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The main floor of my parent's house where I grew up at as a teen would be the place where I had an experience that scared me when it took place not later. I have said before that most things that have happened to me didn't scare me until I had time to process them. This would also be what prompted me to talk to a classmate about the house. I wasn't thinking this level was too busy until I actually sat down to write and realized it was a really busy level, especially when I add what happened to other people.

The first thing that was really odd was something that happened with our animals. We had the small dog, Weenie. If you have read my other stories, she is mentioned when I talk about the basement. She will also be mentioned when I talk about the upstairs. We also had three cats at the time, but only one cat was involved. A few times I was the only one home and other times other people would be home. Weenie and the black cat would sit and stare at the wall where my piano sat. They didn't look like they were exactly looking at the piano, but just off to the side of it. The first time I saw it, I remember speaking to Weenie, and she cocked an ear like she heard me, but didn't respond to me or look at me. I remember that in order to actually break either animal's attention you had to usually touch the animal and even then they didn't respond much. The creepiest times would be when I was home alone. I remember once the couch being close to this spot, and both animals were staring again, it was dark outside, and I moved to the other end of the couch. I remember picking up Weenie or picking up the cat, and they would continue to stare in that direction. A few times their heads moved at the same time as if they saw something moving and chose to follow it. It should be noted that I never noticed this with the other cats. I remember my mom seeing this too and asking her, "What are they looking at?" She said she didn't know. She thought maybe they heard something we couldn't or maybe there was a mouse in the wall. She always thought there were mice because we'd sometimes come across one like once a year. She's terrified of mice.

The next thing that happened on the main level was in my sister's room. Both my parents and sister's rooms were the only ones on the main floor. My brother had a loft room and I had the only upstairs room (that's another story). My sister's room had a couple of creepy things happen. The first was after I had my children, I was staying with my parents while my husband was waiting for us to get military housing. We had been transferred, and there was no housing for us. My kids were both sleeping in what used to be my sister's room. My youngest daughter was around a year and a half at the time and still sleeping in a crib. I had this crib toy I had kept from being packed away. It attached to the side of a crib and had these little fish and played music. There was soft soothing light with it. I noticed after a short time that this little toy would play the first song, skip the second song, and play the third song. In fact, if I was up, I would press the button on top to skip to the third song as I disliked the second song. Most times I was already laying down next to my oldest by the time the second song was supposed to play. I would lay down next to my oldest child for a little while until she was asleep or almost asleep at night. Well, it happened every single night that I noticed the second song was being skipped. I wondered if somehow the toy just skipped it because I skipped it so many times. I stood next to the toy one night, and the second song played. If I was near that toy the second song would play, but if I was not near the toy, it would skip the second song. My oldest once even asked why it was skipping a song.

Let me just add here, that this is the room (my sister's) where the girl was seen. I haven't been able to confirm this story, and I am trying to remember where I heard it. I think it came from my dad who heard it from another guy in the valley that the house was for sale because the guy who owned it had lost both his wife and daughter to the too busy highway that was close to the home. The rumor was that they were in a car accident. I don't know how close to the house. I wish I could have found out names so I could confirm, but this was pre-internet days and my dad's mind isn't as good as it used to be so I am not sure if he would remember names. We never had contact with the owner of the house. When we bought the house there were renters in it, and the guy selling it had no interest in talking to us according to his realtor. However, I do know that the highway there has claimed many lives over the years.

Also, I know I shouldn't have played with an Ouija board, but I was a teenager, I bought one. My mom and I played with it. For some reason she thought it was great fun. We "spoke" with something/someone some afternoon that said there were two ghosts in the house. I was always very sure to say "goodbye," and I haven't played with an Ouija board since.

This next part, I consider to possibly be the creepiest thing that happened in my sister's room. I was not at home when this happened, but my grandma was visiting my parents and she stayed in that room. Before she passed, I was able to get this story directly from her so it's not second hand. She was in the bedroom, ready for bed, and had her CPAP machine mask on. She said that she noticed a girl come into the room and from the light of the window she thought it was my sister. She said it was kind of short (like my sister) and appeared to have long hair (like my sister). The figure moved over to the baby crib (which was by the window). She thought it was my sister coming in to get an extra blanket. When my kids were not around to use the crib and grew out of it, my mom piled extra blankets in it. My grandma said she told her friend to turn on the light as my sister was in there for a blanket and he was next to the light. He turned the light on. She said the first thing she noticed was my sister was not in the room. It was like she vanished. The person going to the crib wasn't there. She said the next thing she realized was that the bedroom door was closed. It hadn't been opened.

Many years ago, my brother went through a very dark time in his life. He was an adult and not living with my parents at the time. One day he went to the kitchen and tried to cut his wrists using a kitchen knife. My sister caught him. Luckily the knife wasn't big, wasn't sharp, and he didn't know what he was doing. My mom and dad moved him back home. He started counseling. He told the counselor that when he looked in the mirror in the bathroom at my parents he saw the devil or a demon behind him. He told her he'd never seen this before, and didn't know where it came from, but it scared him. He told my mom he saw it more than once. He saw it every time and he didn't know what it wanted (again, he is deaf). I got a call from my mom and she asked me if I thought demons were real. I told her I was really unsure in that area, but many paranormal books I had read dealt with the subjects of demons, and I let her know what I knew. She didn't notice anything that I know of as commonly being demon signs. My brother stuck with his counseling and went back to the church he enjoyed and the devil/demon disappeared so I am unsure if this would be part of the house or not.

My youngest child had a time in her life where she seemed to be sensitive. I think that time has come and gone and she is now a teenager. There will be more stories about her, as one of our houses I will talk about focuses completely on her and what I experienced with her. Once when we were visiting my parents, she came up to my old bedroom and woke up me and her dad that night. She wanted to sleep on the floor so we made up a little bed on the floor. As I did this she told me she couldn't sleep downstairs. There were too many little "Jacey's" running around. Her name is Jacey (I have changed it for this story, so not her real name). She said the little Jaceys were running around and making too much noise. They were talking, and they wanted to play. She asked them to go away because she wanted to sleep, but they just kept running around. My husband and I just looked at each other because there was something going on with her in our own home (in Louisiana) at the time. I will write about that home in another story.

This is the story from the main floor that actually scared me at the time it happened. I was a teenager and it was a school day. My dad called upstairs to tell me that he wouldn't be there by the time I got downstairs. He had to run to town, lock the door, have a good day, etc. I took my shower, got ready for school and came downstairs. I was looking out a set of French doors that had been in the dining room/living room area. Someone came behind me and flipped my hair. This was something my brother did to annoy me. He'd come behind me and flip my hair. I had long almost waist length hair, and I found this highly annoying. My brain knew my brother wasn't home, so it must be my dad, but that was uncharacteristic of him and something he'd never do, and he said he was going to be gone. These are all the messages my brain was telling me as this happened. I turned around to say, "Dad." I think I got, "Daaaa" out before I panicked. No one was home. No one was behind me. There was not any kind of draft in that house that could have caused that. I felt someone's hand brush my neck when it happened. My hair had been moved. My eyes moved wildly around the room searching. I saw nothing. I grabbed my backpack and left through the closest door. No part of me wanted to be in that house. I stood from the bus stop and stared at the house expecting to see something. I never did. I was 15 minutes early to the bus stop that morning. Most mornings I waited until I saw the bus come around the curve down the road. That one incident is the one thing that happened to me that actually scared me when it happened. I think it's probably because I was touched. The incident also caused me to talk to a friend of mine who was into some paranormal things. I said to her, "Some things have happened at my house that I can't explain." Her response, "All those houses right in that area are haunted." We didn't have time to talk as class started. We talked later and she just had a few stories of personal experiences she had from an abandoned barn in the area, and experiences from other people that used to live in some small houses in the same area. Sorry this is so long. It was a very creepy main level.

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DirtCreature (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-20)
Awww at least she lived a long life that you got to spend with her 😊
Kest (12 stories) (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-19)
DirtCreature, Our dear Weenie passed on quite a few years ago. She was 19. She was very beloved. Weenie actually happened to be her nickname. Her given name never quite fit her. It was Sabrina. She was a good little dog.
DirtCreature (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
Oh my god. I want to name a pupper Weenie now o.o

I notice a lot of stories where pups and cats seem to be receptive to entities. I always wondered why that is. What makes them so aware of things humans may not always be aware of? I remember reading something in my psychology textbook of how a dog knew its owner was having a seizure simply by smelling her... I suppose animals have strong senses and humans have our logic and rationality that can make us block things out... Just a theory I have.

The same thing's happened to me where you feel someone touch your neck and hair. It's so creepy. I tried to rationalize it but you know a touch when it happens. It seems some ghosts are pranksters. Maybe it's seen your brother doing it and thought to join in on the fun:|

Thank you for sharing your experience, Kest:)
Kest (12 stories) (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-31)
Thank you for the kind words Enlightened! Looking back even though some experiences were a little scary after I had time to think about them, I never really felt threatened. So I have to guess that whatever is there doesn't mean any harm.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-29)
Kest, I very much enjoyed this story and look forward to each experience you write about. I have you as one of my favorite reads.

Your life sounds a lot like mine. I have had and still do, so many experiences and just recently began to write about them here on YGS.

My grandpa used to come up behind me and flick my ear lobe. Some times it would sting. When he passed away, my family was staying at my uncles house (my dad's brother's house) and I was so tired. We came back from the funeral and I just wanted to lay on the couch. I wasn't laying there even 5 minutes when something flicked the back of my ear lobe. It stung and it kept stinging for a good 5 minutes. I immediately jumped up thinking it was someone else messing around but I saw that I was the only one in the living room. Everyone was out in the kitchen. And I knew without a doubt that it was my grandfather getting in one last flick of the ear, and possibly to say good-by. Anyway, your story of the flipping of your hair immediately reminded me of that time.

Thanks for sharing and I will be looking for more of your reads.

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