant to be on earth because if she had been on earth, her son wouldn't be on earth. Her son has had some important "missions" that he's filled. So sometimes I wonder if it is this "older" sister coming to check up on her younger brother. I tried to get my friend to come and feel the air where the spirit was. The air was slightly colder. I hoped she might get a "feeling." However, she just watched me probably hoping I would figure out who it was. The spirit was giving me vibes that she was a little bothered I was waving through her, and then she just outright disappeared. It is not unusual for her to disappear when I visit though. A lot of times I feel her when I go visit, and then I feel her disappear or I flat ignore her hoping she won't know that I know she is there.
Kest (12 stories) (55 posts)
11 months ago (2023-08-03)
[at] Rajine in response to "Denny's daughters had that room and I always worried what they were doing" my friend felt like the daughters had a bad energy and could have been doing something to invite more negativity into the house. As it turns out, (these girls are now in their young 20's) one girl is sweet and visits often hangs out, has a great relationship with both her dad and her step-mom (my friend). The other daughter has completely turned her back on them all and basically says she has no family. She denounced the religion which for their family is a big deal. She has also told her dad she will have no relationship with him unless he gets rid of the step mom. This hurts my friend a lot as she did think of this person as a daughter and talks about doing her laundry, her hair, and thinking of her as one of her own. So there is obviously some kind of not good energy when it comes to the one daughter.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-19)
You mentioned "Dennys daughters had that room and I always worried what they were doing" I was just wondering what that means...
Your friend seems to attract a lot of spirits around her
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-19)
Kest, when that spirit wants you to know who she is, you'll know. As you said, it's harmless and at this stage doesn't want to be identified.
You have a great gift and so does your daughter. Treasure it. I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-19)
Kest, what an interesting read!

A thought on getting this new spirit to open up. My first thought when a spirit is guarded is ' why'. If/when it's not anyone evil, I assume it's something the spirt is going through, and respect their boundaries. Some ghosts didn't believe in ghosts. So maybe there's an element of shock/denial for some souls to process. Perhaps the solution is letting this individual approach you when/if they're ready.

While reading about your friend's place I got concerned about the cat staying with an anxious soul in the house. Glad it turned out well and so cool you got to the bottom of who it was!

Really enjoyed reading your experiences. Most things on here usually end with 'and then we ran away'. So this was a nice change lol!

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